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For some, the technical details of board construction is a snooze-fest. But there is a huge difference between construction methods, weight, quality and price. So you need to arm yourself with some simple research and questions.

One of your first questions should be about the construction. The materials and method will dictate the weight, flexibility, and durability of your board. And it will help you separate fact from hype from garbage.

A key phrase you should hear is "Epoxy PVC Sandwich Construction". Don't fall for catchy names or three-letter descriptions.

Jimmy has been using this construction method on his boards for decades. See the diagram below to learn why it is still the best.

SUP and Surfboard Construction

Traditionally, a foam core was simply covered with fiberglass and resin. The advent of the Epoxy PVC sandwich revolutionized the weight and the strength. Instead of thick, heavy layers of glass alone, a shaper could wrap the foam core with thinner layers of glass and flexible sheets of high density PVC foam. The epoxy infused result was a lighter weight skin of PVC foam bridging a layer of glass on either side. Much stronger and lighter than fiberglass alone.

Although large scale production includes the use of moulds to bond the layers and set the rocker-line, all of Jimmy's blanks and rails are still shaped and finished by hand. There are no computerized cutting machines popping out board after board. There is, however, a highly skilled group of shapers whose attention to detail meets Jimmy's high standards.

Durability details: You need peace of mind that your hull or fin is not going to rip out the first time you make contact with the ocean floor or the garage floor. Ask if the fin boxes and key points are reinforced with high density PVC foam. This will assure you that the extra mile has been traveled to keep the weight down but the strength up. You'll be surprised to learn how many brands are just using fiberglass.

Automotive Hand-Painted Finish

Jimmy isn't about mass production on the fastest cheapest scale. He'd rather make a functional work of art that riders are proud to own and care for. Every Jimmy Lewis Kite, Paddle, and Surf board is finished with hot coat of epoxy, primer, paint, and clear coats.

The Urethane paints and graphics are laid down just like a car would be painted. Each layer is masked and sprayed by hand. The finishing clearcoat is hand polished to a deep shine that can only be matched by a high-end luxury car. Recent improvements in the chemical bond make this finish as durable as it is beautiful.

You have to see one in person to believe it.

Sharp L@@King Jimmy Lewis Surf Series 10'4" ($1549) Standup Paddleboard

Stunningly classic...eyepopping SUP Jimmy Lewis 10'6" "All Arounder" Standup Paddleboard

Based off the extremely successful JL 11' standup, the “All Around” series features a rounded nose, single fin, squash tail design, that produces a board with extremely
wide range both on flat water and in the surf. If you are looking for one standup board with the widest range of use, and also one that is very forgiving
(and "forgiving" is good for any ability level, even advanced) then the All Around series is for you.

In flatwater, this board is VERY stable and easy to paddle. In surf up to head high, the "AA" cuts a smooth line and can be ridden very aggressively thanks to it's
rounded edges and flawless curves. Perfectly suited for the first timer and seasoned rider alike, the All Around is sure to be a timeless standup classic. ($1549)


Click Image for More Pics

Sweet Wave at Lil' Malibu on the Jimmy Lewis 11' Classic "All Arounder"...
(Click Here or Image for More Pics)


Click for More Pics of the 10'4" & 10'8"

The Surf Series standups feature a narrower nose and tail shape, with a rounded pintail tri-fin design. This increased outline curve produces a looser board made
specifically for riding in the waves. The clean edge release in the tail of the board combined with the 2+1 tri-fin result in a board capable of generating
incredible speed down the line.

Whether it's knee high peelers or double overhead super juice, the Surf Series provide confident takeoffs, bottom turns and cutbacks for riders looking to increase
their level performance in the waves.

Click Above for More Pics of the 9'10", 10'6" & 11' Jimmy Lewis "Classic" Standup Paddleboards ($1549)

Jimmy Lewis Standups
Click pics below for more views of the 10', 11', & 11'7"

Check out this Jimmy Lewis 11' standup paddle surfing video clip.
Here's a video clip of the new 10' Jimmy Lewis progressive SUP.
Jimmy Lewis standup paddle surfing slide show.

Jimmy Lewis has once again shaped it to perfection with his standup paddleboards for 2008.

The JL standup paddleboards shapes are custom designed, tested and perfected to maximize performance in their targeted condition range.
These boards are constructed using the highest level of eps cores, epoxy resins and sandwich construction available in the industry.

This creates a board that is lighter, stronger, more responsive and more durable than any board you have surfed or paddled before.

Want to catch more waves? Want to whip your 11 footer around like it was a 9 footer? Want to forget about your yellowing, heel dented custom board???

Check out the new lineup of standup paddleboards from Jimmy Lewis!!!

Jimmy Lewis Standup Paddleboards

Jimmy Lewis Standup Paddleboards

Jimmy Lewis Standup Paddleboards

Jimmy Lewis 11'0" Standup Paddleboard

The JL 11' Standup Paddleboard is a dedicated standup shape featuring reduced length and increased width to provide maneuverability and stability in an all around standup design. The 11' features a flat bottom and down turned rail shape to increase stability in choppy conditions. At 30” wide, this design is very easy to balance, paddle and catch waves on. This width combined with a flat bottom and down turned rail produce a shape that is both forgiving to ride and maneuverable and fast when the waves pick up. The 11' also features a reduced thickness, which makes it easier to press the rail into the water when turning. Whether is be flatwater cruising, your first rides in the surf, or attacking beach or pointbreaks, the 11' will satisfy the widest range of dedicated standup riders looking for an all around standup performance shape.

($1299 : MSRP $1549)

Standup paddle surfing
Looking for a small wave/no wind/light air/ alternative...or just want a killer workout?
We're stoked on standup paddle surfing and have all the best gear to get you paddleboarding and/or paddlesurfing.

Call toll free or email us for more info.

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