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FreeSEX (Freestyle Extreme) info and vid clip

2002 GO info and vid clip

2002 Formula info and vid clip

2002 FreeFormula and vid clip

Formula Jibing vid clip

2002 Carves and vid clip

Our aim is to create the lightest, yet strongest, possible construction for each of our models.

The Start developed at our new facility by the world's largest man made windsurfing lake, will transform windsurfing to a sport for everyone, anywhere. You will be guaranteed to learn windsurfing in 60 minutes ...

Matt Schweitzer won the first ever windsurfing World Championships in 1974 and '75. He has together with Jim Drake, co-inventor of windsurfing with Matt's father Hoyle, helped us with the creation of the new GO Friendship.

The Starboard Formula is accepted as the World standard for Formula Windsurfing racing and has grown into a family of 3 new models catering to different user weights. Jim Drake brings his knowledge from rocket science into windsurfing and dramatically revolutionizes light wind windsurfing, 34 years after he built the world's first windsurfer.

Starboard is selected as the official supplier to the Formula Windsurfing World Championships 2000, stating our commitment to this new exciting class.

With the introduction of 3 DIVA boards in collaboration with the Aloha Classic winner Jennifer Henderson, we have a board line especially developed for women.

The new PLAY board is the world's "first" for the younger sailors. With design features from snowboarding and wake boarding this "hot" board has high expectations.

The cool StarFish introduced last year was voted the best new board concept of the year 2000 by American Windsurfer magazine. Now Jim Drake has helped design 3 new StarFish models catering to different weight segments.

The successful test winning Carve line has grown into a total of 6 models catering to any level freeride and freestyle sailor.

Our 3 new wave boards labeled Surf, are designed by production board World Champion Scott McKercher. They represent our largest development step in wave boards and will also be sailed by the junior wave World Champion Victor Fernandez.

We see kite sailing as a style of windsurfing and will in collaboration with Jim Drake and Ben Severne develop a complete product range making the sport more safe and accessible.

I would like to thank all Starboard sailors for supporting us, and you can be sure that we will again keep you in front both on the water and in the service department.

All the best,

Svein Rasmussen

Svein is the first and only winner of all disciplines in a Production Board world championship. A participant in the first Olympic games of Windsurfing, 4 X world champion, 10 year traveler on the PWA tour and the founder of Starboard.

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