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Starboard GO

The GO board started a whole new adventure for modern windsurfing.
When the original design was introduced in 1998, it shocked the windsurfing world. Today's far more radical UltraCompact GO range is the most versatile line of boards to meet the water.

The range is the accepted benchmark of allround windsurfing, and the concept that placed Starboard on the windsurfing map.

11 Good reasons why the GO remains the planet's most popular all round design:
  1. Easy planing due to the width, powerful fin and light weight.
  2. The stability is growing with each cm of width and so is the upwind capability.
  3. Rockerlines are refined, with tail sections sporting a formula style cutaway for a lively crisp ride.
  4. Friendly jibes result from the thin tail with plenty of outline curve and a 45 degree bevel rail continuing all the way back, ensuring a board that's eager to jibe with ease.
  5. Taking your performance to the next step. The big bonus of the GO board is a super stable platform to enjoy a light wind cruise, a great tool to learn windsurfing on, and the board to progress into racing. The original GO won the Canadian championships.
  6. 3 GO sizes cater for most body weights and sailing conditions.
  7. Soft density EVA deck provides extra comfort, an original Starboard trademark.
  8. The sturdy light sandwich construction of the GO keeps the board stiff and durable.
  9. Multi skill level footstrap insert options; center and forward for the novice, center and back for the intermediate, and outboard and back for the advanced sailor.
  10. GO optional side fins are available for improved non planing upwind performance, like training wheels. This system avoids the weight and friction of a traditional daggerboard system.
  11. Optional external Starboard roller wheels makes transporting the GO easy.
Starboard GO!

Test report of Starboard GO 150 by_Wind Magazine France: "1998 - the GO board creates a revolution in the short funboard market, with its large width, short length and full EVA deck. A concept often copied until now.

The new GO generation is here, pushing the compact concept to an extreme. 256 cm long for a width of 84cm, the Smurf board transforms into a platform with 3 possible footstrap positions, from beginner's (centered) to expert's (out on on the rails). The outline is rounded in the tail, the hull scoops up in the nose, there's lots of Vee, the double concaves are deep and the rails are beveled at 45 degrees.

Ultra short, ultra wide, the GO is an easy board by definition. More stable, more comfortable than its competitors with its full EVA deck, it gets planing very fast regardless of its weight on the scales. To learn to plane or to use footstraps, it's the best of the group. It is very evolutive and fine for experts with the footstraps out on the rail. It offers a locked-in feel, very stable on the water. It's a board that goes through chop well and develops a good cruising speed. Its width allows it to be very efficient in the jibe: it's very stable and smooth in its carving. A real pleasure for those who like to plane out of jibes. More versatile than its competitors, more fun and more adapted to a wider range of people, the Go has become the reference in this category (Freeride 135 to 160 litres) and our best-in-test." The only board in this group that is accessible for those who have only been sailing a week.?

GO 150
The 150 is the fun filled high performance model of the GO range, ideal for lightweight entry level sailors, or perfect for heavier intermediate sailors in stronger winds. The 150 presents real short board speed, practical upwind ability, advanced jibing and outstanding control in a simple user friendly package.

GO 165
The 165's lively yet smooth ride and superb control give it top marks. This is our medium sized GO board and a true allrounder with its easy jibing characteristics.

GO 180
The 180 gives a compact impression with its high volume packed into a 255 cm short board. This little "wolf in sheep's clothing" provides great top end speed and jibing performance relative to its size. All our test riders rave about the GO 180.

Model Volume
Finbox Fin size Sail size
GO 150 150 255 84 61.0 9.9 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 560 5.5-9.5
GO 165 165 262 90 64.2 10.5 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 580 6.0-10.5
GO 180 180 255 100 67.7 11.7 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 600 6.0-10.5
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