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Starboard Carve Does It All

The world's best selling Freeride range returns stronger than ever. Windsurf magazines the world over applaud these "fun to ride" designs and the test results speak for themselves...
Several authoritative magazines see the Carve range as the freeride reference and use the Carve boards as benchmarks while testing other boards or sails as they combine that fun feel and perform at all levels. The full Carve line feature the versatility of inside and outside strap inserts; outboard for that sporty slalom feel and inside for easy sailing and superb jibing. Each Carve design sports the trademark 45 degree bevel rail concept ensuring fast, forgiving turns, great release and unprecedented levels of control.

For 2004, we introduce 2 new models; the radical Carve 90 which not only is short but has relatively deep concaves, and the brand new Carve 161, a large freeride sensation which even went beyond the expectations of our development crew.

Starboard Carve Does It All

Carve 90
The all new 2004 Carve 90 is totally futuristic in its design and abilities. This revolutionary "HyperCarve" concept redefines "carving", taking freeriding performance to even more "powerful" levels. Outstanding grip, exceptional range and the smoothest ride combined with dominant turning power create the reference for a new generation of compact "power" freeride boards. Efficient speed with inspirational handling in a radical new package from Starboard - The ideal choice for freeride blasting or boosting jumps while remaining in total control.

Carve 99
Carve 99 delivers a light and fast feel, thanks to the enhanced rocker induced by double concave front and aft sections. It cuts both tight and wide jibes with a smooth and precise feel. The reduced length maintains a better level of balance and responsive ride. German Surf Magazine's 2003 test awarded Carve 99 best in test in all Freeride categories. This legendary board shape was first made available in 1998 and has advanced to the current Carve 99, arguably the best allround freeride board ever made.

Carve 111
Planche Mag, France:
"We are in love with it.
Plenty of volume in a compact shape. It feels light, rides flat on the water and with ease over the chop. Once it gets going, it becomes electrifying, with blinding acceleration and excellent control in strong winds. It is comfortable too, and the directional stability is good, which makes a board that cannot be faulted. In terms of maneuverability, it turns and carves well, and we have here the possibility to modify the turning radius with the slightest foot pressure: a real pleasure. Our best-in-test board for its incredible versatility."

Carve 121
Windsurf magazine UK:
"It is another classic example of a board that truly suits all riders, standards and conditions. It holds the finest characteristics of a freeride design. An extremely lively, quick and grippy board that is tempered with a great degree of control and versatility, giving it universal appeal. At home in all conditions with all riders, it offers a degree of performance with ease of use that continues to set standards in the freeride discipline. Highly recommended."

Wind Mag France:
"Mission to Moon achieved!
A very accessible and sweet board. The Carve 121 starts planing like a rocket and has strong accelerations...High level of control and stability...It is a fast and super easy board. The 121 is especially versatile, performing, maneuverable and really sweet for its rider."

Carve 131
Windsurfing magazine UK:
"On the water the Carve proved to have a stunning mix of riding properties. It is a board that has truly universal appeal. For the first time short boarders it has strap positions that will help with the first planing experience, and for the most demanding racer it delivers performance that will keep them amused indefinitely. For blasting riders this is a great deal of fun, pushing the 131 to a phenomenal top end speed. Above all, the Carve offers performance, control and an ease of use that enables anyone to just step on, and feel totally at home. It's the ultimate in plug and play fun. An astounding and very easy board to use, a board that suits all riders, all abilities and all conditions. We are yet to find someone that doesn't like this board, such is its chameleon ability to please all who sail it."

Wind Mag, France:
"All Sensations!
Compact, wide but relatively thin the Carve 131 represents brightly the new generation of pure freeride, accessibility and easy use with impressive speed performances. Tiesda You and Svein Rasmussen have shaped a board with sweet lines and scoop, the board is progressive never too aggressive and always balanced. The planing is easy and responsive. Straps can be found with your eyes closed and this board has really strong acceleration.."

Carve 145
Windsurf magazine. UK:
"This is a board that really surprised us.
A real eye opener in terms of performance versus size. All advantages of size in a board that feels like a 125 L model. Easy to use, progressive and balanced, it will suit everyone from intermediate to the most demanding expert in even the most different testing conditions with all rig types. Truly a versatile board that will amaze with its small, fast and capable feel. Highly recommended"

Planche magazine, France:
"A power house"
The board is planing really fast and goes immediately faster than its rivals. After a few meters you are fully planing when its competitors have hardly started to get going. Very fresh, very reactive and super performance in light and medium winds, We especially liked the reactivity, low-end and medium-end performance, jibe and ease of use."

Carve 161
When stepping on board the Carve161, it gives a light floaty and compact feel. After quick acceleration the hull reaches a surprisingly high top end speed. It's provides a fun, comfortable ride and in a jibe the thin rails turn smoothly and easily, despite the board's volume. When powered up its short length provides control and the wide hull creates better upwind performance than any other Carve board. Another milestone in true freeride performance and our most successful Carve shape to date.

Model Volume
Finbox Fin size Sail size
Carve 90 90 240 60 38.5 6.4 7.0 US box Drake Freeride 240 3.6-6.1
Carve 99 99 253 60 38.9 6.5 7.1 Tuttle box Drake Freeride 280 4.5-6.8
Carve 111 111 259 64 40.1 6.6 7.2 Tuttle box Drake Freeride 320 4.8-7.2
Carve 121 121 260 66 42.2 7.1 7.5 Tuttle box Drake Freeride 380 5.2-8.0
Carve 131 131 259 72 47.0 7.3 7.7 Deep Tuttle Drake Freeride 480 5.5-8.5
Carve 145 145 264 78 51.9 8.0 8.4 Deep Tuttle Drake Freeride 520 6.0-9.0
Carve 161 161 256 82 54.3 8.8 9.0 Deep Tuttle Drake Freeride 520 6.3-10.0
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