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Starboard Acid Shreds

The performance is addictive, the users are growing and for 2004 even the defending wave World Champion Kevin Pritchard is on it. Scott McKercher has developed an Acid range which magazines rave about, and the world's number 1 wave team bring to the PWA world tour events.

Our goal is to continue being the brand with all team members on production boards. It's a challenge to work with the world's number 1 wave team, when sailors like Levi Siver, Ty Bodycoat, Luke Walmsley and Sam Ireland will only settle for the best. This is why we continue to push our development further, and the 2004 boards are so far the best wave boards we have ever produced. It's not only windy at the top; there are plenty of waves too...

Starboard ACID Rips!

Acid 62
Our extreme down the line board that also works surprisingly well in onshore conditions with its flat middle section and lifted tail rocker. The rails are especially thin, targeting lighter sailors yearning to bury the rails completely in fast powerful moves. The choice for those who have waited for an easy handling super radical wave board.

Acid 70
The 70 is a larger version of last year's 66, with rocker carefully refined in the sensitive standing area making it more stable in overpowered conditions and faster all around. The increased tail V makes it especially responsive and easy to drive. Extremely snappy, it can turn in the tightest of pockets. It's great for sailors 50-75 kg in all conditions and for sailors up to 85 kg in stronger winds and side shore conditions. The 70 is the most popular choice amongst our pro riders.

Acid 74
Refined from last year's 70, the new 74 features a fresh tail section which has been slightly drawn out into a pintail which feels smoother, with less resistance from the tail. Previous swallow tail designs produced drive through a turn when pushed, which worked well, but at the cost of the tails ability to flow through the turn. Our change to a pintail design improved what was already a test winner. On a higher level, the pintail enables the tail to whip around easly after hitting the lip, adding to the ability to tweak aerials and to arc smoother turns when pushing it hard on rail. The board rated best in the world by the leading Windsurfing magazines in the US has again been enhanced.

Acid 80
Take the top rated performance of the 77,improve it and that's the Acid 80. Incredibly smooth through the water, the new 80 has been likened to riding on a cushion of air. It's also a sinister performer when pushed, handling high speed, driven turns, with a real projection off the lip when contact is made. This extremely versatile board is suited to any type of wave; mushy European to perfect Hawaiian sideshore or rolling Australian swells.

Acid 88
Last year's 88 had great reports from real world locations. Now, with a refined rocker line blending into the new pintail outline, this new faster design cuts even smoother turns, working well in larger more powerful waves. The new 88 is the ideal board for lighter days or the larger wavesailor who wants to rip in all manners of conditions. This year the 88 is the largest board in the Acid range, and compliments the Trance 94 which replaces and clearly supercedes the performance of the 2003 Acid 94.

Model Volume
Finbox Fin size Sail size
Acid 62 62 240 51 31.6 5.6 6.0 US box Drake Wave 200 2.3-4.7
Acid 70 70 250 52 32.3 5.9 6.3 US box Drake Wave 200 2.5-4.8
Acid 74 74 246 52 33.3 6.0 6.4 US box Drake Wave 200 3.0-5.2
Acid 80 80 251 54 32.4 6.3 6.7 US box Drake Wave 220 3.5-5.5
Acid 88 88 252 56 36.1 6.7 7.2 US box Drake Wave 220 4.2-6.0
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