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Master craftsman/waterman, Sean Ordonez...
Hand built, custom Santa Barbara SUP homegrown soul...


click for pics of Classic 71, Classic 88, Rocket 92, & Rocket 99

click for pics of Classic 88 & Rocket 99

click for info on SOS standup paddleboards

Sean Ordonez ripping on Rocket Fish 68
Sean Ordonez Rips on his Rocket Fish 68!!!

Sean Ordonez Visits Santa Barbara
Sean Ordonez Shapes in da House!!!

Sean Ordonez Delivers
Sean Ordonez Shapes Delivers!!!

I'd like to introduce you to my new Sean Ordonez Shapes (SOS) lineup for 2006.

The surfboard sizes are 5'10" Guppy, 6'1" Comp, 6'10" FunGun, 7'6" MiniMel, 9'1" Performer, and 9'5" SO classic Noserider.

The sailboard lineup has a number of shapes beginning with the Rocket Fish 68(230x53(7'6") and Rocket Fish 82(235x56(7'8").
The Rocket Fish is fast and loose , ideally designed for side to sideonshore small to medium (mastpadhigh to logo high) wave or swell conditions.
Medium to high wind conditions.(3.5m2 to 5.5m2)
Very well suited for River or Ocean sailing (from Hookipa to Gorge).
Single nose concave(spoon), flat panels with an accelerating single concave into a double barrel concave on the 68 (and a single concave on the 82) both releasing into a clean flat off the tail for a smooth fast snappy feeling . My Rocketfish 68 SemiCustom , helped me score 2nd Place, in the 2005 Aloha Wave Classic.

Setting the new SOS standards SO classic Rocket 70 (238(7'9.5") and SO classic Rocket 88 (86lts(242-7'11").

The SO classic Rockets are my classic all time favorite boards ideally designed for very controllably fast and aggresively smooth carving sailing. Required for the type of sailing that has set the new standards at Mast High 4.5m2 winds at Hookipa for the last 12 years since I designed the SO classic #10 rocker.
This beautiful parabolic rocker curve has been ridden and tested by many of the world's best wavesailors.
My order forms prove it.
It's history and track record are enough to trust my life on it.

My last production boards based on this curve , are the older, outdated, but well loved, 2-strokes 125cc 66lt and 200cc 76lt.
These new SO classic Rockets are the new and vastly improved versions.
Very well suited for the most radical Hookipa wavesailing to the extreme, mad, radical Gorge swell riding with absolute confidence in your tool.
Flat nose into a slight single mid nose concave feeding smoothly with the rocker transition into an very fast and loose double barrel concave releasing in tail to a slight vee to flat tail release for controlled speed through turns.
Wind range from 3.5m2 to 5.8m2 (high to medium wind).
From flat water high speed blasting to Mast+ side to sideoffshore conditions).
The proof is in the pudding.

1st Place Cabo Verde Trilogy WaveClassic winner in 1997 and 1998
1st place Aloha Classic winner in 1997.
Many more under the feet of other world wavesailing champions...we won't drop their names here, their sponsors may get pissed!

Rocket 90 (92lts(240-7'10") and Rocket 99 (102lts(245-8'1")

The Rockets are a new Hybrid blend of a Real World Waveboard with a freeride waveslalom cruiser.
With all the new hype in marketing it's hard to know what means what.
We are calling it the FreeWave.
Here's our simply cut through the bull, these boards are a new allaround B&J made for medium to light wind waveboard. Versatile, fast planing, and surfy feel.
You might be thinking that this is a compromise board. FORGET IT! There are no compromises when it comes to any board in the SOS line, only evolution.

The rocker is still based on the SO classic #10 but made to lift and go due to it's double nose concave and increase hybrid nose area.
Continuing into a slight vee with a subtle double concave in stance area.
Still maintaining the SO trademark tapering volume flow toward the thinned out tail for maximum control and carve through turns.
Incredible to think that so much volume can be placed in such a short board without making them look a little piggy.
All the shaping design magic is in the balanced outlines and the tapering rail lines.

A combo closely related to the 20 years of my professional rail carving in the waves and foam carving in the shaping room.
These are just a few notes of the new SOS board line.
I hope you enjoy, and eagerly await your feed back.


SO Standup Paddle Surfing

SO Standup Paddle Surfing

SO Standup Paddle Surfing

SO Standup Paddle Surfing

SO Standup Paddle Surfing

SO Standup Paddle Surfing

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