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Read what our customers are saying about their product purchases from us.
We want to keep you stoked... Stoked for Life ® ...That's our passion!
It stokes us when you give a shout out.

A few of our Stoked For Life ® clients...miles of for updated pics...

Subject: 8'5" carbon Hammer

Hi Wardog
I received the Hammer , Great packing and super fast delivery from West Coast to East Coast…

Thanks for the swag too. Floated the board today. Floats great and I know it will work..

Here is a pic of the 8-5 Hammer in from of the iconic Lighthouse from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. One of the other guides , Jess, hopped on the board to paddle it around.. (she looks better than me on the board you agree? ..) Now I need surf,

I let the boys in the shop know it arrived... Thanks again


Glen Barroncini (Hilton Head, SC)

H2O Sports,Atlantic Paddle Surfing

Subject: STOKE WIDE 9'6" Carbon Two-Tone Lime Green - Testimonial

To Wardog and the rest of the Crew at SUPsports

Received my "Stoke Wide" 9'6" X 32" Carbon Two-Tone Lime Green (Photo Attached) this week, in perfect condition.

Took it out to the Bay right away to get a feel for the float etc...; BUT, Immediately I knew it was for me, so took it to the ocean for a test run. By far The Best Board I have ever ridden. Started out with a Thruster Set-Up since that's what I'm used to, but waiting on the Quad Fin Set-Up which should arrive soon.

You guys provide excellent service and recommendations. Warren, you could not have picked a better board for me. If you remember, I was contemplating the 9'2", but I'm glad I stuck with the 9'6", it is a perfect float for my height and weight (6' - 210LB).

Board is also aesthetically beautiful. Nicest looking SUP on the Beach.

Thanks for all the extras as well; Great T-Shirts and Cap. I have already started hyping up your products and handing out the Flyers you sent. East End Long Island needs more of these boards out here.

Thanks Again,
61 Years Old and Still Stoked!

Pete Hoepfner (East Hampton/Montauk, New York)

Subject: 11'11" One World Surfari

Just wanted to say thanks again for such a great board and great experience. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to explain things to me and make sure I got the right board for my needs.

Only had it out for a short time on Sunday morning before the rain started, but it was great.
Really looking forward to putting the board through its paces this weekend.

David Litt (Woodland Hills, CA)

Subject: 11'1" One World

Hey guys got my board. It is AWESOME! No damage and in one piece.

Just waiting for my paddle to take it for a spin.

Thanks again for all your help. Definitely a returning customer :D

Amanda E*** (Spokane, WA)

Subject: Hammer

Aloha Warren...

So a few weeks ago I am out at C Street on one of my Hammers when I meet up with a fellow on a surfboard who I use to surf with off and on over the years. We get to talking, and he tells me he has a 12' SUP but is interested in getting into a more surf oriented one, but one he can learn on. I urge him to go to your shop (of course) and we part ways shortly after. Then I get to thinking I should have talked with him about models, probably encouraged him to try a longer Hammer, and I am kicking myself because this is a real nice guy and I wanted to give him more guidance. Unfortunately I don't have his number, but I vow to cure this mistake next time I see him.

Then last weekend I paddle out on a very small but pleasant morning at Mondos and...there he is paddling a new 9'5" Hammer. Turns out he met you at the shop, appreciated the time and good direction you gave him, and I talk up his model because I genuinely believe its a good choice (I have one myself as you know).

Turns out I wasn't the only one who referred him to your shop. Anyway, we surfed some tiny little gliders for a couple of hours and he caught more waves than I would have expected and was having a lot of fun. I was stoked on his choice and his good vibe..this is a gentleman and good natured guy, and I felt he deserved the best...and he got it.

Thought you'd like to know................

Brian M**** (Ventura County)

Subject: 8'6" WD

Thanks again guys!
I really appreciate the great service and knowledge that you provide me in my selection of SUPS.

Stoked for life with your help,

Bill Hansen (Ventura, CA)

Subject: One World carbon to Cape Cod

Hey All, Deb, Warren, Al... picked up the board this morning safe and sound no damage.

The people at Cape Cod Express were great they let me open the box and recycle the cardboard. They had it stored away from everything so a forklift or something couldn't run over or hit it.

Just like the old windsurfing days I couldn't get back fast enough to get to the water I was kind of like shaking. Got home put in all fins and off I go to the water. Did my 20th loop around Oyster Harbor island which is 5.2 miles playing with my footing and such. What I noticed first is it's very light and stable but also maneuverable. I played in some boat wakes and it just wanted to surf almost like a greyhound wants to run. I got back from the loop and took out the side fins and did a little spin around West Bay which had a nice glide. I think this is the board for me regarding my knee problem I'm going to do a loop tomorrow just with the single fin. I'll post some pics of the board later on Facebook.

UPDATE: Just got back from a morning loop around the island. Man... this board is scary comfortable. At 220 lbs this is going to be my "go to" all arounder exactly what I was looking for.

Great job with the design Wardog... as soon as I saw the specs I knew.

Again thanks for the great service, good packaging whoever packed it you can pass that on.

Eddie Devereaux (Cape Cod, MA)

Subject: 8'5" carbon Hammer

First session on my new 8’5 Hammer — LOVE THIS BOARD!!

Here’s the story… I’ve been on an ARK 11’6 for almost 4 years now… I call it the SS Santa Monica because it is a battle ship.

So I did demo the board – but there were no waves… all I could tell on my test drive was that it was incredibly stable — the 8’11 I took out felt just like my 11’6!! That actually made me nervous to buy it… would a board that feels like an 11’6 surf any better? But I’d seen all the photos posted, read all about why mini simmons, and egg shapes, how nose concaves and double v in the tail all work to create a sick ride so I snagged the 8’5 on faith. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

My very first drop on a waist high wave was super fun – NOTHING like my old battle ship– super light and lively underfoot, but still so stable on the takeoff… In fact I stuck all but maybe 1 take off, which was at the end and I was just super tired and PS – by that point the kites were out — so pretty damn choppy.

Best moment of the day – I was coming down the line – and a long boarder was paddling up and over — I was headed right for him and I just thought “turn” and next thing I knew I was going the other way! Back out in the line up – he says “man – I thought you didn’t see me and I was going to get run over, and then you threw such a sick cutback – that was amazing!”

Sick cutback? That was actually first cutback on the Hammer and truth be told, first one not harnessed into my kite! WOOP!

Second best moment – super late in the day, not enough juice left in my arms but went for this pretty tall wave because I was perfect position and nobody anywhere near it. But because of how choppy and windy — and so tired — I kinda hesitated but my buddy is shouting “get in get in” — so I step hard on the nose and it looks too steep…. I’m going to get pitched for sure! But nope! As soon as I feel the board take off, I scoot back and honestly I think the board just knew what to do cause next thing I know I’m still up and the white water is chasing me!! WHA???

Once again this was all on my very first session — so coming down from a monster of an 11’6 I literally had 0 need to re-learn anything or adjust to this board. Love at first drop.


Jason Kadlec (Los Angeles, CA)

Subject: Maui Blue carbon Hammer in Chicago

Arrived yesterday, safe and sound. The freight guys were REALLY impressed with your packing!

Stoked to get back out on the lake!

Ember Jacobson (Chicago, Ill.)

Subject: Custom carbon 8'6" WD

Received the board on Thursday. Rode it today for the first time in overhead high glass.
Sick board!!!

Send my thanks to everyone involved in the process.

Thanks for everything,

Christian Siano (Cranford, NJ)

Subject: 9'5" Hammers

First I have to commend everyone that you have working in your shop. Every call was answered quickly and advice was spot on. Obviously it was great to see Al again and to talk surfing and boards and remember some good times.

For a variety of reasons I did not get to surf my 9-5 33 until this morning. I had been "stealing my wife's 9-5 31 and was having a good time. I figured the 33 would be a bit different, but I was wrong. The extra floatation and stability made everything a lot more enjoyable. First wave I dropped pretty late in to a backside peak and was stunned at how fast I turned from the tail. I adjusted forward a little and was making super smooth turns down the line effortlessly. I got lucky and got a about a 50/50 split of lefts and rights which is pretty cool for a goofy foot. All the waves were shoulder to head high with pretty steep takeoffs.

I still can't believe how easy it is to drop in on this board despite the fact that it doesn't have a lot of rocker. I could not be happier with my board selection. I toyed with the idea of the 10-3 Hammer, now I am really happy I got the 9-5.

Final wave of the session, head high perfect left. As I paddle for yet another late take-off 4 dolphins turn and take off right next to me. I easily make the wave until it finally closes out. I straighten out and step off in knee deep water. I will be smiling for a while!!!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and customer service. Thats a pretty rare thing these days and I have told lots of folks the drive to SB is worth every minute just to get honest advice and good service.

I think our flat water boards are going to get lonely. Again, I really appreciate all your input, I think we got set up perfectly.

Paul Hamdorf (Long Beach, CA)

Subject: 9'5" Hammer

I have used Marlene's board twice. All I can say is WOW!.
I did not understand about the 3 zones for riding until I took off on my first wave. Very quick board, I had a lot of fun and was able to turn easily but in control.

It has a really good feel. My balance is a little shaky, so I will need some time in the water to fix that. So far I have only surfed it in pretty quick Bolsa high tide peaks. Amazing how late you can drop in with the lighter board.

Thanks again for your help.

Paul Hamdorf (Long Beach, CA)

Subject: Most excellent paddle

Hea Warren,
I need to let you know that the new paddle I got from you blows me away.

Not only is it the exact type of paddle I wanted, shape, size (90 sq. in.), and weight, but it's prolly the most beautiful paddle I've ever seen, love the basswood/carbon blend, w/ all carbon handle and blade backing. I'll try very hard not to beat the crap out of it.

Highly recommended.

Greg Burgener (Cambria, CA)

Subject: SUP Sports board bag

Hi Dave,
I received my sup board bag...
thanks ! all is ok
Very good quality

Best regards
Bruno Mantovani (St. Tropez, France)

Subject: Valentine's Day SUP

This is outstanding, you and your folks have gone way above and beyond our expectations.

This purchase has been a completely satisfying experience from introductions to selection to custom paint to supply and now shipping in time for Valentine’s Day.

Wendy wouldn’t open the photos you sent because she wants to be surprised (If I told her there was a dog in the photo she would open them), but I sure opened them, they are outstanding, she will love this board, and the heart with her name on the shipping box is a really nice personal touch.

I’d like to be there when it arrives to see her face, that won’t happen (Afghanistan) but I’ll be there when she gets in the water.

Thanks again, you folks have raised the bar and we’ll get the word out on our end!

Ernie and Wendy Waterman (Cape Cod, MA)

Subject: 8'6" carbon WD sunrise

Hi Dave and all,
I thought you might like this sunrise photo.

I have been loving my board and am definitely stoked.
It is quick turning and accelerating and plenty stable for me at 180 lbs.
I have had the board for 4 months now and have had plenty chances to enjoy it in various surf condition. The board is awesome.

In addition to surfing the board, I enjoy the lightness and ease of carrying it to the beach for a paddle on flat mornings before work.
The board has a nice glide for its size.

John Higgins (Sunny Isles Beach, Florida)

Subject: 9'6" Stoke Wide

To Dave and team members,
A big Mahalo for your expertise and advice helping me to get the kine board-9'6" and STOKED!

Was so excited to get in the water this morning and paddle and wave ride. Met all expectations. going from a 10'11" to a 9'6" Stoke Wide.

Even though it was small, I hooked up on a bunch of free rides. Great fin set up Mr. Chavis. Semper Fi.

Jim Tharp (Port Hueneme, CA)

Subject: Custom 9'5" Hammer

First sesh with new board today - magic!

Thanks to you all, and my compliments to the glasser!

Michael Petracca (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: 9'5" Hammer

Hey Wardog,

I finally got the new 9'5" Hammer out in some great waves this evening and it was such a sweet ride!

The waves were a little smaller than the ones in your pics but there was no wind and the surface was like glass. Best waves I have had in over a year!

The Hammer is fast and it turns so much better than my 10'5" Starboard Widepoint that I may start to have delusions of adequacy if I have a few more sessions like that.

Thanx for hooking me up,
SUSquatch from Standup Zone Forum

Subject: 8'10" WD

Thanks you guys,
The new 8'10" has been rocking my world the last few days!

Super stable, it flys and has been enjoying the swell.

Hasta mañana

Arturo Peal (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: 9'5" Hammer

I have taken it on two trips. Mexico and Hawaii.
In Mexico we were in La Saladita. A very mushy, soft wave. Longboarding mostly but perfect for SUP's although not appreciated. I am 6'2" 250lbs. This board is SO stable. I agree that you can never have a board to stable. The board performed flawlessly. I caught mushy waves with ease and was able to cut back or get it locked and loaded. It has a lot of speed and the extra length allowed me to get into waves a tad bit earlier. My other board is a 9' x 33" Jammer. The difference in the boards is significant.

So as I write this I am in Kauai. We have had a mixed bag of waves from 3-4 ft to 10-14 ft. I am comfortable up to about 8 ft over here. The waves in Hanalei are much steeper and come out of deep water to steep shelves and have much more power. Very pitchy and take some adjusting.

Last year I brought the Jammer and had a lot of fun but nearly as much fun as I am having now with my Hammer. The extra length gets me into the waves easier but the best part is I can manoeuvre the board amazingly. I often get asked if I am riding an inflatable because it actually looks like one. People can't believe how I am able to turn with such a wide ass end but if you have the size it's no problem.

I just wanted to give my 2 cents. Great job Wardog on designing such a great board.

Jason M**** (Vancouver, BC Canada)

Subject: 9'5" carbon Hammer

Been out 4 times now and have to say this thing is a wave blade.

It slices and dices rides more like high performance long board lots of control on the nose and it turns more like surfboard to you don't have to put in any extra backfoot to turn and it feels light and tossable . And it's fast...really fast!

Charles Jutkins (Santa Cruz, CA)


Hello guys, my son finally came home with the 8'10" carbon WD board.
Today the sea is small but I already gave it a paddle, to feel it.

I would like to thank you for customer service, it was really very professional, maybe the best I've seen, that alone is a reason to keep us stoked for life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the shirt, cap and further surfboard, everything is very beautiful. Thanks, Thanks a lot, Warren and team you guys were really incredible.

Mahalo, Merry Christmas, a Great 2014 and STOKED FOR LIFE.
Carlos Sarkissian (Sao Vicente - Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Subject: Totally stoked!

Custom Hammer board arrived intact, going out tomorrow a.m. - Stoked here!

Paul W**** (Santa Cruz, CA)

Subject: Stoked!

Hey guys!

Just to let you know that my new 8'4" WD Seafoam carbon arrived safely. Picked it up last night and wanted to take it to bed with me (wife objected).

It's a work of art!
I'm out of town until 12/30 but will Facebook you after my first sesh!
Stoked for life!
Thanks a ton!

Teddy Uroskie (Virginia beach, VA)

Subject: 9'6" Stoke

Been rippin my 9'6 Stoke all thru Punta Mita over the last few swells.
Great great board.
Thanks WD

Blake Mirkin (Pacific Palisades, CA)

Subject: 8'4" Hammer

Hello Wardog,

I got my new 8'4" Hammer and it's awesome. It arrived safe and sound and was packed impeccably as always. Beautiful design and Rasta colors. Hope to try it out this weekend.

I will let you know as soon as I can take it out and initiate my new Hammer,

I am thinking about a trip to California next year in June - August and would love to spend some time in Santa Barbara and go surfing. I might need to swing by and pickup a new board instead of shipping one out.

Hope you and you're family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Best regards,
Don H***** (Austin, TX)

Subject: 9'11" SUP Sports board bag

Hi Al,
The bag is great, fits fantastically, board is snug.
I like the extra padding around the zipper.

Very pleased, thanks!

Best regards,
Chris K. (Dillsburg, PA)

Subject: 8'6" WD carbon

Hi Dave,
I'm sending a quick email that the board arrived in great shape.
There is not much surf here this week end, but I took the board out anyway.
It floats me well and is more stable than my 9'1" Starboard Pro. I did ride some one foot wind waves and the board felt great. I am sure I will love it.

UPDATE 10/11/13 :
Today was the first day with surf since my board arrived. I am stoked. The board feels very stable, catches waves with ease and has a lively loose feel to it.
I am glad I waited I love the aqua color and I feel that it is the perfect size for me.
It is more stable and looser than my 9'1 Starboard Pro.

Thanks for all your help. I am stoked.

John H****** (Miami, FL)

Subject: New 9'2" WD board!

New board arrived without a scratch. Picked it up Friday and surfed it today in small small windy conditions, but its awesome.

Love the cosmetics, stability and the maneuoverability! Fins are awesome and the 5 fin setup is great!

The customer service was simply unbeatable. Already sent 2 people your way. The guys knew their stuff of course, but the enthusiasm was the key. True Stoke!

Thanks so much! Ready to build my quiver!
You guys are the best! Thank you so much!!!

Jeff L**** (Sea Girt, NJ)

Subject: Mahalo

Hey you guys:
I just wanted to let you know the mahalo arrived yesterday morning safe, sound and without a scratch on her.....

I took her out for a spin this morning, and man I gotta tell you the lake was not first light there was only me out (that's why I love East Texas)....

But I gotta say I wasn't expecting the Mahalo to be so fast and easy to paddle.

What an amazing board and beautiful too.

Miles of smiles is right. You really hit one out of the park with the Mahalo Wardog.

Thanks for usual the service and Aloha you guys share with your customers is beyond compare (Thanks Dave).

Peace and good waves....

Robert Townsend (Tyler, TX)

Subject: One World Wide

Bought a board for Lake Superior a couple of months ago...
What can I say? Change your life for good.
Board is BEAUTIFUL, I get compliments all of the time.
First of its kind in these parts.
The board is fast, stable and I get out on it a couple of times a week.
Taking it camping this week with the family.

My wife loves this board. Will probably be calling Dave in a while for another one!!!
BTW- Dave was great with helping me select the board, and any other questions I had.
You guys are a class outfit all the way.

What a great board! Thanks guys, stoked for life!

Brent Consie (Duluth, MN)

Subject: One World Surfari to Martha's Vineyard


I got the board today. So well packed! Two boxes plus bubble wrap.

It is great. Just took it out for a paddle.

Karen L**** (Martha's Vineyard, MA)

Subject: Much Love from Ben and Rocco

Hey Wardog and Paige,
First off I want to apologize for not getting back to you early.
The way you both treated me when I bought the board was with a lot of love and I will never forget that.

Right after I got the board a storm changed my life and the life of many people of Long Island.
Members of my family literally lost there houses completely.
Our surf beaches were closed until very recently.
Between recovery efforts and the beach closures I only recently started using the board...

The verdict:

Seriously it is amazing

I have so many people asking me about the board and I am giving them your cards and spreading the stoke of surfingsports

I am excited to get the Rocco man on the board too. Poor Rocco has definitely had some challenges and I hoping the water brings him peace and joy.

I am actually interested in getting another board from you. I need your advice...what do you think is a better choice for me for a second board... 8'10 by 32 WD ( will it be too tippy for me ?)or the 9'6 by 32 Stoke

What are your thoughts?

Love ya
Ben I (Long Island, NY)

Subject: Checking In :)

Hi Paige,
I wanted to thank you for your high level of customer service and the shop's attention to quality products. I was able to use my new board and paddle the past couple of days. I am extremely happy with both the performance and quality of both especially given the nice swell we've had since Thursday.

I will promote your service and products and I look forward to seeing you again and picking up a bag for my board when they come in. Please let me know when they arrive.

Best wishes,
Ken G**** (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: One World in Minnesota

Picked it up this morning.
Board is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Went out this afternoon. What a great board!
Thanks guys for all of your help. I'll keep in touch.
stoked for life!

-Brent Consie (Duluth, MN)

Subject: SUP Sports paddle

I want to thank Dave for all his help yesterday.
I love my new carbon paddle. Looking forward to many great days with it.
Can't believe what a difference a good paddle makes.

Thanks again,
Alan Durlester (Ventura, CA)

Subject: SUP Sports paddle

I really appreciate working with you and my new paddle is excellent!
Thanks for answering my questions and shipping it out fast!

Logan Kidwell (Bath, ME)

Subject: 9'6" Stoke carbon

Hi Warren,
I am loving the production 9'6" Stoke!
Its quickness and responsiveness were a big plus yesterday in fast and powerful waves. Bill B******** and I surfed for ~ 3 hours and though the off-shore winds came up (this was my last wave), the lightness and handling of the board allowed me to get all of the waves that I wanted.

The 2nd shot you can see your board in action on the same wave a minute later...a very long wave...

Thanks again for a great job on the excellent product.

~Bill Beuttler (Ventura, CA)

Subject: 10'3" Mahalo

Thank you guys for making me feel part of the Stand Up Paddle Sports Family.
Every time I stopped at the store you guys are amazing and treat me and my family with respect and are courteous.
Your customer service is exceptional and especially Fun! *B-) cool
My family and I are enjoying the Mahalo 10'3" so beware, We are getting another one next year!
Guillermo Gonzalez (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: 9'6" Stoke Wide

Surfed my Stoke today. Love it.

No brainer. Stable like a caddy but performs like a Porche.

Need another one maybe 30 wide.

Blake M****** (Los Angeles, CA)

Subject: 7'11" Da Hammer

The board arrived without any issues and it's beautiful. I am super stoked.

I got to try it out for the first time last weekend at Surfside in stomach to chest high moderately choppy surf. The board floated me well and was pretty stable for such a short board. It took me a few waves to get familiar with the feel of the board, but I quickly got the hang of it. I rode it with a Quad plus a stubby center fin setup. It turns on a dime and was very responsive. I was even able to get in a few noserides. I think this will be a very fun board for Texas waves.

I am very pleased with my new board and the bag is awesome also.

I am still considering trading in my 8'10" WD for a new 8'6" WD Carbon for my quiver. I need to get more riding time on my new Da Hammer and decide if I really need another board.

Thanks again for designing such a great board.

Don H***** (Austin, TX)

Subject: Mahalo

Hi Paige, Warren
Couple weeks late but thank you, what an awesome board.

Board is way looser , more stable , and has the ability to ride really fast and parallel to the sections than any of my expectations.

My last session I was solo on a a windward day in Bolinas harbor mouth on my 59th birthday last wed, feedback all positive...

Thank You!,

Chris Whitby (San Anselmo, CA)

Subject: Mahalo

Friendly, knowledgable and helpful…great business, great service.
Thanks again for hooking it up!

Jonathan Brownfield (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Carbon SUP Sports boards

Lesa and I were talking all the way home about what a great day we had and what a wonderful purchasing experience it was. You and Dave were so terrific during the whole process and we really appreciated the time you spent going over everything for us.

We were going to take our boards out yesterday for their inaugural paddle, but it was blowing a gale down here, so maybe later this week. Either way, with all the wonderful advise and tips, we are sure to have a grand time.

Thank you again for being such great guys.

Stoked for Life

Lesa and Annabel :) (Santa Monica, CA)

A few of our stoked clients on our Pinterest page...

Subject: One World 11'1"

Hi Paige and Warren,

My One World got to Miami in perfect shape. Great packing job.

It took a week for the wind to finally come down (actually its been months ) so this morning it was time to launch the board for the first time.

By the way did I say how beautiful the double sided Australian Pine is , well it is!

The board is a pleasure to carry , I weighed it when I got it and its 27 lbs , 4 pounds lighter than my old 12' Naish Glide . The One World paddles as fast as my Starboard 12'6" x 31" and the Glide .I am not a fast paddler . This morning I averaged 3.5 mph on my 3.38 mile paddle per my Garmin GPS.

The board does have incredible glide for an 11'1" board . Better than all of my other boards . It is also very stable which makes it easy to take pictures from . I only used the WD 9.25 Free Weed instead of the thruster setup and the board paddle quit straight .

I am very happy with the board and thanks for all the extras . Thanks to the Stand Up Paddle Sports crew , this is my fourth board that I have bought from you and it has always been a pleasure .

Rod Perry (Miami, FL)

Subject: 8'10" carbon WD

Board arrived today in perfect condition.

Looks awesome!!

Many thanks,
Kent Crooks (Virginia Beach, VA)

Subject: 9'6" carbon Stoke wide

Thanks Wardog for the Stoke.

It surfs unreal and I love the new carbon version every time I carry it up the stairs at Privates.

~s.west (Santa Cruz, CA)

Subject: 8'10" WD carbon

Happy New Year Warren and Team!!!

Love the blue carbon 8 /10

Josh Possell (Van Nuys, CA)

Subject: One World Surfari

Wardog & Paige,
Just wanted to wish you both a Happy New Year…and, tell you I am in love with my Surfari...
Its been good down here…haven’t smiled so much in the water in years…

Steve Sayre (Seal Beach, CA)

Subject: 9'6" carbon Stoke

Wooo Hoooo! I just got my new stoke.... and the fins, and am pumped!

Everything looks really good.

Thanks a thousand times for the package and especially for the goodies.
I had my first really good waves yesterday on the was awesome 3 feet overhead and long walls...needless to say, it was a very good session and I cannot wait until the next

Thanks again! I am STOKED!

Jay Sennewald (Newport, OR)

Subject: 8'10" WD carbon

Hey Warren and Al,

Way to go dog. This is the board of my dreams...

U. Nailed it. Way to go!

Ron Wedemeyer (Bakersfield, CA)

Subject: 8'10" WD carbon

Yo Bro,

Wanted to say thanks for the great evening of food, drink and friends. Fun stuff.

I just stuck the traction pad to my new 8'10" carbon. Buddy, I have to say it looks sweet!

You got the weight right! Shape is just how I envisioned. Bitchin!!!

I'm flying back to Mex with it in a few days to give it a seatrial. Hell yes!!
It's cold and sh*tty up here in Oregon. Mexico is sounding good!

Merry Christmas!

Marc W***** (Newport, OR)

Subject: New SUP Sports board bag

Hi Paige :
I just wanted to say thank you for the board bag. I know you have been waiting for them for a while, but as far as I'm concerned, no worries.
Great quality is always worth waiting for, and why I'm doing business with Stand up Paddle Sports...I know that whatever I buy, it's going to be the best.

Thanks again....
Mahalo....peace and good waves......

Robert Townsend (Tyler, Texas)

Subject: Aloha from Muscat, Oman!

As you can see the blue Mahalo arrived safe and sound!

Rebecca loves her 9'2" Seafoam WD.
We were out this morning on Sea of Oman - just beautiful!

If we kept paddling out we would hit the coast of Pakistan and Iran!

Thanks for your excellent customer service!
Regards to the team that packed our second board so well.

Will take some better pics soon and send them on to you.

Linda and Rebecca :-) (Muscat, Oman)

Subject: 8'10" x 32" WD

Hey Warren,
I wanted to give you an update on the board. I was out for 3 hours last Monday at Bolsa.
It was shoulder to head high and peeling.

It was the first time I had it in decent surf.
The board worked GREAT! I love it.

Thomas Rowe (Seal Beach, CA)

Subject: 10'3" Mahalo

Paige and Wardog,
Thank you for an incredible experience in buying my first board.
I have no doubt that I have the best board on the market built by the best!

I appreciate all your help today! Paddling tomorrow!

Christina Smith Harrington (Castaic, CA)

Subject: 8'10" WD


I just want to thank you for the BEST board Ever!
My "Magic Carpet Ride"
8'10" shreds in the waves! I couldn't be happier!

Thanks again!
Ken Pearce (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: 9'6" Stoke


Just wanted to let you know everything went well with the shipping. All in one piece!!! :)

Thanks again! I posted a picture of the board in my Mini cooper on facebook so you can see. It seems to work well enough for slow speeds but I feel an SUV in my very near future.

I love my board and so do all of my friends in DC.

Thanks again!
Margaux L**** (Washington, DC)

Subject: 9'6" Stoke Wide

Hello all,
New board just arrived and is free of any damage. Everything looks great and needless to say,
I can't thank you enough for your service and attention. You certainly have my respect and gratitude. I cannot wait to get this in the water.

Once again wanted to thank you all for everything. Got her all tricked out now. New deck pad and railtape installed. Ready for action. This boards gonna rip. Pictures forthcoming.

I feel like a teenager every time I get a new board. Thank you thank you thank you!

You guys are the best. Mahalo
Tom Dinoto (New York)

Subject: 9'6" carbon Stoke

Now that I've had it for a month I can sum it up in a word; amazing!

It just gets out of the way and does what I'm thinking it should do.

That said I can't think of any reason to keep the TAC wide point. Might get an 8'6" or so down the line but am totally stoked with this baby.

Bill La Via (Pacific Palisades, CA)

Subject: Alabama SUP's

Aloha Warren,
Wanted to let you know I picked up the boards myself at the depot in Montgomery (to save time - the natives were very restless as I mentioned), got em home and unboxed - my girls immediately took them out on the lake. I haven't even been able to get on myself yet!

They love them and the boards are exactly what we needed! The paddles are great!

Thanks for your help getting the right gear - I'm very, very happy and will send you some good pictures once I have them. Thanks again,

Matt C**** (Eclectic, Alabama)

Subject: One World Surfari

Board arrived all in one piece. No issues!
Your team is awesome.
Biggest box and most secure packaging I've ever seen.

Thanks for your help. We are really excited to try them on the freshwater lakes here in MN.

Ed H****** (Minnetonka, MN)


It's HERE!!! And it's AWESOME!!!

Actually can't decide which is more awesome, the board or the BAG!!! Both beautiful.
Can't wait till the weekend to try them out. It's sooooooo gorgeous.

We have a fun practice race coming up Aug 18. I'll be the envy of everyone there.

Thanks a zillion!!!!

Mucho Mahalos!!!
Kathy L******* (Virgin Islands)

Subject: Mahalo from Michigan!

Hey Warren!
I just thought I'd let you know how much I am loving my Mahalo!

I've been paddling since May and just made it back home to Traverse City this past week. Had a blast paddling all my favorite Lake Michigan spots along the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore and more. SUP has really exploded in the area and I got tons of compliments on my board (how could I not?).

Thanks again for all your help with my board - it is being well loved and well paddled. My husband got a pretty cool pic of me "paddling off into the sunset" that I thought you might get a kick out of.

Me and Mahalo :-)

Casey W******* (Livonia, MI)

Subject: Aloha from the Bahamas!

Click for STOKE!!!

Subject: 8'10" WD

Aloha Warren (Wardog)

I received my board yesterday and it is awesome....I can't wait to go paddling on it.

I want to thank Guy he was awesome to talk to and helped me out tremendously, he made me feel like we were long lost Tell him thank you for the Tee Shirts they are very cool.

When my boyfriend decides to get a board it will definitely be through Surfing Sports.

I am totally stoked for life!!!!!!!

Lisa from Hollywood, Florida

Subject: Custom Carbon Jumbo Jammer

Got the board. it is awesome. I will let you know when I get a chance to try it.

Jason M**** (Vancouver, BC)

Subject: One Worlds to Maine

The Eagles have landed! The boards are home. In the process of unpacking, and all is well!

Will advise once the process is complete. Thanks so very much.

Fair winds and following seas to you and yours...

Erik C**** (Bangor, ME)

Subject: Seafoam Mahalo & paddle


We were able to pick up the board yesterday and everything looked great. Julie is really pleased.

We are putting it to use this morning in Trinidad. I want to get her a board bag.

Thanks for all your help again.

The boards are amazing. When I get a chance I'll send some pictures.

Greg H*** (Trinidad, CA)

Subject: One World Wide


I'm not sure how you define stoke, but my wife apparently defines it by catching one more wave...7 waves ago. Now I have to wait on the beach for her to finish. You've created a monster.

I switched boards for a bit at lunch. I didn't wan't to give hers back, it was just perfect for the conditions. I definitely wanted to hold on to her paddle for good. It was like I couldn't miss.

The One World Wide made mushy non-breaking Doheny a blast. It really was stupidly fun. Guilt inducing fun. Thanks for making a killer father's day happen, and a belated mother's day worth the wait.

Jim G***** (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Subject: One World Wide

Hi you guys :

My One World Wide arrived yesterday guys did a great job of packing it up....thanks.....after about an hour of careful unpacking, it was worth it. It didn't have a scratch on first reaction was WOW.....what a beautiful board !!!!....then it was .....OK where are we going to go to baptize her.....

This morning conditions were...shall we say sketchy ????? I think sketchy is a good way to describe what I found.....the wind was all over the place, it was bumpy, white caps everywhere, heavy clouds over head, thunder and lightning in the distance ect......but after about an hour the wind eased up to about 4-6 mph and I decided to head up the lake to look for one of my favorite coves. Conditions couldn't have been better.....glassy, light wind and for the most part nobody but little old me out to enjoy a very balmy East Texas morning.....and to say the least, my new board blew me away.

The fact that an 11 foot board paddles so fast and smooth like the One World does surprised me. At first I was paddling into the wind, and the nose didn't catch the wind....side chop didn't seem to affect progress much at all either. I know after 4-5 years of paddling I'm getting better but the One World handled everything that was thrown at it this morning and it and I came out on top. I paddled for about 3 to 3 and a half hours....starting out at about 7:30 and got out at about 11:00. it Mojo, Magic, great engineering or hydrodynamics....but you guys have something more than special with the One World...and I suspect the other boards are just as special too.....but thanks more than rocked my world with the One World Wide......

I'm looking foward to some beach time soon, and by the way thanks for the T-shirt, leash, and paddle cover too. ....and you're right....the pads you guys are using are awesome...I love the diamond grip....soft on my delicate feet but not slippery.....Thanks again......Peace and good waves !!!!!

Robert Townsend, East Texas

Subject: Mahalo Wide

Hello guys,
The board arrived today and it looks great.

I am headed to the lake this afternoon for the maiden voyage, so excited.

Thanks so much!

Greg D**** (Salt Lake City, Utah)

PS Can I be put on the list of a fitted board bag when they come in?

Subject: Mahalo

Just wanted to let you and Deb know that your hard work is appreciated!!!

You guys have alot of history...
My wife L***** and I have been married for 20 years and have known each other since high school. Been driving down to Mex with my dad since I was 6, been all over, had our honeymoon in Todos Santos and Rio San Vicente. Worked in Hawaii and brought the whole family for several months multiple times. You, Deb and Guy have major Aloha!!!

We appreciate the pad, shirts stickers and putting the deposit on the new carbon acid blue, I like SUP surfing on "real mom & Pop soul" and knowing how much hard work went into everything you guys have worked hard for makes it all that better!!! You have to be proud of the new lines you have designed and made for everyone to enjoy.

All I can say is I will always represent your logo and shop with Aloha and let others in the water and out know that you guys are the real deal.

Mahalo Warren & Deb

Possell Ohana (California)

Subject: Maui blue One World


You featured my color today, and EVERY time I go out someone, anywhere from 6 to 60 sees my board and matching color Maui Blue and says "cool board!"

Because it is. :-)

Shawn Schmid (San Pedro, CA)

Subject: Carbon One World Wide

Hola Wardog,

Got my One World out for a paddle in the Slough but haven't tried any waves. Probably going to have to wait until Mexico. But, who knows, now that I got it my buddies tell me I got to step up to the plate and start swinging. Actually, I agree with them. Going to have to break out the old 4/3 wetsuit and get wet. Oh yeah, the board is excellent. Paddles well, feels nice and stable in sloppy water and is very light. Just know it will surf good. New board, new life!

Really appreciate you letting us in on the locals secret spot, Cafe Del Sol. Muy delicioso.! We both had a good time hanging with you, Debbie and the kids at the shop. Cassie is still talking about playing with Mollie.If you head this way, let us know so we can take to our favorite, not so secret spot.

Say hi to the family from us.

Hasta luego!
Fred S***** (Salinas, CA)

Subject: Richmond SUP's

Can't brag on you enough- boards were way popular.
They made us wear PFDs, for 16 inch canal.But we loved it anyway :)

Absolutely love my paddle!! You were right! :))

Andrea & crew (Richmond, VA)

Subject: 8'10" WD Wide

Yo Wardog,
Here's picture of me riding your 8'10 WD. What a great performance board!
Keep em rollin out cuz they work.

Lee H*** (Pensacola,FL)

Subject: Jumbo Jammer

Robert here , just had to take a few minutes to thank you so much for time time you & all your staff spent with me to insure me that I was making the right move.

As always it seems you were right, I asked for the loosest board you've ever ridden & the stability of a 10' Whopper. I was not disappointed in the least, the waves have been small but the 9' Jumbo Jammer floats me like a dream & the Jammer is so loose everyday it just get better than the one before, I guess you could say I love it & "stoked for life"

You were right on the design of it to the size, I couldn't be happier, best board I ever ridden & you know I ridden a lot of boards.

Just had to let you know I'm totally STOKED see you in the water. I think you created an animal...;-)

Your costumer for life,
Robert S******** (Malibu, CA)

Subject: Stoked on the Stoke!

Wardog, Since April has started I have gotten some good days with last Fri, Sat, and Sun being epic at S**** B**** with headhigh to double overhead perfect lefts peeling into a smooth channel near the jetty.

Really got a chance to put the Stoke thru the paces and it worked unreal.

The board works great in performance waves and surfs really nice, I am stoked!
I can see how this board will be my goto board for almost all conditions from small to big. It is stable enough to handle fairly rough water and has good enough glide to work in slopey wave conditions. I will still opt for the Starboard Drive in small longboard conditions, but the Stoke will be used in everything else.

Thanks for the killer board,

MJ (Newport Beach, OR)

Subject: 8'10" WD Wide

The session i had this a.m. for five hours on head high plus and offshore was incredible.

I caught the biggest waves of the day and the board performed wonderfully. The board was fast down the line, made smooth rail transitions and for the first time i got barreled on a sup.

You have created a wave hunting monster!

The whole experience with you and your staff from consultation, shipping, board and fin performance was fabulous. People have asked a lot of questions about the board as it stands out in the lineup. I will be your Gulf Coast sales rep.

Thanks again for all the service,

Lee Hual (Pensacola, Florida)

Subject: Stoke for LIFE!

Well, I’ve been out on the 9’2” carbon Stoke about half a dozen times now.

Simply put, it is a great, great board!

Surfs really well, very responsive, great on cutbacks, is the fastest SUP I’ve been on (it scoots across fast sections with ease), is stable to stand on and stable when I get hit by white water. I’m very happy with it.

I think if I had to do it over, I might pare it down just a little more, to 9’ long, 29” wide. It seems so stable to stand on compared to what I’ve been using, must be the slightly concave bottom in the front half of the board. Then again, maybe the 9’2” is just right for me.

The Stoke is such a well developed design. Best board I have ever been on!

Thanks so much,
Ted Zinke (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: 11'1" One World and matching paddle

I love this combo: One World & matching paddle!

I'm going to Cabrillo Beach tomorrow morning!

Every person I worked with at your shop in person, on the telephone, and e-mail was helpful all the way up to the time you helped me load my new board & matching paddle onto my vehicle! I've been a happy paddler ever since! :-)

Shawn Schmid (Torrance, CA)

Subject: SUP Sports Paddle

Hi you guys:
Thanks so much for the new Bamboo/Carbon hybrid paddle.

What a gorgeous paddle....strong, lightweight, and the flexible shaft is unreal.
The sharkskin texture is a nice touch too......

Our Spring like conditions on the local lakes is making for some really gorgeous, glassy paddles. I don't know where everyone is...I guess doing something else besides enjoying this great weather.......Myself.....what else besides paddling...great exercise.....beautiful weather...great paddle.....

Happy Easter to my friends at Surfing guys are Awesome !!!!!!!!!!

Robert T******* (Tyler, TX)

Subject: 8'10" WD Wide

Yo Wardog,
Rode the 8'10 on waist high shorebreak yesterday for the first time.

Once i figured out the takeoff the board performed beautifully very stable underfoot, very fast on a straight line. Not much need to pump for speed, some of the re-entries were different because of less entry rocker (must have foot on the tail as not to pearl).

Overall fun first session, surfed two different breaks both with a 10 knot onshore wind adding to the challenge. Cant wait for good surf to get more acquainted to the board.

The board was delivered Thursday without a scratch, your people do a great job. Thanks again for all the help and if i need another board guess who i will be calling?

Lee H*** (Pensacola, FL)

Subject: Thanks!

Team Surfing Sports,

Thanks so much for another great visit to SB!

The paddle adjustment and the new board added extra enjoyment. It was almost too good up in Pismo on Sunday.

I was going to linger another day because of course it is always better the day you have to travel, but Janine's flight was canceled and they weren't going to rebook her for several days! Crazy airlines. Not that sticking about the area was a bad option, but having to get back she rode with me on the 15 hour drive. But not before one last sweet C-street session and a fly by for Makenzie fish tacos!

Hope to see you soon,
Mike S**** (Boise, ID)

Subject: 9'2" carbon Stoke

I haven’t had a chance to try it in real waves yet, but Saturday I launched from Goleta Beach and headed for Campus Point just to see how it paddled. To my surprise there were some little knee/thigh high waves with an occasional waist high. Paddling past the Poles, a waist high popped up, so I turned, caught it and went about 100 yrds.

Considering that I was expecting it to be completely flat, it was a good omen for the first wave on the new stick.

I paddled out to the point, where the surface was undulating quite a bit from the reflections off the rocks, and the board felt distinctly more comfortable to stand on than the 9’ and 9’2” boards I’ve been riding. I very happy for that, as one of the characteristics I was looking for was increased stability in rough water.

Surfing wise, it felt great on the little waves. I could really feel the effect of the reduced weight in the speed with which the board comes around in a turn; can’t wait to get it out in some waves of consequence. Also, glide-wise I thought it was very good. The board seemed to paddle with more speed than I would have expected from something of that size and shape.

So… so-far-so-good. As I said, I’m really looking forward to some bigger waves, perhaps this Friday. It felt so fun in the dinky stuff, I’m sure it’s gonna be great in chest high or bigger waves. I’ll let you know.

Ted Z**** (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: 10'3" Mahalo

Hi Warren!
Exhaustive research into finding the best SUP for me finally lead me to your website. Thanks for all your help, I'm so excited about my board!

I feel like a kid on Christmas!!!

Thanks again - now I just have too keep my fingers crossed for this heat wave to continue :)

~Casey W****** (Livonia , MI)

Subject: Starboard Avanti

Hey Warren,
I just wanted to thank you personally for all of the extras you threw in with my board and your staff could not have been nicer!

I will spread the word and let all my friends know that your shop is the only place to go to buy a board!

I can’t wait to try out my new Avanti this weekend.

Neil C****** (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Starboard 9'5" Wide Point

Hello Wardog,

I purchased a 9.5 Widepoint from you with my wife a few weeks ago. It has caused problems in our marriage. I love the board, so does she. Enough said. Do you have another 9.5 candy in stock, or do you expect to get one in sometime?

Thanks for all your generous help, it made a difference for us.
Your dedication, joy for your business and care for your clients shows greatly.
Hope you are all doing well and the business is good.

All the best,
Bruce B***** (Sunset Beach, CA)

Subject: Carbon Stoke

Hi Warren,

Continue to love my 9'6" Stoke Featherlight Carbon!

Surfed it today at "C" St in very good waves to chest high and had a wonderful time. Ted Z**** rode my board and ordered one from you. Bill F******* surfed w/me today on his Carbon Stoke. He tried mine and then ordered from you a few months ago. Another friend, Steve R********, rode my board today (he's tried it 3 times now) and should be ordering his Carbon Stoke very soon.

What a great board...

I rode Steve's 9'6" PSH wide all around while he was surfing mine. It felt like a Ford station wagon compared to a BMW---the Stoke was that much more maneuverable and precise. I had to chase Steve down to switch back as he was in no hurry to return the Stoke to me!

Dr. Bill B******* (Ventura, CA)

Subject: Stoke Wide

The Stoke really surfs like a Channel Island's Biscuit which is a little 6' short board with a pin tail, same general shape, more float in the front of the board and less rocker so that you can fly down the line.

It's really weird that my 9'6" Stoke really feels and rides like my 6'2" Biscuit. IMHO that's a high compliment to Wardog's Stoke because I NEVER would have believed a 9'6" board could possibly surf like it does. Still need to get it out in some overhead waves as we haven't had any since I got the board.

In SoCal I'm noticing a trend towards this sort of shape with more float, less rocker, round pin tail, quad set-up, since these boards work nearly ALL of the time, unlike those potato chip boards that work 3 days out of the year here unless you weigh 75 lbs.

Greg S***** (Encinitas, CA)

Subject: Mahalo & One World

Warren, we have unpacked the boards and everything looks great. That was quite the wrap job. Thanks for the t-shirts!

We had a chance to take the boards out yesterday. They worked great – we love them.

We got a number of comments on the boards; you just don’t see boards like ours in Idaho.
I have attached a few pictures; the scenery isn't pretty but it was the warmest place we could find yesterday. We will send more when we make it to the mountain lakes.

Thanks again.
Shelby L******* (Boise, Idaho)

Subject: One World

Your staff is amazing. The board arrived right on time, and the photos on your website just don't do it justice.

Beautiful! I'm stoked. Can't wait to paddle this board.

Thanks again for the great customer service!

Jim Conway (Pensacola, FL)

Subject: Stoked with the Stoke!

Wardog, Picked up the board today in Portland, then went home and set it up. Board weighs out at 18 lbs without fins or pad, and 20.5 lbs with those items.

It looks insane and am looking forward to getting it in the surf.

Thanks for helping me get set up with this SUP by letting me try your boards down in SB.

Hasta luego,
MJ (Newport, OR)

Subject: Stoke Wide

I picked up the board yesterday and it came through perfectly. Killer board!
I can't wait to surf it but I've got to go to meetings today.

Many Mahalos!
Greg S***** (San Diego, CA)

Subject: Mahalo

I've had 10' 3" Mahalo for six months, good all around board, good long board feel in the waves as a single fin, set it up as thruster or 2+1 and it comes alive for more radical surfing or flat water for a smaller person.

You can drastically change the feel of how this board rides by changing the fin arrangement, very versatile. Very durable.

I have gotten lots of compliments on the looks very other sup'ers and joe public.

Good board for the price.

Brad G***** (Cambria, CA)

Subject: Stoke Wide

I've ridden the 9'6" Stoke-wide for three days now. Surfs great. I ride it as a quad. The flatter rocker and double barrel concave gets the board to fly down the line when called upon. I've had some perfect waves to try it out on lately.

This is a well built board that's maybe a pound or two heavier than the carbon version costing 800 bucks more. I put a foam plug in the semi-wide handle slot because it's right where my big toe likes to be on a bottom turn. No big deal really; just a scrap of foam with a small rope for a handle. Shove it in the slot and my toe is happy.

Nice board. I'm 5'7" and a solid 220 pounds without a wetsuit and lunch. The board paddles and glides fine. I paddled it over a mile to get to a different, less crowded surf spot yesterday. No problem.

I have another board that's 2 inches longer (same width) and a tad thicker and the stability is close to that board. The Stoke has more surfibility on the wave face.

I really like the flatter rocker overall. My take on boards over the years has been, "You make it fast, I'll make it turn".

Steve W*** (Santa Cruz, CA)

Subject: Stoke Wide


Just wanted to thank you for setting me up w/ my 9'6" wide stoke & for a guy 240+ it takes care of me & rips.

Thanks again for all you did for me & all I hear from people is how stoked they are when they finally go to you.


Robert Steinbeck (Malibu, CA)

Subject: Thank you for your help!

Hi Warren,

Thank you for all of the information. I really appreciate all of your help sorting out information on boards.

Before I emailed you I was definitely feeling very lost with all of the SUP information online and from some of the local shops.

Now I feel very confident that what I ordered is perfect for my situation.

I am so excited about the new "One World" board!!!

-Kristin B...... (Virginia Beach, VA)

Subject: 9'6" Wide Stoke is Outstanding....

Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you and Debbie for taking such good care of me with the new 9'6" stoke and the ke nalu maliko paddle......

I love this board.......big meaty Bolsa on Xmas....and epic Dogpatch (Sano) with Dereck and Julie Ho yesterday on new years Day...

this board does it all ......

I finally feel like I have the right board to surf any wave I can handle on a stand up......

The fins are great ...running the 4" bamboo in front...6 1/2 in rear.....tryed some Solus Futures on the sides but they felt slower....the flex in yours seems to give a little extra push out the turns on larger waves....haven't tried the quads yet.....

I am really suprised how well that board cross step and its cheater five heaven.....yowza....

Best Wishes and hope to see you soon.

Stay salty my friend,

Steve Sayre (Long Beach, CA)

Subject: Stoke 9'6" in Fiji


Can't thank you and the crew at SurfingSports enough for several things.
A)for helping me to decide to take a board and B) for deciding on the 9'6".
Floats me great and is working great here. Below is my FB status from today.... and today was 3-5 smaller than Saturday and Sunday.

Day 3 Namotu. Couldn't sleep past 4:30. Too excited to see how Namotu Lefts would look at first light. Dave Kalama walks onto the deck at 5:30 and says lets go. Who am I to argue with him....especially on his birthday. Was on the boat with Dave at 6:00. Was I was dreaming or was I really riding 4-6' perfect glassy lefts over the most beautiful reef I've ever seen with Dave hooting at my rides and me at his. I'm ruined for life.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Dan Gottlieb (Margate, NJ)

PS The board arrived to Fiji in perfect condition. SurfingSports rules!

Subject: Starboard Widepoint 8'10"


Picked up the board on tuesday. Everything came pefect.

Thanks so much for your outstanding,friendly, and informative customer service.

Top notch...from the first call to Guy's follow up call...EXCELLENT!!!

A new and definitely returning customer,many thanks again...

Mike S***** (San Diego, CA)

Subject: Amundson 10'6" SUP

Warren I'm really pleased w/ the board admundson 10 6 ......

have a lake bout 5 min. from the house although not big 1/2 mile x 300 yards its perfect for practice....

what blows me away is how good it glides thru the water!!!........

took it to lake ming wind @ 8-10 mph w/ 5.0 sail definetly not a windsurf board but fun all the same........

am surfing more mostly C street and rincon area........we'll surf this winter and I'll keep in touch

say hi 2 debbie .......

TC Patrick L**** (Bakersfield, CA)

Subject: SUP board bags

Just FYI...

Received my board bags last week and they're bullet proof. Excellent design and very well made. Well worth the cost.

Thank you Guy for getting them out and into San Diego so fast.

Chris Bale (San Diego, CA)

Subject: Coreban Wood Icon

Aloha Wardog!

All is good and I’m totally stoked!
A big mahalo for the bullet proof packing. Everything looks perfect.

I’ll make sure I turn anyone interested in your direction, bro. Do you sell any stickers and window decals? I’d like to promote you as much as possible.

I’ll definitely be back when I need something – maybe your quad fins?

Stoked for life, dude!

Wayne S******* (Los Angeles, CA)

Subject: Starboard 10'3"

First off want to thank you for your fast response and patience with all my questions.

Got the board today. It looks freaking awesome!!!

Thanks again for all your help! I'll def recommend u guys to all my friends.

Can't wait to get the shirt so I can advertise for u guys!!!!

Don Williams (Pensacola, FL)

Subject: New member of the silver surfer club

Hea Warren ~

I took delivery of my new silver SUP, and of course like you said, it's in PERFECT CONDITION!

Ended up talking to Leon for quite awhile all about his day yesterday at P*****, he said that it was bigger than he or his buddy (who has the boat) had ever seen it, and it was perfect, crowded but perfect.

They first went up to G**********, but it was packed, said they saw about 40 - 45 people in the lineup, so they went back to P***** where there was only about 10 out, but just as good. It must have been awesome.

Thanks again for your service and having found that hidden Wide Point, sometimes we get lucky.

Paddle on bro.

Greg B*******
Cambria, CA

Subject: Custom carbon Jammer

Some feedback on the Jammer.

I surfed the Jammer at Westport today. I had high expectations and wasn't disappointed. The swell was 4.5' and the surf was just crashing closeouts for the first hour or so.

The Jammer was pretty good getting out through the waves. It tends to pop up over white water nicely. The conditions today, however, made it tough to get out.

Stability is adequate for my 196lbs. I only fell off once or twice while loitering on the outside. Once I'm used to the board I don't expect to fall much.

Durability was tested today. The bottom fell out on a couple of waves and I got worked pretty hard, but the board is still in one piece. It doesn't seem to pull nearly as hard on the ankle as my 9'8" during a wipe out.

After my surfing buddies got bummed by the poor conditions and went in it suddenly got glassy and the faces held for some really nice rides. I was dropping into steep overhead waves and getting several good turns before bailing out the back. The board works fine for larger waves - it was great on some waves which would have had my 9'8" Element trying to go airborne.

The board's agility is amazing. I'm an intermediate surfer, but was able to get a couple near vertical backside turns. Very much a short board rather than long board feel. I've barely tapped the potential and I'm really looking forward to the next session.

I'll post some more as my experience with the board grows.

A very happy camper,
Don L****** (Seattle, WA)

Subject: Great customer service

Hey Guys,

Both Pam and I wanted to thank of all you for taking the time yesterday in getting us dialed with our new SUP kits. Great first trip on the boards out on Mission Bay. A bit windy, but no complaints and smiles from ear to ear :)

Thank you for the great customer service. Well worth the drive for us.

Many thanks and Mahalo,
Vann and Pam Johnson (San Diego, CA)

Subject: Mahalo!

The carbon 8'10" Wide Point arrived on the Oregon Coast in 48 hours!

I was supposed to drive up to Florence an hour to pick it up, but when I called the freight company they said the driver was heading through Coos Bay and the guy brought it right to my work!


Bomb proof packaging, board's in great shape.
Took it out onto some flatwater last night because I was concerned about stability chopping 2ft. from my last board. Paddled in 30mph wind, 1ft chop, was amazing.

That sh*t eating grin is me ready for an early am sesh. I'll report back after getting it into some waves.

Great service, boards a work of art.

Dr. Steve Giss (Coos Bay, OR)

Subject: Thanks

Thanks to all of you for your help picking the right paddle for me. You all were sooo helpfull.

Looking forward to figuring out a new board for me.

Your service was AAA+.

Guy you were great see you at c st.

Thanks again,
Alan D (Ventura, CA)

Subject: Re: Need help ordering a SUP

I am so excited!!

You guys have been great.

I am sending all my friends to you.

Thanks for a your help.

I'll send you pics soon. :))

A***** E****** (Richmond, VA)

Subject: Coreban SUP's to Long Beach

Hola -

Thanks for all of your help.

Customer service is off the charts!

Can't wait to get the boards and get them on the water.

See you in the water!
Ryan O***** (Long Beach, CA)

Subject: SUPer 12'6" boards arrived in good condition


Thank you again. Everything arrived on Friday in excellent condtion. I unpacked everything at the terminal to be sure. We enjoyed both sailing and paddling the boards over the weekend. They live up to the reviews and are a lot more fun to sail than our old world cup race boards.

Paddling is great and the glide is fine for our rec purposes. The adjustable paddles were excellent for sharing with family and friends.

Great service!

Best regards,
Bede W******* (Portland, ME)

Subject: Starboard 10'5" Drive

Guy n WD,
Surfed and paddled all firkin day today : ) Awesome board.

Caught so many more waves than my old C4 10'6. super stoked.

John And family (San Diego, CA)

Oh thanks for the shirts n stuff kids dig it....

Subject: Thanks

Hey Wardog,

The bag fits my board great, looks good, easy to load. Thanks. And double thanks for the exchange on the pad. I know it was a pain, but you guys sure deliver on customer service and satisfaction. I wish every business was like that.

Best regards,
Jocko R***** (Tiburon, CA)

Subject: New Coreban Nitro

What's Up Wardog,

This new board is exactly what I've been looking for.

It allows me to emulate what I do on my kiteboard, which is awesome because wind or no wind I come in stoked every time.

Took me a couple sessions to get used to the 112 liters, but once you get that dialed in it eats whatever the ocean wants to throw at me for breakfast:)

Jon Elick (Central Cali Coast)

Subject: Thanks

Thanks for your help in putting this big SUP package together.


Chuck W***** (Duxbury, MA)

Subject: Starboard Carbon Avanti

Good morning Warren,

Don't think that I thanked you for my carbon Avanti and the effort that you put in to get if for a BIG THANK YOU.

Also, thanks for the discount on the deck. I will be putting the Avanti in the water this weekend for the first time and will let you know how it works for me.

It's really always a pleasure to work with you, Debbie, Guy and John and I thank you for the effort that you and your team put out to make the Demo's happen. I really look forward to letting my friends know about them, hoping that they'll take up the sport and enjoy it as much as I do.

As I mentioned to you when I picked up my Avanti, I plan on selling my Blend and replacing it with a shorter board. I'll talk to more about these in the near future.

Best regards,
Bud E***** (Santa Barbara)

Subject: Good Service

Team Surfing Sports ,
I would like to thank Warren and the Team at Surfing Sports for the prompt service .

I E-mailed Warren on a Monday about a Starboard 12' 6" x 31" Free Race . He was in the middle of packing for a trip to Mexico but took time out to respond to my E-mail and told me if I wanted the board I could get it in Miami by Friday .

It arrived at the Conway facility on Friday , I called Conway and they said I could pick it up after 10 am . One of Conway's employees helped me unpack the outside 2 boxes and helped me load the cardboard wrapped board .

I was again pleased with the service of SUP sports and the extras that they sent , Tee shirt , leash and 30" rack pads . The Pads were a blessing , since my old pads were too small for the new board .

The board is very floaty , paddles fast and is stable . I wanted a stable board for taking pictures off of it of Manatees , Rays and fellow paddlers .

I have always had a pleasurable experience dealing with Surfing Sports and will continue to make them my only source for my toys .

Thanks again
Rod Perry (Miami, FL)

Subject: Abalone Fish Hook Necklace

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my fish hook so much!!!!

Thank you... for the necklace, the tank, the postcards and stickers.
What an awesome surprise when I got home today!!!

Y'all are really special... and you made my month!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Mahalos xoxo

T Bird (Zac Brown Band Crew, Georgia)

Subject: Coreban Wood Cruiser

Thanks again for your help and outstanding service.

The Coreban arrived in perfect shape really looks awesome!

I also wanted to thank you guys for the t shirt.

Thanks again
Eric L***** (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)

Subject: Coreban Pure Fusion

The Fusion and goodies arrived today in good order.
I'll let you know the ride report.
I have been out several times on the Icon in water that has to be in the mid 30s. I am hooked. Can't wait for a trip to the coast next month.

attached: me and my Icon hitting the Boise River 37 street wave.

Thanks again for the great service.

Mike S**** (Boise, Idaho)

Subject: 12'6" Surftech Bark Competitor

Warren, got the board today and went out for a spin this evening.

oh man, i've gotta tell you, this is one FINE BOARD!

Thanks so much for the great board and the great service. really appreciate the stickers and t-shirt too.

Great doing business with you!

Brent B****** (Charlotte, NC)

Subject: Thanks for another great board and a rocking paddle

Hey Wardog and Guy,

Paul G. here from Monterey. I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say thanks for hooking me up with the 8' 10" carbon wide point and (Guy) the 9" quick blade paddle.

The board absolutely rocks.

I have had it in a variety of surf here in Carmel and the bigger it is the better it works. You were absolutely right about moving the fin forward. Once I did that, it was like a whole new board and was smacking the lip and pulling off round house cut backs with ease.

The only negative thing I have to say about the board is that it does not like the wind but its nice to have the 9' 8" to fall back on. Oh yeah, the paddle, what a huge difference that bigger blade makes. What once took 5 to 6 strokes now takes two to three.

Joanna also wanted to say thanks for letting her borrow the top and paddle. She had a blast. I just bought her a wetsuit and had her out at Carmel. She is hooked. I am sure you will be seeing us again soon.....for her this time. Gotta get her a paddle and board now.

I just want to say thanks again for everything.

Every time I have walked away from your shop I always feel good about every purchase.

Take care,
Paul G. (Monterey, CA)

Subject: Foote SUP to Florida


My wife loves the Bill Foote board!

She said it is the best birthday present she's ever gotten.


Jim B*** (St. Petersburg, FL)

Subject: thanks...carbon Element

Hi guys it's Andy and I wanted to thank you for the tips (GUY) and the sound advice.

I paddled some flat water today for about 3 hours and had a blast. Once I got used to correcting my paddle stroke and balance I feel like a couple of more times and I am in the surf to pay my dues.

It is really a user friendly sport and I have surfed forever so once I feel like I can sprint the board and ingrain my paddle stroke and hand change there is really no reason to not be in the lineup.

I am sure you will hear from me again I have lots of friends interested in more water time.

Andy P***** (Long Beach, CA)

Subject: Feedback 10'5" Wide Point

Hi Wardog -

I am afraid I let the 40 degree water get to me since getting the 10-5 widepoint in December -- I did a few flatwater paddles and sailed it a few times, but couldn't keep my aging hands from going numb enough to take it in the ocean. I have now had just a couple of days in the surf and so thought I would report.

The report is overwhelmingly positive. Keeping in mind that I am only 175 lbs. and that I am a pretty good paddler but a very inexperienced surfer, the board so far works great for me.

1. getting out through short-period waves in 10-12 mph cross-onshore winds, the board is substantially better than the 12x32 big easy -- the pulled-in nose and nose rocker punch right through whitewater that would have lifted up a bigger nose and shoved it back at me. It is enough shorter that I can get my paddle into the back of the whitewater much earlier, which makes a big difference in getting some speed before the next bunch of whitewater. So far I am quite impressed with its abilities (relative to mine) in getting out.

2. It spins around way way faster than a bigger board, and it seems to me it accelerates substantially quicker (I have the silver AST, not the ultralight). Catching swells early has been easy.

3. The rocker makes it much better for badly-timed late take-offs -- I don't have to get back nearly as far or as fast to avoid pearling and over-the-front disaster.

It definitely turns better on the wave, but I still suck enough that nobody should use my experience in judging how well it will really surf top to bottom for someone my weight. I will say that it paddles well in rough water, making it pretty good for getting back to my launch into a cross-on wind with a matching current. So far it seems great for what I wanted it to do. When I get better, I'll be back for a jammer!

Thanks again for your help in picking it out.

Andy K***** (Greenville, NC)

Subject: Coreban/qb paddle

Hey Guys,
The Icon arrived today and looks great. She is tempting me to go for a paddle even though the snow started to fly today.

Several of my kiter friends are lined up for a 'demo day' once the weather warms up. Sharing the stoke up Idaho will be easy with such a beautiful looking board and paddle. I promise to make good use of the business cards you included.

Positive word of mouth will be a pleasure because you guys cannot be beaten on service!

Mahalo and Cheers!

Mike S**** (Boise, ID)

Subject: Testimonial

As we discussed in person last week, this email is a long time coming to you.

I originally came to see you in April 2010 at the urging of my good friends to try stand-up. Your team spent a long time patiently walking me through all the options without pressure, recommended a few models for my height/weight, pushed me past the "stable beginner" models to an "intermediate" design that would carry me through the learning curve and finally called me in when a shipment arrived, allowing me to pull "my board" from the case before anyone else saw it and put it in the car.

Let me tell you what happened when I got on the water.

I am a decent athelete in most sports and was able to stay upright the first few sessions - catching bigger and bigger waves and gaining more confidence as the weeks progressed. The learning curve flattened out, and I started to really have fun.

Then one day, I finally "got it". And it wasn't what I predicted.

It wasn't the dawn patrol sessions waiting for the sun to hit your face before it hit the water at your feet. It wasn't standing above the kelp forest watching seals hunt beneath you. It wasn't riding a wave into the shallows and standing 18" above a dozen leopard sharks. It wasn't paddling to intercept a pod of dolphins and having them roll and jump 10 feet away from where you were standing on water. Although all these things happened to me in those first few months.

My wife and I have three young boys. She was diagnosed, treated and is now recovering from breast cancer throughout 2010 while I learned this new sport. I own a small business, have work problems and home issues and family concerns just like everyone else.

I discovered when I paddle, it all goes away.

As a beginner, every time I thought my balance was good and strong, I would start to think about "something else" and end up in the water -- confused about how I got there. Even though I multi-task with every other facet of my life, I wasn't able to think about any other thing besides standing on the ocean, watching the swells, pulling with the paddle.

It's a blessing.

I plan to keep "upgrading" to more aggressively-shaped boards as my balance improves. I don't want to get so comfortable that my mind is allowed to wander. I now put my boy(s) on the nose of the board and we paddle out together.

Thanks again.
Scott Evers (Goleta, CA)

Subject: Jammer


The board is insane !!!!!!!!

The early photos don't do the art and color justice. It really is amazing.

I got to try the board in waist to chest "east coast" trade wind swell. The board was very stable in the chop. There weren’t too many long shoulders but when I found something the board has this effortless speed to it. I haven't ridden a twin fin or fish very much but when I did get on the tail it would turn on a dime and had speed to burn.

Wardog you really have hit upon something with this board. I can't thank you enough for your help with the board and your knowledge of design.

Also you and your staff run a fantastic business.
My experience with you and your staff is one of professionalism, friendliness and absolute enthusiasm. I will try to get some photos of the board this weekend.

You have a customer for life!!!

Take care,
Mike A**** (Miami, FL)

Subject: love at first sight

Hi Warren and Guy,

Got the Hero and rig, wow!

I'm loving the lighter weight and shorter length already; I know it's a compromise with the glide, stability of the dagger board on the 12'6", but I think she'll do nicely! (since all boats are she's, I presume all SUP's are she's also :-) )
No damage; found the fins and tool; put the plug in.

Picked up the GO board no problem. Put vent plug in and footstraps and fin on. I can't wait to get on the water!!

The rig is so light!!! I didn't take the mast out of the sleeve or sail out of the bag; parking lot at freight terminal too dirty. Hope to dig into it this weekend after work.

Guy, thanks for the shirt and rack pads, leash. Perfect.

Three of the guys at the freight terminal walked over to check out the board. She's a looker! I'll hand out those cards you gave me.

Thanks to you and your crew!
From advice to support to gear arriving undamaged, thankyou!!!

Thanks again,
Peg B*** (San Diego, CA)

Subject: Starboard SUP's

Thanks for these great photos, for a great morning today and for all of your help with our board set-up. We are looking forward to many days on the water and hope to paddle again with you all sometime.

It was great fun to watch the shadow of our car as we headed up US 101 with the boards on top!

Thanks to your whole team for service with great passion and spirit.

Monica and co.(Carmel, CA)

Subject: 8'10" Wide Point

Hey Bro,

Just got out of the water North of M**** R*** with my 8'10" Wide Point and I have a big smile on my face that isn't going away.

Double Over-Head WNW Ground Swell with 9 knot offshore winds. Crazy bro tube city out there and it was my first time testing the board lol. Usually I like to test a new board in less EPIC conditions, but I said what the he'll this is what it's all about. Caught my first full on tube on a SUP and made it out. That would have never happened on my other board. The widepoint doesn't feel like a SUP on waves of that magnitude.

Anyway, to say the least I am super stoked bro. Thanks and stay "forever stoked"

Jon Elick (Central Calif.)
P.S. That tube was backside lol

Subject: 9' Imagine SUP

This message is for Guy. I just got delivery on a 9'0" Imagine paddle board that I ordered from him. I wanna thank you guys tons. It came really packed well. I love the t-shirt and the stickers.

Thanks again.

I'll recommend you to all my friends. I appreciate it.

Thank you very much,
Jim Levine (Miami, FL)

Subject: 8'10" Wide Point


The 8'10" wide point made it to Miami without a scratch. I have ridden the board in every type of condition we get here in south Florida and this board is Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The stability is unbelievable, the speed and maneuverability are insane.

I had a surfing buddy that was watching me ride and said my surfing had improved 20%. After 45 years of surfing I can ask for no more than that.

You should be very proud of all of the design effort you put into this board. It really works.

Now the big question. I have been reading your blog on the Jammer and I am very interested. How does the Jammer's stability, speed and maneuverability compare to the wide point 8'10"? What is the price on the Jammer? Remember I ride trade wind swell most of the time which has some sort of chop on it. Stability is crucial.

Let's see what we can do with a Jammer possibly and Warren thanks again so much with your help in my decision to get the 8'10".

Take care,
Mike A**** (Miami, FL)

Subject: Thanks

Subject: Wardog Wave Fin

I just want to thank Guy and Warren for getting it together to send me the pin. I just got it, which is pretty good considering I bought it on Monday and it's here at Wednesday.

You guys have a great day and Merry Christmas.

Thank you very much.

Dave Rockwell (Placitas, NM)

Subject: Starboard Serenity

Just want to let you know I had good luck with the trucking company. The boat is everything I hoped it would be and more.

John S****** (Great Falls, MT)

Subject: Jamaica SUP's

Hi Warren,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how we have been getting on with those SUP's.

We absolutely love them!

You were right that we would be wishing we ordered more of these. WHY did I order so many sit a top kayaks? Darn.

We open next Wednesday, first guests arrive on Friday, can't wait to take them out etc. I am sure we will receive the kind of feedback that will prompt finance to approve more boards...;-)

Will keep in touch.

Iona P**** (Jamaica)

Subject: BARK soft goods


Just got the Bark tee shirts and the seaspeed rashguard.
Your tee shirts with the logos are friggin' awesome brother!!!
My wife loves hers and I am wearing mine down to the beach tomorrow. After my morning paddle I usually stop in to a little restaurant for lunch with the family and we will be sporting the tee shirts.

Thanks again for the freebies brother!!!!

John in Seattle

Subject: package arrived

Hey Wardog -

Just picked up the board. First, you guys really do an amazing packing job!
There was zero denting or damage even to the outer box, so I just pulled the board out of the bag to inspect it but didn't take it out of the shrinkwrap -- but I am close to 100% certain it arrived in great shape.

The curtis fin looks great. And thanks for the t-shirts and the rack pads -- first ones I've seen actually wide enough for a 32-inch SUP.

I'll get home late Thursday, and Friday should be over 40 degrees and under 10 knots, so I'll get this board on at least flat water for sure.

Andy K***** (Manteo, NC)

Subject: Coreban 9'0" Fusion--first session

Warren, Guy, Linus & John,

I just finished a 2 hour session at "C" St today on my new 9'0" Coreban Fusion. The waves were waist to chest, off-shore to start and then developed into a challenging onshore flow, BUT--the board was great!!

First thoughts--

Am I really on a 9'0" board? Yes, it was a little more tippy than my 9'6", but only a little. Glide was less, and with the winds I noticed this, but since I am better than before, I do not need as much glide.

Dropping into a wave--very nice! Smooth, but the best was surfing the board. I was doing cut backs, roller coasters and the board is much more maneuverable than I imagined. Moving my back foot from rail-to- rail made the board very responsive and I felt like I was on a short board. Because of the kick in the nose, paddling out over waves was easier than on my 9'6". Overall--wonderful. I would never have imagined that my first session would be this good...

Had many waves overall and a few excellent set waves with my friend and went from the free parking lot at "C" St. to the stairs into the bay. The board performed flawlessly for this less-than-expert rider and I left the water with my smile muscles cramping!

Thank you again for your demo day and the time and advice you shared with me and the rest of the crew.

Christmas just came early this year!

All the best,
Bill Beuttler (Ventura, CA)

Subject: Thanks for everything

Everything has arrived and the weather is cooperating.

Coreban Cruisers and a beautiful Fall sky...

Thanks for all your help, see you on the water.

Mark and Mercedes B**** (Clermont, FL)


Dear Warren,
On behalf of the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and myself, I would like to express my gratitude for your wonderful support.

Your incredibly generous donation for our auction at our 5th annual Luncheon event makes it possible raise enough money to make a difference in the lives of families with children with cancer.

This non-profit organization does amazing work and I've been so privileged to be involved and to be able to help in any way I can. I loved the name of this board!

My husband Shaun was honored to speak at the TEDx event last Sunday, and I saw that you had been bighearted enough to give the same board to this inspiring community program, to a lucky winner.

IMAGINE the difference you are making in peoples lives!

I wish you so much success in life and in your business! You and your wife are special human beings. Thank you again,


Carla Tomson (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Gift Certificate

Hey Wardog!

FYI -- gift cert was a great success!

Turns out Peter bought his board from you guys! Thank you again for your quick response.

You're the best!

Paulina D.... (Studio City, CA)

Subject: Starboard 10'5" and 11'2" Blue Touch SUP's

Just wanted to let you know I received the 11'2" Blend. I picked it up yesterday.

I was on the 10'5" this weekend and had a blast. I was able to get out 2 days for a couple of hours each day.

Good Times!

Thanks for all of your support. Wifey and I are hoping to get out this weekend.

Thanks again Wardog! You guys are the best!

Rob Maichin (Long Island, NY)

Subject: Starboard 11'2" Wood TAC Blend & NSP

Hi Warren, I am so pleased with the entire package of goodies.

My board is beautiful and fun and fast! I love it.

Thank you for setting me up with the appropriate equipment.

It has been a pleasure communicating with you.
I look forward to meeting you someday.

Again, thank you.

Georgia N (McLean, VA)

Subject: Starboard 11'2" Blend

Hello Warren,

I went down to the shop on Saturday and met Guy. We talked for awhile and I purchased a Starboard Blend board. Guy was a great help. I believe you are lucky to have a representative like Guy working with you.

I was able to get out yesterday and only fell off 4 times in over an hour. I had a great time whether I was up or in the water. I can't wait until I can get out again.

Please thank Guy for me.

Mark M (Goleta, CA)

Subject: Starboard Start Package in Utah

I got everything and it works great!
You have made me a hero with my kids. The iDO system is particually nice.

Dave D***** (Tremonton, UT)

Subject: SUP in Oklahoma

Subject: 11' NSP & QB SUP Paddle


I just picked up my SUP and everything looks great!

It is all put together and should be on the water tomorrow afternoon, can't wait.
Thanks again and we will swing by next time I am in town.

Jeremy W**** (Littleton, CO)

P.S. I will try and get some pictures of the board in action up here in the mountains and send them to you.

Subject: Werner 3-Piece carbon Nitro SUP Paddle

Hi Warren,

The paddle is here now, great!
Good news and I will enjoy my trip...

Best, Knut Ettling (Hamburg, Germany)

Subject: 8'11" Jimmy Lewis Striker


All is well with the delivery, thanks for your quick response.

Lime green is a winner. Better than the darker green. Beautiful board gets oohs and aahs. It can turn people green as well.

Have surfed the new board and quite happy. It catches even VERY small waves and is forgiving. I can do so much more than with my 11/2. Bag is quite nice.

Paddle is same size as my Starboard with some differences in paddle geometry. Starboard has a reverse lip at the bottom, all carbon, heavier AND has held up well for three seasons. Light weight of the QB should allow me to increase my paddle rate. Thanks for attaching the handle. I added the mastic tape to the blade edge.

Now all we need is some swell!

BTW, if I did not say it before, Barry said that Conway people were VERY nice to deal with when he picked up my board for me in San Diego.

Bill B****, from Mesa Hill (Punta San Carlos, Mexico)

Subject: 11'2" Starboard Blend

Warren / Guy,
The board and paddle arrived and everything shipped well.

Beautiful, we were blown away.

The family took the board out this weekend. Since you both surf you know that feeling of dreadful anticipation when you get a new board; "... will it float me well ...", "how does it plane, .. glide", " .... will the fins go on right..", ".... how does it surf...", etc. Well with the exception of its surf performance (we took it out on the lake first, surf this weekend) it was great.

My wife loved it, which was fantastic. My boys both had a few go's.

Thank you for all your help and guidance.

Thanks again.

Bobby Nelson (Holly Springs, NC)

Subject: 9'8" Starboard

I got the new board and it came in great condition. I love the board and the paddle.

I haven't gotten it to the beach yet, but it has been great in the flat water in the harbor. It's a great fit and super lightweight, just what I was looking for.

I am also loving the tee and hoodie! Overall I am so pleased!

Thanks for all you help!

Stay well, Ashley H*** (Punta Gorda, FL)

Subject: A little CA in DC

Hi Wardog,

Well, after driving 19 hours in two days, we finally got back and got on the water. It was and is awesome!

We have met one other guy from Florida.. he has serious board envy! Wanted to know all about mine and where I got it.

Tomorrow we are setting out to do that drive all over again. We are going to arrive in Lake George late tomorrow night, paddle on the lake on Friday, pick the boys up from camp Friday night and then drive a straight shot through the night back... for the beginning of soccer training.

We live a crazy life back here so having a stress free fitness routine built into the schedule is priceless.

So this will be my "before" photo...

Hopefully by this time next year, my silhouette will be a little more CA and a little less DC...if you know what I mean! :)

This was taken at the tip of Roosevelt Island with the Memorial Bridge in the background and then of course, Lincoln and the Washington Monument. Just in case you didn't know, Memorial Bridge is the bridge that the Harley's ride over on Memorial Day "Rolling Thunder". I can't wait for 2011 to watch it from the water.

Kathy S****** (Washington, D.C.)

Subject: 9'10" Foote


Picked up the board........sweeeeet!.

Thanks again and can't wait to get back on the Foote this weekend.

Will stop in over the Thanksgiving weekend when we're down visiting family.

Will C***** (Northern California)

Subject: Starboard

Thanks Warren.
Cool to be able to track this.
Looking forward to taking it out ....maybe tomorrow evening after the kids are down.

I'm relatively new to this. Been in the water all my life swimming, Skiing, Wake boarding, a Hobie Cat and now this...which is an automatic no brainer fit.

Glad you guys had that board. My local surf shop guys aren't happy I shopped elsewhere. Up here, we only have so many days of sun. Need to take advantage of every day.

Thanks for making it happen. You guys were all over the web when I was looking into which board to pick up. It was all the pics highlighting the equipment and outings that had me call you.

Tim O**** (Seattle, WA)

Subject: Thanks / Whopper

Wardog and Crew,

I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service I have received, especially since I live in Utah.

I have ordered Quickblade paddles on Thursday afternoon and they have arrived here Saturday morning. That's amazing.

I recently ordered a Starboard Whopper to take with me to Baja, MX this fall and was lucky enough to have it personally shipped by another customer, Robert, who was traveling to Utah.

It worked out great and I appreciate the coordination your shop arranged.

Brook S****** (Utah)

Subject: Customer Service

Wanted to take a minute and say I appreciate the service you and your staff provide.

I have been to a few SUP shops in Central and Southern CA and nobody provides the friendly service and actually takes the time to have a conversation like the people working at your shop.

Stopped by Sunday afternoon/evening to p/u a paddle for my wife. Appreciated the time John took to "talk shop" w/ my entire family.

Back in April we were in town and had the same level of service.

Feel compelled to tell you many other SUP shops are nowhere near as friendly as yours, in fact most I have visited had a bad case of overinflated ego. Their loss.

Thanks Bill (Morro Bay, CA)

Subject: Guy is the man!!

My testimony alone speaks great volumes.

I drove 180 miles RT, when I could have shopped locally (Marina Del Rey to Malibu).

Everyone regardless of how much $$ they are spending wants to be treated with respect. I too run a business...

I did my due diligence in researching boards, paddles, where boards are manufactured, etc. When I spoke with Guy, I knew I wasn't being BS'est.

Again, I thank you and Debbi for accommodating my schedule. My wife spoke with you earlier in the week about purchasing 3 bags. Looking to purchase 3 bags to accommodate each recently purchased board.

UPDATE: W, Bags are great! Thank you!

Robert M..... (Los Angeles, CA)

Subject: Starboard 9'8" Technora Superfish

perfect board wardog.

Took it for a spin - exactly the kind of performance I wanted.

Thanks for the help.
Shane O. (West Hills, CA)

Subject: new 9'1" Starboard

Hey Gang,

just wanted to let you know that I tried that new board in some fun boob-high waves at Leds around lunch time today. I was so excited to go out on some smooth glassy sets that I forget to put on a leash!

Hardly anyone out, and I caught a set one first try, dropped in and just went for it. One word describes that board = awesome! How about this? Better than expected!!! Or lets try this one: surprise surprise!

I think the smaller thruster set up coupled with that nice stock single fin was the way to go for my body weight. Will just have to try it in some bigger stuff. But just the overall shape, length and a better rocker line makes for a great set-up.

I haven't been this stoked on any type of new board for quite some time.

So thanks for selling the other one and getting this new board so fast for me. I really appreciate all that you guys/gals do, for us and the entire SUP community!

Lets keep in touch,
:) Lori R (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Big Easy

Hi Warren and Debbie,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help.

As always, appreciate your expertise with picking the right board. The demo was really helpful and made my decision pretty easy.

Took out the "Big Easy" right when I got it home, it paddled great and I'm already looking forward to the weekend. Reyna is now warming up to my 10'5 Drive!

Special thanks to Guy for helping us out. Also, thanks again for letting us borrow your boards for the Cold Current Race, another great event and looking forward to the next one. We're stoked to have you guys here locally.

john and reyna (goleta)

Subject: Happy 11 year old

Wardog and Debbie:

Just wanted to send you a picture of an ecstatic 11 year old. Chase fell in love with stand up paddling at your demo day last month. He is now the proud owner of a Starboard Drive and QB kids paddle.

I called ahead and Guy was waiting for us. We were in and out of the shop and on the water in less than 1 hour. He spent 2 solid days on the water and keeps asking when we are going again.

This is the 3rd board we have purchased from you and the experience was awesome as always. When it's time to replace the Mistral and Ultimate Blend we will definitely be back. You guys are the BEST!!!

Thank You,
Kevin and Amy Standage (Ventura County)

Subject: hi wardog!!!!

hey there..

thought id attach a few pictures from north padre island, tx....corpus christi.. i travelled from oklahoma with my boyfriend in june a couple years back and purchased a 10'6" naish SWEET sup!!!!!

thanks and its been a blast....kona is my vizsla baby on the board with me,,,,hope you enjoy, i have!!

mahalo! namaste
Danielle D***** (Oklahoma City, OK)

Subject: SUP Board Order - WoooHooo!

Hey Warren,

They arrived and I picked them up this afternoon - they look awesome!! And, we happen to be having sunny, high 50's, and beautiful weather to go paddling in! The boats made the trip great!

I am totally stoked to go boarding tomorrow (especially can't wait to paddle the Pin!)

I'm thrilled to pieces - I'll be sending you pics for sure! You have great service!


Anne E.......
Seattle, WA

Subject: I LOVE my TAC!

Hey Wardog! Happy New Year!
Been meaning to tell you how many compliments I get when I have my TAC Drive out to play!

Compliments on and off the water. Other cars coming up alongside me as I drive to sneak several peeks at this "FPG/Floating Piece of Gorgeous"!

Thank you to, you, Guy and Adam for the aloha received when purchasing both my Naish Mana & my TAC drive & the 'how to' tips for rooftop transport.

I need to remember to keep the advert materials you passed to me ,in my car, so I can hand them to everyone who asks where I got my TAC. One man said, "Now, you're leaving that with me, right?". I said, "Nooooooooooooo, but I'll tell ya where to get one!"

With Appreciation,

Patti Song
Haircolorist - Cloutier Agency - Los Angeles, Ca

Subject: Naish 9'5" Mana

Hi Warren....
Got to try out my new Naish Mana these past two weekends in a good variety of conditions. Mostly I am just getting used to it, but already I see it allows me to maneuver in and out of the surf zone, into waves, etc. without the balance problem I was having on my other board.

It handles a variety of size waves, and I had one outstanding (thanks to the board) parallel takeoff on a medium size wave. I believe it will allow me to improve while having fun. You, Guy, Daniel and Rob all gave me some ideas about the board which already are proving useful. Please pass my thanks on to all.

So the confidence I am gaining in the board makes me think it will serve as the "go to" board for most conditions, and a great anchor for a small quiver. Any other boards in the quiver should have their own special qualities since the Mana covers so much. I am thinking a longer "glider" to enjoy paddling on flat days, that might also double as a nose rider and small swell magnet.

Anyway, thanks again for the private demo and the attention.

Brian Moore (Ventura County, CA)

Subject: Imagine ECO SUP

Thanks so much for the follow up. I really appreciated all of your help and knowledge regarding SUPing. You and your staff made the process very easy.

I had a blast with the board while out in SB and I'm looking forward to getting it out on the fresh water.


Andrew Henkel (Chicago, IL)

Subject: Stand Up Boards to Cabo

Hey Warren,

I hope you had a great weekend. I got the boards a few days ago and they are AWESOME!!! You guys are so easy to work with, and you come through every time with exactly what were looking for. All the accessories were perfect. My clients loved the boards.

I think I may be ordering some of those Hobie boards. I loved em.

I look forward to ordering many more boards from you guys. The service is always outstanding.

Thanks from me and my whole team.


Travis M Chamberlain
Director of Outdoor Pursuits
El Dorado Golf and Beach Club
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

Subject: Thank You : Curtis 6.5" SUP fin


thank you for the t-shirts . They're beautiful .
I took the 12' Glide out yesterday with the Curtis 6.5" Race fin . I took my 6.25 Aerotech Rapidfire just to see what would happen . In 8 to 10 MPH winds the board sailed well with the 6.5" fin .

I came in and changed to a 12" Fin Works weed from the 90's . The board did not track any better with the 12" compared to the 6.5" in light wind . I still want to try it in 15 to 20 . Max speed in 8 to 10 mph winds was 6.5 MPH . Not bad for light wind .

Again , Thanks for the good equipment that I have bought from you in the past and looking forward to many more purchases in the future .

Rod Perry (Miami, FL)

Subject: 12' Naish Glide

Warren ,
I got the 12' Naish Glide today. A beautiful board .

Everything was in good order as usual . I won't get to use it for two days , I can't wait .

By the way the fin that comes with it is of good size but you know me, it might need a Wardog 10" weedfin . I have three of them but not in an A box.

Well thanks again and thank Adam for his help .

Rod Perry (Miami, FL)

Subject: Bark 14' Expedition

Yo Wardog,
Just wanted to say Mahalo.
I am totally stoked with my Bark 14.

I paddled it at Refugio and San Simeon on my way home and it is the bomb.

Mahalo to Adam at the shop for all of his help and advice.
Looking forward to an awesome Winter.

Santa Cruz, Ca

Subject: Great Bag!

Just purchased the XM Bag for my Starboard Drive.
Great Bag!
Guy was excellent help in picking the right bag for my new equipment and thanks for the "T"!

I know it is towards the end of Summer. When do you guys have scheduled demo days? Do you have a calendar or email blast list I can get on?

Thank you

Mark Pighini (Laguna Niguel, CA)
Far Niente Winery


Hey Wardog-

I've been meaning to write to tell you I absolutely love the Naish 12'0 Glide that I got from you guys last month! You made it worth the drive down from Monterey. The board is solid and sturdy. After returning from a race yesterday with the board on top of the car, I pulled into my garage forgetting that the board was up there... to my surprise, the board (specifically the fin) beat the crap out of the garage door wood frame and survived. I'll definitely pop in and say hi on one of our trips down south.


Corey Johnston (Monterey, CA)

Subject: Love my new Starboard Gun!

Hi Guy,

Just wanted to thank you so much for your help last week on ordering my first SUP. I think you suggested a great board for me, the Starboard Gun, you told me it was kinda surfy but still had some glide, you know what, it is and
I LOVE it!

Had it out on the Bay in Alameda on Saturday on a windy day, the water was swarming with Kiteboarders and me on the Gun. I paddled out in the small swells and I caught my very first waves on a SUP, it was awesome!

My 10 year old son was screaming from the shore, "MOM, YOU ARE SURFING!" I am a petite gal and the 10'3 board is easy for me to handle in terms of getting it on and off the car and carrying it to the beach.

I ordered it on Thursday and could not believe it was delivered to my office packed beautifully on Friday so I was able to enjoy it over the beautiful holiday weekend here in the Bay Area.

I plan to take it out on every body of water here in the Bay Area, lakes, the Bay and the Beaches. I am a UCSB Alumni and can't wait to drive down and take it for a spin in Santa Barbara as well.

I have a little brindle pug that matches the board, Darla the camo pug will be riding it soon too.

Thanks again for your assistance and excellent service. Christmas came in September for me!!

Lesley Ransley
Albany, CA

Subject: Hobie Board!


Am in utter awe of the board, paddle, the shirts!
I finally got it today in Delaware as ended up having to change my schedule at the nth hour after getting back from Hawaii and got home Saturday.

The guys at Con-Freight had never seen a board to equal to this one- there isn't one I have seen. They were stunned.

I wanted to unpack the outer boxes there as our recyclers won't carry that much packing away and I want to be out on the board instead of cutting the superb packaging down.

I definitely will keep my van here year round as the board fits perfectly inside still packaged. We had warnings as 9 foot waves - why DE is a great place to live - but have to respect it as when the ocean, intercoastal waterways, Chesapeake Bay all are that rough from storms, there is a right and a wrong time for all of us as they dramatically vary.

Can not thank you enough!! Using a different email as the board is a surprise- thought I would have it week before last, so I had a chance to turn it into a huge surprise going to be shared!!!!!

With many years of waves ahead to you- wherever you go! You can always find me where the waves are.

Many Mahalos Warren! This board is a life altering spiritual and physical and mental experience- it is connecting to oneness and wholeness in the purest form!

Dr. Margaret Hodges (Delaware)

Subject: Hobie SUP's

Warren, our SUP's arrived today, (we arranged for easy pick up at the local park and ride) with paddles and great t shirts....we have been using them already and have had a few neighbors on our side of Pine Lake stop by to see them...they want to try them too!

Thank you.

We think there will be great times ahead for our children, grandchildren and us...

P.S. The truck driver, Brian, was exceptionally helpful in unloading and unboxing, well packed SUP's in the parking lot and helping my husband load onto our cars.

Connie and Michael Mitchell (Nashota, WI)

Subject: My new SUP

Wardog and Debbie,

Just wanted to say thank you so much, again, for the new starboard!!

I took it out and it rides great!

All your help was greatly appreciated and I am stoked to be able to get out and ride even more!

Thanks again,

Dani N****, Santa Barbara, CA :)

Subject: Love my Starboard!

Hello Wardog and Debra!

Just wanted you to know that I have been in the water just about every day since purchasing my board. You and your partners took excellent care of me and I am spreading the word wherever I go. Ran into a fellow at Mondos this week who loves the board he bought through you as well.

Thanks so much

P.S. I have even caught a few waves at C street.

Kate L (Pt. Hueneme, CA)

Subject: The Best....Again

Mr. Wardog:
I love the SUPer 12' 6" Starboard. I cranked on a used 5.0 size beginner's sail and have been having a blast sailing. As you told me, the centerboard is masterfully engineered and REALLY works.

Sailing upwind is a pleasure.

Not only that but the 12 6 paddles noticeably faster, with better glide, than my prior boards, and works just fine on waves. What a great piece of equipment. Now if only I can rig up an outboard motor mount!!

Thanks as well for your friendly and knowledgeable service. It's always fun to come up to Santa Barbara and hang out at your shop....even better to go home with a cool new board. Your guys (and you of course) have "been there, done that". That results in info and opinions I trust.

All best wishes from Santa Monica. Now if only there were room in the budget for one of those ultracool Bark long paddleboards. Maybe next time.


Subject: Naish Glide!

Did I pass you in the Harbor lot this past weekend? I was driving around looking for a parking spot..but I realized in retrospect that it was you....I have been meaning to write.

I LOVE the Glide!!!

I am taking suggestions on what to name it...So far we have Casper, White Lightnin¹, Moby Dick, el boardo blanco rapido, etc....I've been out by campus point, leds, etc and I have been going out every other day! Sometimes every day!!!

Thanks a bunch for everything and see you on the water!!!

Nia Z (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Love my new board!


Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying my new SUP board.
The whole family got in on the action. I've paddled every day since Sunday and I'm really enjoying it much more than I thought I would.

My wife has used it a few times too. The kids are finding it entertaining as well. We pulled the kids behind the boat a few times on it and I wake surfed a whole bunch too. Sent you some pictures. We are looking forward to a really fun summer.

Thanks again for all your help!

Kevin Carpenter (Dallas, Texas)

Subject: Hobie standup paddleboard

Saturday was the first day.
After about ten falls I got it down. Great workout and peaceful. A lot of boaters have never seen anything like it, and where we are its the biggest chain of fresh water lakes in the world!

Was really moving Sunday.

David Jackson
Three Lakes, Wisconsin
Pine Isle Three Lakes

Subject: Naish Glide

Hey I just wanted to tell everyone that my 12 ft Glide is perfect for me.
I had a chance to use it sun mon and tues this week and it is great.
Also thank you for my tee shirt i got in the mail today.
Can you send me a skull and x bones decal for my paddle?

Thanks again

Ross Tarkington (McKinney, TX)

Subject: New SUP


I wanted to thank you and Debra for all the help on Saturday. I took my board out yesterday and toured the entire Ventura marina (including the Keys).

It was the first sunny morning and day in a long time.
It must be a sign!!

You'll be happy to know that my OC-1 tie down straps worked really well, so no "fly away" issues.

Thanks for the nice words on your blog.
Hard to imagine an 18 year old going off to school in Hawaii, but he'll be fine. As you said, what a great excuse to "have to go" to Hawaii.

Thanks again for the great experience; it's not often these days you can say that about a buying/shopping experience.

I'm sure I'll be back up soon to check out some of the racing boards. Perhaps one of the demo days.

Jim D****** (Ventura, CA)

Subject: starboard 10'5 technora and 9'8 with startouch deck

just wanted to thank you guys for all your help!
We've been paddling every chance we get. SUP has given us so many new ways to enjoy the ocean. We both feel like its a natural progression for anyone who also surfs.

Love sharing the water with dolphins, sea lions and seals.

Appreciate your help with choosing the boards. We've been telling everyone we can about your shop. We both liked the mellow vibe the shop has. Even though we came in with no SUP experience you guys were truly helpful and we appreciated the lack of any "intimidation factor" from you guys when helping us select the boards.

Thanks again for your help and we're both stoked you guys are here locally!

john and reyna (goleta,ca)

Subject: Hobie 11' ATR's

Dear Wardog,
We sanded the fin, applied a little petroleum jelly, and were good to go for a quick upwind/downwind.

Nice boards! Both Joe and I like the glide.

Sue S****** (Emerald Isle, NC)

Subject: Imagine ECO SUP


I can't begin to Thank You enough for making my wish come true!

I am SO happy and really enjoyed my new board on Monday. I have to tell you, a few people stopped me in the marina and asked me all about the board, they were super interested in it. They were shocked that I was able to ride a 9'0 board, I guess they were used to riding longer ones.

They were very interested in the portability and how environmentally friendly the board is also. I hope some of these people contact you, I told them all about your shop. I will continue to tell people about you and the shop! I look forward to my future on a paddle board and I hope to remain in contact with you. I am very interested in going South to watch the next race, so please keep me in the loop.

Lastly, please thank Debra and John for making me feel so welcome and helping me get into the sport.

Thanks again!
Chris Davis (Los Angeles, CA)

Subject: Thanks!

Wardog, I received the Kona 10.5 early last week in perfect condition - Con-Way shipping was excellent! Had a chance to try her out in our typical NJ side-onshore 10 to 15 knot conditions with waist high waves over the weekend. This is exacatly what I got this board for and it worked beautifully. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get out and sail upwind in sub planing conditions. Coming back in, it was real easy to pick up a swell and pump onto a plane and ride backside for endless wave rides. The last 20 minutes or so, the wind picked up a few knots to where I could plane most of the time.

Again it was real big fun jibing on the swells and making a big sweeping bottom turn on the wave face. Great board and many thanks for all your help!

Take Care,
Rob Swabsin (New Jersey)

Subject: Thank You- Nice Meeting You

Warren & Debbie-
Its been a few weeks since I met you both in your store where I purchased the Werner Paddle Nitro and the travel bags for my SUP Board and Paddle. As you may recall, I was the guy who was in town attending the fundraising benefit for the Costa Verde International School located in Sayulita, Mexico.

I wanted to thank you for your assistance and I am enjoying the paddle and travel bags very much. Should you ever find yourself down in our part of Mexico, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We now have 4 SUPs for our project and look forward to adding more to our collection for our residents and guests to use.

Best regards,
Kevin A. Roberts (Sayulita | Nayarit 63732 | Mexico)

Subject: Starboard 8'5" Pocket Rocket wood

board looks good thxs ! regards,
andrew l (san diego, ca)

Subject: Need another Werner paddle

Hey Mate - ope you are

doing well!-

it's peter here (Ricky ryan hooked me up with you around a year ago) -

i am the Aussie lad you sold a stand up starboard - werner paddle - a leash and board bag - had it all shipped to Oregon - anyway - still love the board - appreciate all your efforts on my behalf - long story very short- i need to get another werner paddle same as what you sold me-

cheers mate - appreciate it!
peter furler (Franklin,Tennessee)

Subject: Starboard 8'5" Pocket Rocket Technora

Hey Wardog,
The Pocket Rocket Te

chnora is the best board I've surfed since my 6'2" Twinfin in the 1970's.

Makes me feel like a kid again.

Greg Huglin (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Werner carbon fiber Nitro paddle

Hi Warren & Debbie,

I just bought the new Werner CF Nitro paddle from your store last Saturday!

I was skeptical yet trusted your expertise and I'm so happy I did. I was at Zuma yesterday with my 11' Jimmy Lewis and 9'6" Naish. You both said I'll get increased cadence and won't be pushed to one side launching into the's ALL so true (surprise, surprise?! ha ha).

It worked so well on both boards and getting through the break was much easier by hitting the white water faster - plus going up the waves with more speed was great fun too!!

While out on the water I kept saying I must thank you two so THANK YOU very much and I'll see you soon for that new 12' race board and I want to upgrade my 11' Jimmy to a Naish as well! It felt like I could race on my 9'6" board with the new paddle!!

Thanks again,

Jon Taniyasu (Agoura Hills, CA)

Subject: Starboard 10'5" Drive

just a note to say thanks.
received my new starboard sup today. arrived here in cordova, alaska in great condition and amazingly fast.

the board, service, and experience exceeded my expectations.

look forward to getting on the water (the ice free water that is).

thanks again, please pass the thanks onto the rest of your crew.

brent davis (cordova, alaska)

Subject: Naish Glide

*Just got off the water. It goes pretty good.
Thanks for pushing everything through.
I'll be sure to send anyone who's interested your direction.

Have a good summer!*

Andy Pell (Austin, TX)

Subject: the stoke report

Hello to all at Stand Up Paddle Sports

Thank you so much for getting me on the Starboard 11'2" Ultimate Blend.We bought it on 2/28 and I had my maiden voyage the next day at Refugio.

Immediately I was hooked and all week long I couldn't wait to get out again!

My husband hurried up and finished his homemade paddle and SUP and we have been out both days every weekend since. So far we've been out at Goleta Beach, Refugio and Avila.

Your shop is awesome and everyone so helpful, your enthusiasm for getting people out there is contagious - we are even letting people we just met on the beach try them out...

thanks for passing on the stoke.

Beth Wallace (Lompoc, CA)

PS sorry it took so long for this report - been paddling myself into submission so that sleep comes real easy, resting up for the next mega session. :-]

Subject: Starboard 10'5" Drive

Thank you, W.

Picked up the board yesterday, it did arrive Saturday but local office hours are M-F.
Board is perfect! Packing was perfect!
Thank you for the extras, will update you later this week when we give it a spin.

Appreciate your service. The world is truly getting smaller, can you imagine doing something like this 15 years ago?

-CIDJ (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Subject: 12' Hobie


Just had my Hobie SUP delivered and had time to unpack it before I head up to go skiing. The board is great and I'm looking forward to using it soon.

Thank you for the great service and thank you also for the decals, hat, and t-shirts I will enjoy them all. Now I'm headed up to go skiing and test next year's snow skis.

Steve Dorsey
East Wenatchee, WA

Subject: 10'6" Hobie

Hey Wardog!!!

I'm loving my 10'6" Hobie!
Great board.....

Thanks alot,
Heather G. (Carpenteria, CA)

Subject: Starboard 9'8" TufSkin Fish

Hey Wardog, whats happening?
Bro I can't say enough good things about my 9'8 and the customer service I received from you guys.
The surf in Pismo Beach has been off the chain lately, giving me a chance to put my SUP to the test.
Here is a photo from the other day.
The sets were about 8 to 10' and my board did not let me down.

AJ (Pismo Beach, CA)

Subject: Starboard 11'2" Ultimate Blend


I love my new board and have been out at a local lake a few times in the last week to check it out.
I'm attaching a pic from last Saturday. Looking forward to taking it out somewhere MELLOW in Santa Cruz.

Thanks again for such a nice experience with you guys!!

Hillary O**** (Davis, CA)

Subject: SUP Package

Thanks Warren!
I want to let you know that buying my board was a GREAT experience.
Guy was very helpful and easy to talk to.
Your customer service is excellent and I will definitely pass on my good experience to others.

Can't wait to try the board out this weekend!! :)

Hillary O....
Davis, CA

Subject: Santa was good to me

I just picked up a 9'8" Super Fish in Camo Blue from the guys at Standup Paddle Sports / in Santa Barbara.

Wow what a great board, I surfed it for 3 1/2 hours today. Everyone wanted a turn riding it, which I gladly permitted.
I could not be happier with the performance.

Big Dave rode the board as a prone and loved it. I think you will be seeing him again soon. I am also sending another surfing buddy down to get a board soon.

Thanks again, you guys at ROCK the HOUSE!!!

You should put together a Starboard Owners list so we can all get together someday.
If you come to Pismo Beach, look me up.

AJ (Pismo Beach, CA)

Subject: Starboard 9'8"

Thanks Wardog,

Another board in record time.
I had my new board in my hands 18 hours after ordering it.

Thanks again,
~s.west (eastside Santa Cruz, CA)

Subject: SUP package in Memphis


Received board (Bill Foote) in perfect condition.
Thanks for packing so well.

Have a great holidays
Steve Burnett (Memphis, TN)

Subject: Aloha

Hey Wardog!!
Long time no chat...j/k. So my client is back from Hawaii and is SOOOOO stoked on the Starboard Fish you sent out there he said it was epic! Which is awesome.
However now that he's so stoked on that board he wanted me to look into selling a couple of the other boards that he has and upgrading those to that 9'8" Starboard Fish.

So...hey please send another one to my client in Malibu...;-)

Sorry for the for the rush again!

I appreciate all your help!!!! I'll catch a few waves in Hawaii for you :-)

Ginger C*** (Malibu, CA)

Subject: Stoked

Wardog - Just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to get my bro and pops on boards.
My dad is super stoked, he just turned 65, though I think he is feeling younger then ever. I can't wait for our entire family to be out on boards together.

Thanks again man. Hope to be doing it standing up soon...

Best Regards,
Brandon Von Guenthner (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Subject: lovin' SUP

Hi, Wardog!
It's Charity (SUP girl in Shell Beach).
Just wanted to say that I still LOVE STAND UP PADDLING!

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me all about it last Spring. Since then, I've taken my board out so much--it's what I look forward to most on my days off!

I go to Avila Beach & Port San Luis a lot because they are right around the corner, but I also like to take it when I leave town--as long as I know there will be water!

So far I've been to Huntington Harbor in OC, Santa Barbara, Carpenteria and even Lake Tahoe and Lake Lopez. I have to admit, after trying Santa Barbara, I was jealous that your water is warmer and I could actually attempt to ride the waves because they weren't crashing as hard as they do up here. But either way, I just love paddling around!

The fall has been incredible--paddling along side dolphons in Avila was a highlight!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm thoroughly enjoying my board and so glad I got it!!!!!

Hope all is well!

Charity R***** (Shell Beach, CA)

PS: I attached a few photos...the first day I brought my board home...and then a couple shots from one of my more recent sunset paddles.

Subject: Starboard 14'8" Point with the Wardog Freeweed fin


I want to give you an update on the Starboard, with the Wardog Freeweed/ rudder. I put it all together and took it for a paddle along the coast through the kelp. The set up worked as expected. I sliced through the kelp and eel grass without collecting any weeds. No more stopping to pull eel grass off the fin. No negative difference on steering with the Wardog Freeweed Fin and the board tracks better then with the stock set up. DEFINITELY AN OVERALL IMPROVEMENT. I would say any rudder equipped Starboard heading to the West coast should have this set up.

That said, I paddled the board without the rudder assembly (Fixed Wardog Freeweed fin) many times and found the best paddling spot to be right where the tiller assembly is mounted. So I went back to a fixed mounted Wardog Freeweed Fin. The board does her best work going down wind, and boy is she fast in the following seas. The Starboard (at 27" wide) is actually more stable than my 11'6" x 29 3/4" wide Naish in the bigger seas.

Anyway that's my report. I will no doubt play with the rubber some more. I'll be at La Jolla this weekend and will probably see you there. I plan to race my Naish as I want to compete in a stock class and than surf San Onofre on Sunday with my son.

Thanks again for the Wardog Freeweed fins they make paddling the Starboard a joy. I would be glad to bring the Board by your store so you can check it out.

SUP on,
Daniel McCarter (Santa Barbara)

Subject: Happy Customer

I really appreciate you taking the time to inform me about all the great gear you have last Saturday when you weren’t really open for business (after hours).

The Werner paddle you sold me performed exceptionally well and is a terrific value relative to the other paddle I bought from a website (that will now be for sale!). I also learned from a few of your technique tips.

I had one of the best days on my SUP at Solimar’s outer reef and later at Mondo’s where I caught a few very large waves, well outside of and upcoast from the lineup who couldn’t have caught the waves I got. Everybody was super stoked. Even my shortboard riding son was impressed. The paddle made a huge difference. I will definitely be in touch with you about another SUP and experienced serious “drool factor” while in your shop.

Also, you were correct about the (surfing) longboard. I don’t think it will be leaving the garage for a long time.

Bill B. (South Pasadena)

Subject: Thanks

Thanks Warren-

I've been having great fun on the Starboard Mr. Easy. It's been the answer to my 65 year old lack of balance on the water. Even caught some waves this AM.

Your service has been above and beyond!

And it was good to deal with someone who REALLY knows his stuff. All in all, I've been glad I found your shop in Santa Barbara and will certainly return when it comes time for a more advanced board, or one for other family members.

Best wishes.

Al Karel (Santa Monica, CA)

Subject: Starboard Fish 9'8"

Hey Wardog,

Unreal delivery time!

Phone order to water in under 20 hours.

Thanks again,
Mike Higgins (SF Bay Area)

Subject: Thanks - a testimonial

Hey Guys,

Here are some pics of the new Naish 9'6" quad fin.
The board is unbelievable, thanks so much for spending some time with me and fitting me on the best possible board/paddle setup.

The right fit certainly makes all the difference.

I've been having a blast on the board the last couple of days.

I truly think that standup paddle surfing is the best core training one can do. My goal is to get some of my clients out there in the water with me since it is such a great workout!

Thanks again, hope to see you both soon,

Jon Ham (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Fitness On The Run

Subject: New Starboard Ultimate Blend

Hi Wardog.

Just wanted to let you know that I got my board, paddle and bag yesterday!
Everything arrived just fine. We took the board out to the lake last night and were up and paddling instantly!

I love it!

Thanks for the t-shirt too!

My husband would like one just like it (denim blue color with the stand up paddle logo on it in light blue) in large. I would also like one of your new designs I saw on your website, if you have it, in medium.

Thanks for all the recommendations on the board, paddle and the bag.
Everything is just perfect!

Liz Haney (Austin, TX)

Subject: Big Easy SUP

I got the Big Easy SUP today. Took it out on the lake. Stood up first attempt.
My wife told me I looked unbalanced and noticed I was standing a little to the rear, so I tried to adjust and came off.
Got up again and stayed on for about 15 minutes when I took it back in to get ready for dinner.

I'm very pleased that I was so successful.

Thanks again,
Milt F. (Woahink Lake, OR)

Subject: SUP web ordering


The board is great: it got initiated in North Fork of Elkhorn Creek this afternoon.
Very stable, maneuverable, and glides wonderfully.

Also, thanks for the Ts: the design is exotic and the color is a refreshing change from anything else we have.

Sue S****** (Lexington, KY)

Subject: Lopez 10'3"

Hey Warren,
Just got the board at the house and unpacked.
Everything looks great. Shipping worked out great, the thing was packed awesomely.

Can't wait to get out on it and check it out.
Had a rainy one today so hopefully in the next few.

Thanks for the help and great service.

Ted Coourtney (Martha's Vineyard, MA)

Subject: Love my new Naish

Hey Warren - Got my new Naish 11'6" from you last weds and I love it.
Thanks for the super fast shipping and great advice. This is the perfect board for me. Stable as a dock and I'll still be able to get in the surf with it.

Thanks for the t-shirt too! I'll be ordering my next board from you soon.

Scott E**** (Coral Gables, FL)

Subject: Stoked in New Hampshire

Hi Wardog, I just wanted to drop a line and say I absolutely love my paddleboard. I've been on it almost excusively since it came a few months ago. We had some great waves this past week from tropical storm Bertha, and I got out in some head+ clean surf on the SUP.

It was sweet dropping in so early and setting up for some cover ups, lip smacks and long nose rides. I've got 1 pic that's attached from a smaller day during the week.

My buddy Steve in Murrell's Inlet, SC just bought the same one, with my strong recommendation.

Anyway, I've been checking your website, and would really like to get some info (price, size, etc) on that 7'2" looking Starboard shortboard SUP! That thing looks sick.

Many Mahalos, and good waves to you brother,

Shawn in NH

Subject: The Stoke

A.L. today, all by my lonesome, hot, glassy, inconsistent but waist high waves, a pod of dolphins hanging out the whole time, just past the impact zone, with pelican hell divers, and me. There is nothing like dragging your paddle across the top of the lip, and that's all I have to say about that.

Never really told you how stoked I am.

Sea ya ~ GB (Cambria, CA)

Subject: New SUP girl in Shell Beach!

Hi, Wardog!

Thank you, again, to you & Debbie for taking the time to show me the tricks of the trade on a SUP board and making sure I got something that I'll be happy with!

I couldn't wait to try it when I got home, so I took it to Avila on Sunday afternoon. The beach was packed, but I was the only one with a SUP, so it was fun, but I was a bit nervous because I didn't want to fall in front of everyone. Of course, the board balanced beautifully and I had no problems! The 10'6" didn't feel much different than the board I did the demo on.

It was all so fun and can't wait to take it out again!

Charity R***** Shell Beach, CA

Subject: Starboard "Big Easy" SUP


Had a nice, early morning paddle on the lake...

What a great way to start the day!

Thanks for your great service and kindness.

Have a great one.

Craig Hoyt (North Carolina)

Subject: Starboard Evo 90

Mr. Wardog,
That was a fast order. It has been only 24 hours since my phone call and I am putting the straps on and heading for Waddell.

Thanks again,

S.West (Santa Cruz, CA)

Subject: Naish stand up paddle board

I just wanted to share with you the Naish stand-up board was well received.
He was on the lake all weekend, moving fluidly through the water.
The board is beautiful.
Thanks for all your help.

Trish W********* Carmel, NY

Subject: Bassett board

Hi Warren,

Just wanted to let you know that the board got to Chester VA just fine.
It looks scary fast. My son can't wait to give it a go.
Looks like a 6.5 would be about the biggest sail for that board. I do have a NP 7.4 Diablo that might be interesting to try.

Thanks again,

Rob Hulem (Midlothian, VA)

Subject: SUP update

My wife was absolutely floored when I pulled up with the new Naish on the top of my truck.
She was a little apprehensive since during the 2 demo sessions I took her to she had a lot of trouble standing. We went out on Saturday and despite a little wind chop she stood up and started paddling away.


I could tell she was totally stoked and I was proud that she did not give up. Anyway she now wants a t- shirt so I'm going to have to stop by and pick one up.

see you soon, Stuart S*** (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: SUP Fishing in FL


Just want to tell you how happy I am with my big green Sean Ordonez SUP board.
Even here in the panhandle of FL I am able to put it to good use. On a good swell day I'll be the only SUPer in the lineup of about a hundred, with guys cheering me on as I pull into a wave.

Most of the time I use it to fish in a bay near my house and get a good workout in. Other than prayer there are few things in my life that bring me greater peace than being out on the water as the sun comes up and 'walking on water'.

This pic was taken from where I launch on the day I caught my first fish! Almost every time I go out people ask what the heck I'm doing, so the word is spreading quickly how sweet SUP is!

Stoked for Life,
Ben Mulloy (Pensacola, FL)

Subject: 10'6" Ron House

Hi Warren-

Thanks for shipping the board- it got here on time and in perfect condition. The people at ConWay were really helpful.

The board looks great.

UPDATE: - the RH board is awesome!!! Had it out on Sunday and had an absolute blast. Turns nice, stable all around amazing.

Thanks again for your help.

Lee Graves (Carrboro, NC)

Subject: Thank You!


Thank you for all your help with the 3 standup boards and paddles for Michael S*****.

We really appreciate your awesome customer service!

Mahalo and hopefully we'll see you in the water!

Ginger Coon (Malibu, CA)

Subject: Colorado standup

We've had our boards on our reservoir a couple of times and have been having a blast.
The water is still around 51 degrees, so we've been wearing full wetsuits. I'll send you pics once it warms up a bit, so we're not wearing wetsuits.

Thanks, Parker M****** (Ridgeway, CO)

Subject: Montana standup

Hi Wardog!

We love the paddle boards! I went just the other day and there is still snow on the mountain! It was pretty rough the day we tried.

Such a great sport!

I hope all is well in sunny California.

Thank you,
Lindsey M******** (Whitefish Lake, MT)

Subject: New Naish 10'6" standup board

Hi Warren, I just want to thank you so much for the board and I'm having so much fun. I went out this morning early at Leadbetter and I was the only one out and it was beautiful and I TOTALLY got the hang of it!

I'm completely stable and I can power and that's great so I just want to thank you. Of course lots of people stopped by as I was loading my board and they want to find out more and are interested in them and stuff like that, so I'll do my best to promote your business...

Thanks so much for everything... I'd love to get out there with you and Debbie sometime, I'm just gonna keep the board in my car...;-)

Take care,
Laura F****** (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: SUP Big Green


love my new board, took her out for a 3mi paddle saturday in the bay and it was great!
I think the length is perfect for my situation, getting up and down the stairs and fun on the water.
i can't believe how insanely light that paddle is.

you'll be hearing from more of our friends up here, seems like the whole windsurf crew wants to get into SUP.

steph h (San Francisco, CA)

Subject: New Starboard 9'8" SUP

Saturday the 26th and out on the new Starboard 9'8"!
Conway came through, everything in perfect shape, and it was in the water today.
As you said, much more stable than the JL 10' and was also more forgiving on the OBX waves.

Best news was that my bride SUP'd for the first time in the sound. Did not fall at all and it was a bit choppy!

Next stop the big ocean. Hope to sail the Starboard tomorrow.
Thanks for the great service and recommendations.

Is this the greatest new sport or what?

Rob M..... (Outer Banks, NC)

Subject: Starboard 11'2 Ultimate Blend Camo

Aloha Wardog,
All I have to say is "WOW"!
I am very psyched with my new board. I've been on it four days now, from lake-like flatness to head+ this morning, and I am very impressed with the performance and learning curve.

My arms feel a burn I have never felt from regular surfing, and my abs feel like a did a million sit ups. I cant believe how much farther out I can take off, and then pull out where the other guys are sitting, or take a 300yd ride all the way into the beach!

Super stoked, and wanted to let you know I am very pleased with this board. As soon as I can get some pics, I'll send them to you.

Many Mahalos, and offshore breezes!~

~Shawn from NH

Subject: Jimmy Lewis 11' SUP

Just received my Jimmy Lewis 11' and it arrived in great shape due to the excellent packaging along with the fast service and communication.
You can't ask for more than that, customer service at it's finest.
Also, thanks for the dealio and t-shirt, much gracias.

Can't wait to get it on Nantucket Sound, Cape Cod, catching some ferry wakes when they come in from Nantucket. I'll send some pictures this summer.

Thanks again, Warren, for the great service.

Eddie D aka Weedfin
Cape Cod, MA

Subject: Starboard Evo 70

So, thanks for sending the board. I just got it today at the DHL in Brisbane.
I got it in one piece and in perfect condition.
Board looks great.
I'll be stoked to take it out and do some good turns on it.
Thanks again for the great service.

Chris C. US68
San Francisco, CA

Subject: Blair 10'6" SUP

I recently got back from California with a session on the Blair.
That board, once getting used to in the surf, ROCKS!
I could not believe the speed and manuverability once I stepped back over the fins.
I cannot wait to try Baja Points on it.
When out here I tend to paddle the Big Red for speed, direction and glide, unless I bring a friend.

Thank you for everything!

DK (Henderson, NV)

Subject: Blair 5 fin SUP

Hey Warren,
I received the board this afternoon, WOW.
Looks great, can't wait to hop on that puppy.
Though I might have to wait a few days as we are expecting a strong southerly with lots of rain. Looks like such a multi purpose board with lots of volume to surf and sail. Can't wait to experiment with different fin configurations.

Gary G. (Crescent City, CA)

Subject: Starboard Kombat

Hi Warren,
I received the board with no problem.
Thank for your consideration.

Juan Eduardo Cespedes(Santiago, Chile)

Subject: Sup paddleboard

The board is in the house and it looks great!
Thank you for everything you've done to make this happen.
The tshirt was a nice touch. Thank you!!

Mark G. (Austin, TX)

Subject: Big Blue SUP

Hey Wardog,
I got the board last week and it was in perfect shape... can't wait to get this thing on the water... thank you so much for all of your help and advice!

Jody H. (Hahira, GA)

Subject: 9.25" FreeWeed Fin Testimonial

I purchased the 9.25 freeweed from surfingsports .com and I must say its time to put the original weedfin back with the coal.

The 9.25 freeweed excelled in all aspects of sailing on a 102 litre board,the fin leaves you in full control all the time ,no upwind problem ,no weed problem, and yes it lets you go as fast as you want ,once again surfingsports comes up with another winner.

PS, you can use your old weed fins as a straight edge.

steve probert (corpus christi, texas)

Subject: Testimonial


I just wanted to send a quick note to you and Deb to thank you for the SUP demo day on Dec 4th at Leadbetter.
As you know I have been waiting to purchase a SUP for some time now and have tried various boards, but was waiting for the 2008 boards before I made a decision.

Once again your recommendation on the Bill Foote 11 Footer was spot on. During the demo I knew within 30 seconds this was the board to buy.

The board paddles great, and the pulled in tail makes it surf better than the other boards I have tried to date.
Thanks for taking the time to customize the pad and the Sawyer's these little things that make the difference in my opinion, and I will not hesitate to send new customers and inquiries your way.

Took the board out this past Sunday at Carpinteria State Beach. Perfect winter session...warm and sunny, pods of dolphins everywhere, couple of seals and some nice waist to shoulder high waves to surf down at Tar Pits.

Thanks again for recommendation, demo, service and swag, and hope to see you in the water.

Lars Olson (Carpinteria, CA)

Subject: Blair Quad SUP

Hey Warren!

I was plannig on getting about a dozen good seshes before I gave you my opinion about my board so I could speak from experience, but here is what I think so far. After the first two small crap wave seshes in the C.C. harbor,the wind came up a couple of days laterfor sailing. I got there and the tide was too low and the wind was up and down 5.0. I thought I'd just go out and screw around in the small swells for a bit-OH MY GOD!

The Big Red is great in side off but doesn't perform that well in onshore. The minute I got on the Blair I slid across shallow water too shallow for regular sailing fins. The thing is that that is where the "lanes" between the swells are-beautiful smooth water between lines of soup. I felt like I was riding a skateboard the way I just relaxed in the harness and did backside roller coasters on ankle sized waves.

Also, I've never really been that good jibing on the face of the same wave I wanted to ride-wow-the volume of the Blair was so great at carrying me through the jibe and then being so surfy allowing me to drop into that same wave with a little pumping and end up jamming down face. The pad is so comfortable I'm going to get my pad back on my Big Red. I am so lazy/busy I never got around to it.

I've been out SUP surfin' only about 4 times at South Beach in waves I would consider decent. The Blair is not a Big Red. I was ready for that. I can't get the same glide( as you mentioned) and at time spin around when I dig too hard trying to paddle into waves I've spun around at the last moment to try and catch. I guess that is the directionality you were talking about. Thing is that it really doesn't matter. The fact that a board that light and short paddles pretty fast seems like a miracle of design.

My buddies thought I'd never be able to paddle it. I love the way the nose spears right through whitewater. Wave riding is just to good to believe. I haven't talked up the board to my buddies cuz when I talked about the Big Red they gave me blank stares-until they had time to actually be there on days when they were prone surfing or sitting in their cars while I was catching the tons of waves SUPs get. I've had three people who are out there alot sit on the inside with stunned looks on their faces as I fly by shortboard surf style on waist high waves most people are just cruising on. Its different having to use my legs to generate speed again-I rode single fin for about ten years after switching to longboards. The only con I can think of is that there was chipping of the finish the first day I got it. I am a wellknown surfgear abuser so it may have been some bumps on the rocks getting it down to the beach.

My brother said he heard Rhyn Noll is going to make wood paddles. I've noticed him checking us out when we are out at South Beach-there are three of us-one other Big Red and a 12'6 Starboard rider.

Thanks Warren!

John C. (Crescent City, CA)

Subject: Re: Saturday Visit to Buy SUP board------------


Took the SOS Green out today. Initially I just planned a short session, next thing I know I'm starting to get hungry because it's four hours later and just past noon!

Had fun. I can't understand how a bigger board would be that much better, especially in the surf, even the green board feels enormous!
Anyway. Good stuff.

Good luck with your official opening on the 1st.
Maybe see you up there again soon.


Mark B (Malibu, CA)

Subject: Blair SUP: Got it!

Hey Warren!

Wow I love it!
It was crappy and stormy but I caught some small waves that made me want more.

I'll get back to you when we get a fun south beach day.


John C (Crescent City, CA)

Subject: SOS Big Green

hey warren.

i got my board. i love it!!
thanks so much for installing the pad and cutting the paddle.
thanks for the shirt too.
the big green looks very cool matching my green car and my green kayak.

take care.

scarlett o (Sacramento, CA)

Subject: Testimonial fron New England


Just letting you know how satisfied I am with my 4.1 Aerotech Phantom and Wardog 8.75" Freeweed wave fin.

It was the perfect combo sailing the remnants of Hurricane Noel.

I'm airborne in the picture below around noon on 11/3/07 when the wind was sustained at about 45mph.

Thanks to a fellow sailor for posting this pic on iwindsurf.

AR (Duxbury, MA)

Subject: Hola from Miami

Hey Warren,
The Big Blue SUP board has changed my life;
I never go to the beach without it.

Yesterday we got the first decent swell, and I was able to catch some nice waves. I had tried surfing it before in choppy conditions, but yesterday was incredible.
I'm planning on going to Mexico in November...
I am interested in the paddle that Sean is working on which is a three piece adjustable. I wonder if you will have it when it's finally done. My family could really benefit since my paddle is too long for them. also here are some pics of my sister and me on the board.

Thanks Jose (Miami, FL),
pura vida

Subject: Pescetto's on the StandUp

Hi Wardog!!!
I hope that you remember us!!!
I ordered a Standup Paddle board from you back in February for my husband Dave for his 30th Bday!


We use it in the Ocean, take it on our boat and paddle in the is great!
We have lots of friends that are interested!
We took pics this weekend of us using the board...thought you would enjoy....

Hope that all is well!!!

Janine Pescetto (New York, NY)

Subject: Samols: much thanks and checking in on more stuff

The SUPing has been great.

Oddly, I was nervous if we could balance after reading so many stories on the web about people having trouble but we both took off paddling happily right away. We've had several fun paddle sessions on flat water (Richardson Bay is 2 minutes from our house) and I sailed pretty powered on my 5.4...this was really way more fun than I ever imagined possible. I can tell that the rocker line is more for surfing than windsurfing and that's very, very much the way I'd want it. I'm super anxious to get in the waves but Susan broke her finger in the boom clamp last Saturday so we're being a bit mellow (eg, she was ripping it up windsurfing today on her 3.3 under the Golden Gate). When she heals we'll hit the coast...

I find the 10 10 plenty big. I tried Susan's 10' and also felt pretty comfortable and thought it was noticeably more maneuverable. I'm curious to see whether over time I'll decide I want a 10' instead for the waves ;-)

These boards are really going to extend our time on the water and it's just awesome to have your support/web site/tips etc to get us going.


All the best,
Big Mahalos,
Big Thanks,
Michael Samols (Sausilito, CA)

Subject: Duck NC SUP!


Package arrived right at 4:30! Had just enough time to hot glue the grip and go out for a quick session before the thunder came. Board is great...much looser nose and tail than the heavier longer board I used in Hawaii. However, the lateral stability is very good so I didn't have too much trouble staying afloat amidst some cross swells. Spear paddle is very easy to use and I look forward to comparing it with the more conventional design. Offshore wind this morning with low tide at about noon.

Hope to catch a few waves today!

Michele "the boss" took a few photos to document the first ever SUP off of Duck, NC (to our knowledge). Folks on the beach applauded when I 'landed' now they know the answer to What'sup?

Thanks again for the great service and perfect equipment. Our surfing daughter plans to try it out today. BTW, she loved the orange T-shirt and "stoked for life" logo.


Rob (Duck, NC)

Subject: Exocet Cross 118

Hi WarDog,
The Exocet Cross II 118 is the answer to my midlife crisis.
It arrived on Thursday in time for the weekend (thanks) and it fit in my Mazda Tribute so now I can put a board on top and the Cross inside!
On Friday my friend and opened the box and first what I can say is great packaging. Exocet took great care in protecting the board. Secondly I love the color! and the shape.
My first thought was I'm going to be turning this baby. We assembled everything - the footstraps, fin and then we rigged up for what else, a 5.0 day.

Since my purpose in getting the board was to make the change from a 90cm guy to a "freemover" I followed your advice to go with the 118 based on my abilities. I'm glad you stuck to your guns and kept me away from anything shorter because: THIS BOARD ROCKS!!! I took off in huge rollers with an exhilaration I liken to a steep powder run at Heavenly Valley.

The first run out I took my first serious air! I'd hit each roller and the board lifted and landed perfectly. Not bad for a guy's first time on a "short (to me)" board but the board has just that little extra width for confidence. Since it's a hair shorter than most I was able to "feel" the terrain and move and cut like never before. Thanks for the recommendation for this board for me!

The true test came when my friend Paul got on it. Of course he, being an expert, took off like a rocket and all I saw was him way leaning back and launching huge air. On his way back he executed a classic jibe at high speed and he rocketed back out. When he finally got back in I asked him, "Well"?, he said, "Sweet"! He then when on to say he wishes a board like this was available when he made the plunge to a "medium board"! He said I did everything right in buying the equipment WarDog recommended - from the HPL Carbon boom to the Chinook Euro One Button system to the Hot Rod RDM Masts and lastly the Exocet Cross II 118.

I'm stoked for life now!

Mark Chatwin (Syracuse, NY)

Subject: Exocet Cross 118

dear mr. president,
i got the cross 118 a few days ago with no problem (thank you). it has been too windy for the last two days to check it out. (bummer huh?)

i got to sail it today for the first time in about 16 to 18 mph winds at waddell. the waves were good at about chest high, with a few head high sets.... and, THAT BOARD ROCKS!!!

after reading all about it on your web site and seeing the pics, i knew that it would be somewhat more wave oriented than last years 117, but i had no idea that the new 118 would be just like a big evo on steroids.

i have sailed so many boards over the years (since 1980 at waddell), but the cross 118 is THE best big floaty wave board that i have ever ridden.... no shit.

i can't believe what a difference it is. i had the 117 for two seasons and it was cool that i had a loose, big board that i could ride in the waves when the wind was light. i really liked that board... then i had a rrd freestyle wave 110 that i just got this year, that i used as a light air wave board. same thing with the rrd, i liked that board as well.. but, the new 118 feels at least 15 liters smaller than both those boards once you are on a wave. like i said before, it feels like a pure wave board with all the float of a big free style wave board. it is just perfect for what i am going to use it for.

anyway, you might be able to tell that i am way stoked with this new board.

thanks again,
s.west (Santa Cruz, CA)

Subject: 11' Jimmy Lewis SUP


Had my first surf session on the JL11.
Westport Washington, mostly shoulder with a few head high sets.
Tough to stand up in the white water, but easy to paddle out on my knees.
On the outside the board handled great.
Made the drops well and trimmed out just great.

I'm very stoked.

Thought you might want some feedback on the JL11.

Gary Martin (Seattle, WA)

Subject: Hot Sails

Hi Warren,
I've been sailing the 4.7 SF almost every time I go out.
It's a really great feeling sail.

It easily sails down to 4.0 conditions; Although, I finally managed to get out on a day when it felt overpowered (guys weighing 220 were getting blown off the water on 4.0s).

I tried out the 5.3 Smack yesterday. It has a ton of power and depowers pretty well on the waves. But, the wind was kind of wierd and gusty; so, I missed that mellow SuperFreak feel. It will probably work great once the real Summer 5.0 days start rolling in.

Just stoked to finally have a normal spring- plenty of wind and waves to go around.

Phil S. (Santa Cruz, CA)

Subject: Exocet SCross140 board

Hi Warren,
I have the board!
The board was in perfect condition.
It is a beautiful looking board.
Can't wait to get out on it (this weekend). Hoping for some good wind!

Thanks very much,
Victoria S. (SF Bay Area)

Subject: Paddle

Hi Warren,
Just a mail to thank you for your speedy and excellent service!
My paddle arrived here (in the Netherlands) yesterday looking great!
Also a big thank you for preparing the paddle already (mastic tape) and the T-shirt.
I'll let you know how S.U.P. surfing is going in the Netherlands.

Robin Maas (The Netherlands)

Subject: S.O.S. Killer Board

Love The Big Red!!!! Works so GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!

Attached couple small kine Texas surf.

Ready for some huricane surf.
I am converting one of my old longboards into an SUP for my kids, and I need another pad. Figured I will be adding to the quiver pretty soon too, so may as well get 2 for 1. If you still have my credit info will you also send me one of those leashes?, Please.


Aloha Nui,
Kito (Tejas)

Subject: Big Blue SUP

Dear Warren,
My husband got a board from you for my birthday--

I just wanted to say thank you so much!

I took it out to Leadbetter's over the weekend and I love it!
(And Chris loves it too--I think we'll be getting another board soon :)

Hope you're doing well,

Cameron (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Fins work great!

Hi Wardog... JD Motes on this end.

Just wanted to send a note to let you know Deb and I have been using the new fins (9.25" & 10" FreeWeeds) on our Cross' and loving em....

Steve and Marty "should" be getting down to crunch time about now, moving in to the new "mack daddy" store...

New Aerotech/Exocet/Epic Warehouse & Retail Store

It has taken me 3 trips down to Daytona getting that behemoth wired for telephone and network... It's 2 stories and each story is so tall you have to use a scissor- lift to reach the ceilings... It is going to be "bad-ass" once it's finished though. You'll have to bring your Deb and come see it....

Well I have to go back to work now. Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the fins....

JD Motes aka:(Florida Surfdog)

Subject: Wardog wave fin

Hi Warren

FYI - fin received today...7 calendar days door2door!
And thanks for the T!

Will let you know how I find it in Morocco over the next 2 weeks (flying Thurs)

Steve N. (Pembrokeshire, Wales UK)

Subject: Big Red SUP

Hey Warren!

I've been experiencing quite a bit of stoke with my board.
I went out at Pebble again in sick 5.2 conditions and caught tons of waves .I keep thinking of people I know that like to distance run-they don't feel quite right in the head if without a "fix"-my SUP has done this to me.

After 35 years of surfing I didn't lose my stoke for riding waves, just crowded crap with no reward of that feeling of "wave dreams" after a sesh. Now I find myself out enjoying myself in crap waves by myself like I used to surf in '72 when I was in junior high school-the point is that I don't care-I'm getting waves and am learning a new skill.

I was out today in 2 ft low tide totally grey glassy waves out at south beach all alone and it was mind blowing. I kept finding myself standing there tripping out on the ocean and mountains in between waves.

Also I'm gathering funds for my next board-what should I be planning on?...hmmmmmmm...the Big Blue, or is the Big Green the next step?

I'm going to switch from ******* to you for my equipment needs. I'll be ordering a skinny mast for my 6.5 soon. I'm going to need a Chinnok Carbon Boom in June for my annual ass kicking at Pistol.

John C. (Behind the Redwood Curtain)

Subject: Exocet Cross 117

Hi Warren ,
I picked up the board last night.

Perfect , thank you so much.

Hope to be able to meet you some day.
Great doing business with you, take care.

F. Francischetti (San Francisco, CA)

Subject: Huckleberry Happiness

Hey Wardog,

I just wanted to let you know that Cameron is stoked with her SOS Big Blue board.

Thank you for bringing such a quality product to SB.

Cheers, and thanks again, it was great to meet you.

-Chris Cottrell (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Joanna's New Big Red

Thank you Wardog for your excellent customer service and especially going the extra mile to organize and stay current on the extras like shipping.

If anyone needs a board shipped anywhere, Wardog has my highest endorsement.

The new Big Red has been christened.

Thanks for the t-shirts and hat.

Many mahalos,
Dolf Daam (Victoria Canada / Haiku Maui)

Subject: Starboard Kombat 95


The Kombat 95 arrived and it looks great!
I can't wait to get it on the water.

Thanks for everything,

Chris J***** (Maryland)

Subject: Big Red SUP

Hey Warren!

I guess a good thing came out of losing my paddle-Yesterday
I fulfilled a dream-wave sailing at a surf spot a one minute from my house (Pebble Beach)-for 10 years I've looked out over this spot and saw holes in the wind way too big for a regular board-

I went out yesterday and schlogged but didn't have to worry for long -

I found myself going fast enough to pump into tons of awesome waist high green waves- I was so stoked!

John Caster (Crescent City, CA)

Subject: Big Red

Hey Warren -

WE GOT IT!!!! It is big and BEAUTIFUL!!!
My husband could not be happier....

Janine Pescetto NYC, New York

Subject: Thanks!

Finally got to unpack the SOS standup board.


Mahalo for the T's.
I'll send some pics when we get some surf.

Mahalo again,
Kito (South Padre, TX)

Subject: Standup


Mindblowing website!!

Could you please tell me, who is the artist who sings the first song on your standup paddle helcam video.
It kills me!!
I try to initiate stand up paddling on a lake in Switzerland.
Hope someday I will own a SOS SUP-board.

Peace an a lot of respect

Dani (Switzerland)

Subject: SUP Day 1

Hey Wardog-

Finally got a shot at getting Big Red into the water Sunday morning 7am- after getting the paddle cut down and wrapped (that mastic stuff is great- hard to believe it stays on in the water).

SUP: was able to cruise around, fell a bunch of times but had a great time- an unexpected leg workout! All in all- I'm stoked on this thing!

Can't wait to get it back into the water after school tommorrow- no surf to speak of so I wasn't able to surf the thing yet but that's okay- I'm finding I'll need the time to build skills. Looks like this'll be a daily thing for me- enjoyed the work out. Also, glad I went with the larger board.

Nice meeting and talking with the two of you- thanks for everything and keep me posted on new stuff!

John A***** (San Diego)

PS: the boys are already yakking about the board.
I'll send them your way if they get serious.

Subject: Keep the stoke going!

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for the great fin and T-shirt.
I wanted to share this picture of a reclaimed Mistral Super light that had been sitting in a neighbor's yard most likely destined to the garbage dump...but, after some repairs and sanding the board it got a paint job and pad...

The Paddle I made from a broken carbon boom (two piece shaft) and shaped the blade from glued up blank of cedar mahogany and teak wrapped in 4oz glass and epoxy.

My two kids love playing on the board and it's been great paddling in the Gulf of Mexico.
I even had the Florida Fish and game guy ask me about Stand-up Paddling.

I've been passing the word on about your web site and your SOS boards.

Keep the stoke going! Thanks

Michael Thiel (Florida)

Subject: Thanks again

Thanks again Warren!!!!

Thank you so much for your extra attention this a.m.
I am VERY excited.
I am about to wax my new baby "Big Blue" and get her ready for a morning paddle.
Please give my regards to Deb.

I hope your board pick up craziness went well.
I had a great paddle this a.m.
Your fin design really worked well I played in the thick kelp and tried to get stuck. No luck.

Thanks again, Mahalo

Heather S******
Kai Wahine
(Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Cross 84

Picked it up this morning and set it up.

Looks SWEET!!

The stock fin and the one you sold me fit perfect, no adjustment needed, that's a first!
Just waiting for a good 5.0 day to rip it up now!

Thanks Warren!!

Avery (Bodega Bay, CA)

Subject: Cross 117..Still Rocks

We had crazy up (30+) down (unable to waterstart at times) conditions on the lake yesterday.

Big thanks to Exocet and you for the Cross 117.

Definitely, one of the greatest big boy boards of all time.

I could not have asked for a better set-up in those crazy conditions.

Hope you had fun in Mexico.

Mark (Austin, TX)

Subject: STOKED!

Hello Warren!

Just wanted to thank you for so many free videos and music.
I've watched your SUP videos about 5 times now and finally decided to watch your Maui helmetcam videos.
I was thinkin that "wow, this is getting me as stoked to sail as those surf movies I saw back in junior high (1972) - remember 5 summer stories?
My Friday night was spent trippin out on sailing, SUP and awesome music.

Thanks Again!

Crescent City, CA

Subject: Western Australia fin shipment

Hi Wardog,

I got the fins that I ordered today. They look very nice.
You were right about the 9.25" being the right size for the Kombat 97. The 10" would have been too big.
Thanks for the tee shirt and stickers.
If you're ever going to come to WA let me know. I would be happy to show you around some great sailing spots as long as you don't mind doing some long distances in the car.

Andrew S*******
Port Denison, WA

Subject: Exocet Cross 117

Hi Warren!

I got the board today and the 10" FreeWeed fin (looks gorgeous) yesterday.
Everything is in tact. I'm really impressed with how fast you were able to ship and deliver it!
Not sure if I'll be able to try it this weekend, but I'd let you know as soon as I will.

Thanks again,

Alex (New Jersey)

Subject: SOS Rocket 92

Yo Wardog,
Thanks again for the excellent service you provide me everytime I get stuff from you.
I can't get over how "so" sweet my new Rocket looks. Its "so" lite!
We had a little wind yesterday but not even to put it to test so I laid out the Rocket & showed it off to all my buddies. They were all amazed and signed up for a test ride- humm-no way, its mine!!!
We are suppose to get strong winds tomorrow so hopefully the Rocket will get wet.

Mucho Mahalos,
George (Chesapeake, VA)

Subject: Exocet Cross 117

Yo Wardog,
The Board arrived today even before the fin from the Post Office.
Nobody ships quicker than Surfingsports!!!

JT (Islamorada, FL)

Subject: 12" FreeWeed Tuttle

First go today on the new fin you sent me - amazing the difference a good fin can make.
Sailing a Starboard Aero 117L, with 6.9m sail.
No spin-out, but still loose.

Have a good Christmas.

JM (Melbourne, Australia)


I just wanted to drop you another note regarding my purchase of the Exocet UW2.
You really were able to put me on the perfect board and fin combo (Wardog A.T.X).
Sailed in the Long Island sound today and had an awesome time.
After the session, my friend commented on how quickly the UW2 seemed to turn and how I was able to "surf" the chop.
This board is great, but there is no way I am letting anybody try it. It is my secret that this board makes me look a lot better than I am!
Also, the new Hot Sails Maui RDM extension is sweet.

Newtown CT

Subject: exo wave 85

Received my board today(thanks for getting it to me so quickly) and even managed to get in a session on it this afternoon.

Great board! it looks and sails better than I expected by far the easiest & best board I have ever sailed.

Thanks for your help, excellent advice and incredible service.

Best regards
Mike Moran (Syracuse, NY)


Hi Warren,
I got the carbon RDM extensions delivered today.
I just wish I had this kind of service in my country.
Thanks for the T-shirt (size is perfect), did you know our national soccer team jersey is yellow?

Next time I'm in the US and in need of any windsurf related stuff you will have my business.

Thanks again and as we say in Brazil : Bons ventos !!!

Márcio Moritz (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


Subject: Thank you Warren

Warren, just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding the great customer service and knowledgeable advice I received from you.

When I first contacted you I described what I was looking for: A wave board suitable for less than perfect conditions. Since you have actually sailed most boards, and own them, you were able to give me a nice summary and present some options.

After I made my decision I also wanted you to suggest a suitable Wardog Fin. My new board arrived quickly, as promised, a very painless procedure. Yesterday was my first time on my new board.

You were right on, the board is perfect for what I wanted. I was able to ride and bottom turn on some less than stellar waves. The fin, Wardog A.T.X, worked great with the board.

I am really STOKED with my purchase!

Thank you Warren!

Newtown CT.


Subject: Wave board for Los Angeles

Hi Warren
I sailed the Aero 117 on both Saturday and Sunday at Cabrillo beach. The board felt great, I can't wait to get it in some waves.
I think the volume is going to be perfect for me as it floated me nicely through the lulls. Jibing it was a pleasure too, it kept the speed nicely through the jibe. If I do sail freeride I'll definitely put a second strap at the back, as my foot was out of the strap on the rail at speed.

The stock fin was horrible and the difference changing to your FreeWeed giant wave fin was very noticable. I am so glad you talked me into getting it, it improved the ride immensely.

It feels so good to be sailing again after so many years out of the water.

All the best
Philip (Los Angeles, CA)


Had the Exocet Cross 102 out today w/ 6.2 Aerotech Phantom on Powerex Z Free.

Best damn 100 ltr board I have ever owned.

Planes early enuff, good top end, jumps like a mother, and is so easy to control in a variety of conditions.

Ideal bay board.

Tony S*** (Berkeley, CA)


Hi Warren,
I hope your summer has been a good one. I have had a good summer so far. I took more time off work than usual...;-)

I had my first taste of wave sailing, working on paddle boarding, and I am really stoked that my boys seem to have a renewed interest in windsurfing. Also, my wife has been tolerant to my obsessions...;-)

Life has been good.

My family and I camped at Lake Tahoe for a week. The windsurfing was poor except for a side trip to Washoe Lake. However, paddle boarding on Tahoe was pretty good. We would go out early in the morning flat conditions and also out in the afternoon big chop. Unless paddling into the wind, the Kona seems as efficient as our sit-on kayaks. I believe that the time spent paddle boarding has really helped with my windsurfing balance. It was a good walk from our camp to the lake. The Kona trailed very well with a simple hitch and some kayak wheels.

I have got a couple of sessions on the 5.0 Super Freak.
It is a sweet sail, light and nicely balanced.
I got many smiles from other sailors with the color scheme. I am grossly color coordinated now with my most used Delta kit...;-)
Thanks again for setting me up with the great gear.

Take care,
Alan McCutchen (Northern California)


Hi, I broke a Powerex Zspeed mast last Tues. This is the first Powerex that I have ever broken.
I went through my distributor (SurfingSports) as the warranty directed. My new mast arrived Mon. less than a week after my mast broke.
That is simply amazing. You guys are the BEST!
I will certainly continue to sail and race Powerex masts in the future.

Gary Peer US008
(San Francisco, CA)


Subject: Thanks again Wardog

That 10" weedfin is the biggest 10" fin I have ever seen!
The quality is really good and the foam pad seal was a treat as I usually have to make my own.

I finally got to try out the 10" freeweed fin on
Fri. 7-29-06.
It worked as expected , no weed problems and shallow water sailing is back in my life.

With the Kona and that fin , LIFE IS GOOD.

The Tee shirt is beautiful.
Thanks for the personal touch Wardog...your professionalism and care is outstanding.

I highly recomend Surfing Sports.

Rod Perry in Miami, FL


Subject: Hot Sails Diva

Hi Wardog

Sail and mast arrived yesterday in great condition, today arrived extension and mast foot that looks great also...
I have to say thanks for the nice products, Hot Sails Maui is manufacturing with amazing skilful details..
hey, and Thanks also for cool t-shirts! (my wife really liked her's).


It breaks all! (as we said in my country, breaks rules, breaks believings... all)

We got the collar, we used the sail... when the guys were claiming for 5.5 (on eternally 6.5 Palo Alto spot, yesterday was strong) there was my wife with her new 5.8 diva... and she was completely happy...

at the end of day when everybody was finished, she was still practicing in much lighter winds, and the sail still providing power.. amazing range. And she is just learning to waterstart, still getting comfortable with harness and straps..

Well, thought Hot sails rule, and going to ask you for some superfreak at end of month :)

Thanks Wardog!

Best regards and strong winds!
Mario (, San Francisco)


Subject: Cuben 6.8

Hi Warren,
Here is Wifey (Star) on her 6.8 Phantom on the Naish Titan 125L:

And here, just because she does not like the Titan at all, we tried it on the Exocet Cross 90, with a 10 year old Rainbow 12.5" swept blade...

She liked this combo much better!
She was the only one planing out there.

Markus Marschall Photography
Sacramento, CA


Subject: FreeWeed Fins

Just got back from a few days of sailing in the OBX (Hatteras). those freeweeds worked great.
My son liked the 10" with Ezzy Wave 5.2 and Hot Stealth 6.0 and I liked the 12" with Ezzy Infinity 7.2
The fin worked well on my AHD GT 85 and felt great on my Protech 275 ATC.
I'll probably but another 10" in power box for my Naish Enduro 9.2.

Rob H**** (Virginia)


Subject: 8.75" FreeWeed Fin

Hi Warren,
I got the fin the other day and I had it out yesterday at Rio Vista in 24mph winds. The fin was great; it really improved the performance of my HiFly board!

Ben P (SF, CA)


Subject: Cross 117


The Exocet Cross 117 is a dream.
This board is quick to plane, turns smooth and consistent (like a much smaller board), jumps well (for the size) and is very, very comfortable.
The 117 has proven its ability in the conditions that we so often receive on the Great Lakes but which were previously not very enjoyable: light wind with leftover onshore waves. The lowend for a fun ride in these conditions is 12 mph on a 7.0.

I am planing, passing the kiters and finding the remaining waves/swell. Some people think that I'm crazy for using such a large board considering my size (130lbs) but I'm able to very comfortably maneuver in close where the waves are better and the wind shadow is much worse. I've ridden the Cross 117 on a 5.8 in 18 mph but at that point with my size it’s better to drop down to a wave board. I'll be honest. The Cross 117 has improved my sailing experience exponentially.

Jon M****** (Ohio)


Subject: Kona report

Hi Warren,
I received the paddle, Freeweed 10", and tee shirts last week. Thank you for the shirts. We really like the soft colors and the silver accent on your logo. Kudos to your marketing staff.

We tried the Kona for the first time at Woodward Reservoir Sunday. We had warm, fairly steady wind about 12-18 mph. Woodward is about half the size of Lake Isabella, East of Stockton at the base of the Sierra foothills.

First we tried paddle mode. Per your advice, it was best to go onto knees when paddling into the wind. Paddling down wind was fun and fast. It was possible to kind of ride on little swells generated by wind and powerboats. It was a harder than Laird makes it look. I think we need more practice before we try the surf.

For sailing mode I rigged an 8.0 m2, 10" Freeweed, mast base about 1/3 forward from the back of the track, foot straps max forward and in, and no centerboard (we didn't have the brackets then). I let Trevor, my older son take the virgin run. He beach started and within 10 yards he was up on a plane and blasting away. He sailed for about half an hour, mostly with a big smile. I sailed it and also was overcome with a big smile. The board seemed well balanced hydroplaning and schloging. The foot straps were in the right spots. I did learn to shift my weight back when going through voodoo powerboat chop to avoid pearling while schloging. The ride when planing was not bad on my bum knees, maybe because of the mass and length? Tacking was easy, just like a long board. Jibing was kind of like the GO, I have to step heavy on the rail to get it around.

We like this board a lot so far. I believe the 10" Freeweed was a perfect choice for us. My initial impression is that it's going to take the place of the GO in our quiver. I am exited about letting my 9 year old son try it with the centerboard and a tiny sail. Also, it will be interesting to see how it does powered up with smaller sails.

I did receive the fin and centerboard brackets last Tuesday. So we are ready to do more testing this weekend.

With regards,

Alan M******** (Stockton, CA)


Subject: Exocet UW 88

Hi Wardog,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my new board absolutely rips.
I have been using it about 4-5 times and yesterday in some really good south swell at the landing.
The volume is perfect and I am still getting used to how fast and tight this thing can bottom turn.
My only issue is it is hard to transition to my O Wave 105 as the timing is so different ; )
I think I can deal with it.
Getting some buzz on the beach too so you may see some interest.

Patrick J (Santa Cruz, CA)


Subject: Thanks

The fin and t-shirt arrived yesterday and I wanted to give you a big "thank you".
The fin is going on a new-to-me Doyle which will be here next week. I can't wait for the wind to come back up so I can give it a workout.
I hadn't seen one of the freeweeds in person but now that I have, I think it is going to be perfect. I was concerned about not being able to put a big enough fin on the Doyle, or if I did, breaking the box out. With so much of the area of your freeweed fin close to the box, I no longer worry about that.

Love the T-shirt. It's good looking plus it has that great feel of quality that is so hard to find.

Thank you,
Bob Thompson (Corpus Christi, TX)


Subject: SUP

Hi Warren
OK so I beleive I've pioneered Hubbard Creek and Battle Rock stand up paddling. Also longboard sailed Hubbard on a light SW breeze. Too cool.

I'm starting to get my rhythm with the SUP. I'm still looking kinda kooky probably and not exactly dominating out there BUT. It is getting better all the time. I'm pretty stoked really.

It seems to be in the foot work from side by side to surfer stance while turning in front of the wave then stroken deep and stepping forward then surf it.

I bet you are ripping it by now. The paddle was the key. Thanks for that.

Looks like your getting the wind these days. I hope your diggin it.

Jeff (Oregon Coast)



Hi Warren,

Wifey sailed her new sail on Saturday for the first time. She loved it!!
The winds were picking up from sub planing to a little overpowered.
She was on a ('04) Naish Titan 125L.
I rigged my Aerotech VMG 6.7 and used the Exocet '05 S3.
I was plenty powered, and Wifey still held on to her rig!


Now I have to start thinking about replacing her Titan. She does not like this board at all. I don't know what to look for yet, but it will probably be an Exocet. Requirements: Light, early planing, up to 7.0m, good upwind and of course smooth in chop. I might even end up with a bigger Cross (she's got the 90L and loves it). But the new Exocet Istyle 104 should be an early planer, too.
We will see....

Have a good one!

Markus M******** (Sacramento, CA)


Subject: Longboards Rule

Hi Warren,
I rode the Exocet Kona yesterday - fantastic.
Perfect for the Berkeley Marina: 10 knots at the dock and 16 outside.
I was planing easily on my 6.2.
That waterline is key. At the end of the day, we are all schlogging back. But the Kona just glides, and there's no question of making it back upwind.

I am a very happy camper.

Thanks very much.

Mike Y******** (San Francisco, CA)


Subject: Severne 10.0m2 Overdrive

Hey WD,
Got to try out the 10.0 Overdrive yesterday.
Winds started out at 0-5, then built to 10-15 with occasional higher gusts. That's plenty of wind for a 10.0 :-)

The sail is exactly what I'd hoped for.
Easy to rig, light for its size, racy yet with good cam rotation.
It has good low end power (of course), but handled gusts in the upper teens really well.
Outhaul adjustments made a significant difference in power equation.
Perfect for Jordan Lake!

Dr. Charles L******** (North Carolina)


Subject: Exocet EW105 a success

Hola, Wardog:
Bill Burke, from PSC Baja, Mexico.
Had a chance to try the EW105 yesterday.
Performed as advertised: faster, turnier, more stable, and More responsive!!!!
Hard to get used to the Ezzy 6.3, it feels VERY awkward after using SF's.
Board bottom turns very easily, grips well even when well powered.

Now I have to unpack the Evo 83.

UPDATE: Had a great Evo 83 session a few days back. It bottomturned so much I had to more assertively initiate a cutback to avoid leaving the wave. Very easy to sail overall. Used the SF5.3 as wind built in strength. No problem on the low end or the high. Great jibes off the wave faces with plenty of speed.

Saw a Californian named Treve using a tandem surf board and paddle for standup surfing and he was out there all day, mostly by himself and catching mucho waves.
If, at some point, you definitely decide to come down here, could I have some non windsurfing items shipped to your address for you to bring down?

We are in for some rockin sailing, starting yesterday. Used the 7.5 inch weed wave yesterday on the AHD 8/4 with the Super freak 4.7 flat.
Swell from 4-8 feet. Forecast looks windy and wavy for the next week or two.

Cheers, Bill


Subject: Exocet Cross 117

Good news!
The board arrived today and is in great shape.
It looks great too! Now just need to get it on the water.
That fin looks killer and I can hardly wait to give it a go on the Cross.
Also received the two bags.
Thanks again and I will let you know what I think after I get my first session on it. This weekend looks like it might be a little light on wind but we shall see.
Take care and hope your Ocean sailing winds return.

Chuck R***** (Virginia)


Subject: speed

I went 31.1 yesterday on the Exocet 140 S Cross w/6.5 Gator!
I think it jibes better than my Carve.
Totally stoked.

Thomas Dabney (Santa Barbara,CA)


Subject: STOKED!!

Got the sails and Sean's custom board.
I am vibrating right now.

Wind in the forecast out east tomorrow.
Going camping at Roosevelt with the family.
Will be ripping Arlington tomorrow until my hands bleed.

Thanks Wardog for the help!!!!

Bob Riviello (Hood River, OR)


The Wardog Freeweed fins worked great!.

I ordered two 10 inch weed fins for my 165 and 135 liter HI fly Madd boards for an upcoming windsurfing trip to South Padre Island. They were received in a timely manner and I was very pleased.

They were used in the following set- ups:
I weigh 190 lbs.

165 liter Madd with 9.0 sail
165 liter Madd with 8.0 sail
135 liter Madd with 6.9 sail
135 liter Madd with 6.5 sail
135 liter Madd with 5.8 sail
103 liter screamer with 6.5 sail
103 liter screamer with 5.8 sail

I was very surprised that these fins worked in all the above situations. I sailed most everyday for two weeks and only had one spin out.

In one situation I was overpowered a lot and being driven up wind so I came back to shore and exchanged the Hi-Fly Madd 135 with 5.8 sail for the 103 liter screamer (same sail). And Surprise, Surprise, the one 10 inch fin worked great on the small board just as you said.
Maybe one could have put different fins on each board and set of conditions and then had better performance, I wouldn't know. All I know is that I saved substantially with one pair of fins that worked great for me.

Chuck Taylor (Houston, TX)


Hi Warren;
one more fin and the collection should be complete; please send 9.25 Freeweed A-base.
don't actually have board for it yet, but might, and plan to demo it among friends who keep spinning out crappy fin that comes with Mistral syncro 83 with 5.7-5.8 sails.

thanks for heads up re: 10in instead of 12 with 6.9 and 102l board. still planes up great and brings life back to the board. 12 looks to be relegated now to 7.7.

Paul F****** (New England)


The HPL head makes the boom solid like a rock the way I thought it would have come from the factory. Made the mistake of listening to NOAA report from 1.5 hours before sailing (13 to 15 knots) and rigged the 8.5 on the Z-27 and 16.5 TA SB Weed Fin in 18 to 21 knots (sometimes it looks windier than it is but not this time) and topped off at 24.8mph.

Then rigged the 7.5 Aerotech, same board and fin for new personal record of 26.4mph. The wind was still 19 to 21 knots so still being overpowered I rigged the 6.5 Rapid Fire on the S-Type 115 with a 14.5 TA Weed Blade thinking it still did not seem as windy as it was and hit 28.6mph.

Decide to add 1/4" downhaul and the 10" WD Free Weed to test the theory that it is a fast a fin as the TA and when I could get close to a Key or could slide downwind between the chop I hit 29.4mph before calling it a day.

Could have easily started with the Charge 5.8 if I did not look at NOAA. Once again the Free Weed kicks ass can't wait to use more sizes. Our season is practically over but hope we can get a few more days in.

Jere (Key Largo, FL)


Hi Warren,
I received all the gear I ordered in good order. Thank you for the great service.
I installed the Packasport:

The color is very close to the van's. It's going to be a nice setup.
Please remember to save a Kona for me. I am looking forward to having a good long board for the family again.

Alan Mc******* (Sac Delta, Calif.)


Just wanted to let you know I got the paddle and took it out on the lake.
It was much better than what I had been using. Today I hope to go out at Battle Rock to try and catch some waves before the wind comes up.

Thanks for the prompt delivery and service.

Jeff (Oregon Coast)


Fin for Carve 99

Wow - called you on Thurs. I got the new fin on Saturday! Thanks getting it out so fast. Fin is a perfect fit in the board - nice. Now I just need the right conditions!


Gerry (Chicago)


The Cross 90 is good down to 4.5 and probably beyond.
Had it out in a storm sesh today off Alameda blowin' 22-28kts with big swell.
I went with the C90 as it was my first day and I thought I'd like a bit of extra float rather than the UW 78. Even with a big fin, it was really easy to control and turn and did not feel big at all in the turns.

I am in awe.

If this board is getting discontinued at the end of this season, please let me know, I would like a backup.

Tony (SF Bay)


I absolutely love my Exocet OW 85 that I bought from W. three years ago. Perhaps I have a photo somewhere of me on it with the 6.2.
That's a sweet combo.
When I made a West Coast trip a couple of years ago I brought three boards along: a custom Fox 90 liters, a Naish Floater, and the OW 85. In the three weeks I sailed Jalama, Cambria, Dport, Pistol, Bandon and The Gorge, I ONLY used the OW 85.
I still have it and plan on using it tomorrow in Wilmington, NC ( Forecast N @ 25 ).
Here I'm on a 4.0:

Alan White (CHARLOTTE, NC)


Hi Warren,
Thanks for everything.
I picked up the Cross 117 yesterday and it looks great.
The 10" FreeWeed fin I got from you fits better than the fin that comes with the
Jason Voss wrote back and gave me some tips on getting more speed out of the board.
Can't wait to try it out. This will be my general purpose board in the Gorge until I have to drop down to my 83liter JP RWW...


Bob N*** (Seattle)


Howdy Warren,
What an impressive Website!
Hope you have wintered well and that everything is good for you guys.
We have been surfing alot but not much sailing...that's about to change!!!!
Would like to order one Freeweed power box for the 85 liter - 5.0 range....think that would be the 8.75 incher.

VERY interested in this KONA thing that is happening. Like everyone else am interested in keeping the weight down, rails thin, surfboard rocker line, etc. so not just sure the KONA will be just surfy enough, but please definitely count us in on anything that comes through with the right stuff.

Had the Cross 117 out at Cowells Beach (a very unlikey surfsailing spot) yesterday, not an "A" session but the board is damn good.

Figured a way to get to go to Maui for 4 weeks March/April so starting to worry about the gear aspect and was thinking you might just have some solutions to suggest.

Will followup with a call...take care,

Tom Poore (Santa Cruz)


Hi Warren,
I received the 10" and 8.75" freeweeds a couple of weeks ago. 5 working days to Western Australia, if anyone else wants to know.

These are bloody brilliant fins!
The 10 works a treat with my 6.5 - gets going quick, manoeuvrable and points upwind really well. But the 8.75 is amazing in up to 5.8 conds. It's incredibly loose and fast but holds like it's on rails. I thought my 87L FSW was turny and jumpy before, but it's a completely new board now!

My father-in-law tried the fins yesterday. He wants both the 8.75 and 10 in powerbox (same as mine), and he won't give my 8.75 back until they get here, so I'm putting in an order for him.

D***** Jones (Western Australia)


Subject: Carve 111 fins

Thanks for the fins that arrived today, 4 days to come half way around the world.
Wind is due tomorrow so happy days...:-)
When I got my hands on the 10" freeweed I put it straight on the board where it will stay.
Its simply a work of art, I can't forsee the need of any other fin; even the 13.5 atx which is such a high quality piece of engineering work.

Delighted with excellent goods and service.

Phil Mc******* (Belfast, Northern Ireland)


Subject: Thanks

Maiden Voyage on the ExoWave 105 today...
Average 30mph...gusting 38mph...
At 111kgs, I had my 5.2m2 Ezzy and Exowave 105 and it was a perfect combo for me.
In a word: Perfect
Thanks for helping me get my gear wired.

Mark (Austin, TX)


Subject: cross 117

Aloha, really appreciate the great service.
The bag is very nice and the fin looks awesome, can't wait to try it.
It's been very squally windy here w/ rain but I can't get out because of work. Looking forward to this weekend.

Thanks Wardog,

George (Oahu)


Subject: cross 117

Aloha Wardog,
I finally got out on the cross (almost wardog setup = 6.8 phantom minus the freeweed fin) in 15-18 mph wind in Kailua bay and it rocks-
I am very impressed @ how fast the board pops on a plane and stays on it. The best part is how well it jibes.
Several local folks were slogging and some thought it was to lite to sail while I was ripping around.
Overall, the cross was definitely another excellent recommendation by you and can't wait to have it fully set up as the "Wardog rig" (fin).
BTW, Al, my friend is very stoked w/ your service. Don't know if he has sailed the Starboard S-Type 104 that he got from you yet.


Subject: thanks!

Aloha Wardog, thank you for your excellent customer service and product rec's.
The Phantom 6.8 is an awesome sail and thanks to you the Phantom may have made 2 sails go into the dustroom.
Blasted around Kailua Bay a couple of days ago w/ it in ~ 16-19 mph wind on my Z-29 protech and it handled the conditions well.
It powered up quickly and never felt overpowered eventhough no one else was on anything bigger than a 6.0, & was very lite and easy to do sail flips.
I love to do high speed tacks and this sail make that very easy.

It is always a pleasure to chat w/ you & hope to meet you in Maui next year. Now, I just need to free up some room in my quiver for your other recommendations.

Cheers and warm winds.

George, Oahu


Hello Warren!
I just received the Streamlined head today!
That came fast! That's cool! So that's perfect!
Thanks a lot!

Arthur (Quebec, Canada)


My new HPL boom arrived on the doorstep this afternoon. They survived the shipping just fine.
The new color/graphics look good too.
Thanks again for making these as reasonable as carbon booms can be shipped over here.
Now we just need some breeze to test em out.

Sean Brosseau (Kailua, Hawaii)


Satisfied Customer

Hi Warren "WARDOG",
The fins are of good quality and work great.
I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the service and support that I received from you and your website.
I look forward to doing business with you again.
Thanks for the T-shirt ... good fit.

Arnold Shimabukuro (Oahu, Hawaii)


Hey Wardog (a.k.a. Warren)
Man I can't thank you enough for all your help and advice!!!!!! :>)
You are the bomb in the business of doing pleasure in extreme water sports.
Like I said, I got the new Go and the Carve today and the only problem is I haven't got the rest of the gear yet.
I have a serious itch to be scratched this weekend up at Cochiti Lake with all the toys. I'll report back later on how they performed (rather how I performed on them).
I expect to seriously increase my learning curve with the vast improvement of gear quality.
Warm winds to you and yours and may the wind always be at your back!

Michael P.
Albuquerque, NM


Hey Wardog,
It was really cool to have you all here on Maui again!
Please pass along my Aloha to you and the gang!
I love the 8.25" WARDOG Wave fin...sailed mast high waves on Thursday which was the first wave riding test of the's perfect for me!
Super reliable on the bottom turn and snappy off the top.
Don't know what else to say but thank you!

Hope the conditions are firing for you this weekend!

Glenn Haslbeck
Manager Hot Sails Maui


Hey Wardog,
Been meaning to send you another note about how much I LOVE the Cross 117.
The other day I was out on a 6.2 and was zipping around the shorebreak when everyone was having a hard time. Then the wind picked up to solid 5.3 conditions. The waves were big ass mushy oneshore crap and I was having some much friggen fun with the gear to come in. I easily could have been dialed in with a 5.3 and my Evo 80 but (mostly due to your fin I think) the Cross was just a blast.
Carving and jumping all day!
Thanks. That fin rocks!

Brook C***Y (New York)


Subject: Freeweed and ATX are excellent. Looking for another fin.

Hi Warren,
The Freeweed and ATX are excellent compared with the fins provided with the Kombat 105 and Aero 117.
The performance of the Freeweed is incredible.
Our weed problem lasts about three months and is basically over now. For the rest of the year I would like to use a fin that does not extend beyond the tail of the board as I use carbon booms. The freeride fin that came with the Aero 117 works well when well powered up but I find it hard to get the board to plane by stepping back in marginal conditions.
Is there any possibility that you will design a bigger ATX type fin, that would bring boards like the Aero to life, the way the Freeweed does.

Happy designing,
John (Ireland)


Subject: First Ride on Madd/8.75 Freeweed Fins!

Just wanted to write and say thanks again for the great fins.

Got my first sail on my MADD 135 with your Wardog Freeweed 8.75's and my 6.8 Aerotech Phantom in 14-18 knots ENE here in the Norfolk, VA area at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. I was amazed at the way the fins loosened up the board and made turning down wind, swell and wave riding easy for a board of that size, and yet still allowed the board to go upwind enough to keep me upwind when I wanted. Plus I was able to keep up and/or pass a bunch other guys out on 100 - 130 liter boards. Not only that the MADD kept me planing in the lulls while the other guys slogged.

Occasionally if I really tried to push the board upwind I could feel the fins give way and start to spin out but just a slight variation back down wind a bit, and/or lightening up on my rear foot pressure, and they quickly engaged again. Perhaps one fin would start to spin out but the other kept doing its job? The board/fin combo makes jumping easy too and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it felt jumping a board of this volume. I was not getting any super air or anything but it felt better flying than my 2002 JP 115 Freestyle board.

Overall I am very pleased and can hardly wait to get more time in on this combination.

Chuck R*****
Chesapeake, VA

Subject: Very happy with my Wardog Weedwave 8.75"

Today there was finally enough wind for a 5.8 on a weekend. So I tried my new Wardog Weedwave 8.75". I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first whether this would work as the wind was really just enough for the 5.8 and the fin looks quite small at first sight. In 5.8 conditions, I have used a Gsport weedwave 9" so far which I never liked that much. It feels quite stiff and is prone to spinouts particularly when going upwind.

Interestingly, your 8.75" worked like a charm. And I can report the same I said about your weedwave 10". Planes early, goes upwind well and is very loose. Strangely enough, comparing the Gsport 9" to your 8.75" weedwave it looks as if the Gsport has significantly more surface area. Nevertheless, I never experienced the spinout problems of the Gsport.

Also, your 8.75" is much nicer through jibes. Maybe it has to do with the fact that your 8.75" has quite some flex in the tip (the Gsport has no flex)

Whatever it is, I am VERY happy with your weedwave 8.75" and another one of my fins will hit ebay soon...

Chris (New York)

Subject:wardog fin size 8.25"

Just received the fin, it looks great, can't wait to take it in the water.
As usual it's a pleasure buying things from you.

Bernardo (Mexico City)


Hi Warren!
Yeah it's me the most annoying customer ever again...;-)
High winds last weekend so I put the original (225-drake) fin under my evo since I could use a smaller sail and it was just awesome.
The SO is certainly the best to handle sail, I've ever used with enough power to do everything I want. I was completely stoked (and still am). The board is just amazing.
I would have never believed that the design of windurfboards has improved that much within 5 years (I was coming from a Tiga Wave, which was a great board - 5years ago!).
I've also made a new cutomer for you. R*** will contact you soon, after I told him about your excellent service and prices!!

Johannes (San Francisco)


Subject: Lovin' the New Chinook EuroPin Base

Got the new Chinook base and I love it. Fantastic system, and a MAJOR upgrade. No more spinning in the Fiberspar uni, and you can't even compare the construction. Fits the posilock extensions perfectly.

Thanks for a sweet piece of equipment.

Gerry (Chicago)


Hi Wardog,
I was sailing the Exocet TB62 for the last 3 week-ends at Rio Vista, and one word sums it up:
I love that thing.
Hope, you had a great time in Maui!
Thank you for your services.

Markus M******** (Sacramento, CA)


Subject: Wardog Weedwave 10": A happy customer!

Thought you might appreciate feedback from a very happy customer.
I tried your weedwave 10" today on a 6.5 and I am very impressed! Helps planing very early. Goes upwind VERY well and is really loose. It's going to be the only fin I'll use with a 6.5 going forward. I will in fact sell my other fins for that sail size (a Trueames Convert and an Orca weed).
Can't wait to try the 8.75", which I also recently got. (It shouldn't be much longer as the wind typically starts with the Fall here in NY)

Chris (New York)


The 10" is by far the best weed fin I have ever used.
Given its versatility, I was thinking about getting your smaller freeweed fin, 8.75", for sail sizes 4.2 - 5.4. With all the hot weather we've been getting here, we are seeing more weeds than usual.
Do you have it in a A box? Let me know, because if you have one in stock, I would like to grab one.

Greg B****** (New York)


Hey WD,
Thought I'd let you know how happy I am with the new Cross 117.
It rides a lot smaller than it is. Nice and loose. Haven't had a chance to get in anything other than mushy 3" waves but it worked well sailing the 6.6 charge at Rio Vista.
Came off the water for a break feeling good, board was slappin' just a bit. Then I checked the meter they have at the launch and it was 22 average. Nice!!
Put on a 5.2 ezzy wave just to see and didn't come back for almost an hour. Also handles ocean chop very well and feels light in the air. So you're batting a thousand in my book.
One thing tho, I've got to order a 12" freeweed asap! Should have taken that advice. Man, my old fin is like a seaweed magnet.
Oh, the Charge (which is a freaking nice sail) really wants a skinny mast. Good thing, cuz my current 460 is pretty old.

thx a lot,
rob (Redondo Beach, Cali)


Hi Warren,
The fins and t-shirt arived today. They were unopened but posibly X-Rayed by customs.
The t-shirt is a perfect fit and the fins (10" Freeweed and 11.5" ATX) are a perfect fit with only the most minor sanding. The finish is excellent and they are made of the best material.
This week will be almost windless. Testing will have to wait...even for the Aero 117.
I sat for about a half hour rubbing my finger tips over them when they arrived. I cant wait for the real test.

John Herlihy (Cork City, Ireland)


Hey Warren -
8.5 Rapid Fire arrived yesterday.
Looks sweet - can't wait to try it out.
My compliments to the folks at aerotech for a great looking, well constructed sail - if it's anywhere near as bullet-proof as it looks, I'm sure I'll be using it for years!

Gerry (Chicago)


Subject: Stoked on the Cross 90

Hey Dog,
Had the Exocet 90 Cross out off Treasure Island in about 22-28 kts with some major bump action.
Simply the best air time session I have ever had.
The short wide designs make for some very lofty, easy-to control air. And I could turn it like a wave board at will, anywhere. Very impressed.
I think any 200 lb guy looking for an all-around design should consider this one.
I need a fin for 5.7/6.3, erring on the big side. Can you send me one of your freeweed/wave designs?? Powerbox, of course.

Tony (San Francisco Bay)


I tried out the new WARDOG 9.0" fin last night at Leo. It is a significant improvement. I can't believe I sailed over two years with that dick head of a fin I was using?! What an idiot.



not kosher... but!

Hey Warren,
I hope your summer is going well.
It's been a pretty windy one out here (in the Gorge): a little cooler, more wind out east, but that's just a question of fossil fuels, right?
Well, I know it's not kosher to leave the same fin in (both) my boards all summer long... but I love your latest tiny wardogwave (7.5" FreeWeed). I've got one in my small glass board (US box), and the other one (PB) in my epoxy board. No, I haven't taken them out yet: I love those fins!
Nice job, and many thanks.

All well wishes to you, Deb and Annie-May,

Margaret Nold and Olaf Podehl
The Avon Sailhouse


The Superfreak 5.8 all black, aka Lord Vader

I have never gotten so many comments on a new piece of gear. Even the formula racer crowd had to inspect it. Friday night I sailed until 8pm in marginal winds, but still ripping; then Saturday it cranked up to 26 under the North Tower of the Golden Gate. I left the beach to the jeers of everyone saying that I'd last for 12 minutes on a 5.8, as everyone else was down-rigging to smaller gear (mind you I only weigh 160 too.) Well, not only did I last the 12 minutes, but I was able to sail at least an hour and twelve minutes longer than every else as the wind backed off at the end of the day, making it an epic four hour session.

Everyone at Crissy was shocked, some even proclaimed that I had to be struggling the entire time as they were being overpowered on their 5.0s, but a friend I was sailing with under the bridge said, "no, he wasn't, he was absoluting blasting out there." I am really stoked, it equated it to sailing a down pillow crossed with a slingshot, soft and powerful...I am sold and I will soon be flushing out rest of the quiver, but anxious to see what the '06s are like. Let me know as soon as they are available, I am in!

It is funny, but there are only one or two others on the bay with the SF's, Kenny and someone else, but I think the all black sail made more of a statement and caused more of a stir than their "colored" sails. Every time I turned around when I was on the beach, people were hovering over it in groups of twos and threes. Even kiters were curious...go figure.

My hats off to Hot, from construction and materials to control and presence on the water I give the Superfreak a solid 10.

-Hardy (San Francisco)


Hi Wardog,
I received the 10" Freeweed for PB today. Thank you. It looks good. The 10" and 8.25" should cover me for what I need around here.
Also, thank you the little piece of foam to fill the gap after I sand as necessary to get some relief between leading portion of fin and board bottom. Nice touch.

Regards, Bill (San Diego)


Just got back to mexico. as usual, its a pleasure to buy from a guy like you.
keep in touch, as soon as you get the 8.25 wardog fin contact me to send it.

bernardo (Mexico)


Just wanted to thank you for the unbelievable turnaround time. 10" WARDOG FreeWeed Fin arrived today and it looks great. Less than 24 hours to the East Coast... Can't wait to give a try.
Also, many thanks for the t-shirt.
It is supposed to blow 5.4 - 6.2 today on Lake Erie. Hopefully, I will get a chance to get out of this monkey suit and try the fin and wear the t-shirt afterwards.

Thanks again.

Greg (Rochester, NY)


Super Freak addiction

WARDOG - I am trying to sell my 2004 Simmer X-Flex and my (2) 2003 Sailworks Revolutions so I can buy an entire Super Freak quiver. I am looking to buy a 4.5, 5.0, and 6.3 Super Freak. Also is there a 6.0 super freak?
Now that I have used my 5.5 SF I can't stand sailing any other sails, I am totally addicted to the Super Freak feel.

Thanks Wardog.

Brandon (Huntington Beach)


Things have played out nicely here in Michigan. I've had 15 or so days on my 6.0 or smaller, and a few days on my 7.5 to boot. As you might recall, I scored a nice RDM from ya this past spring, a couple of extensions and bases, and a solid Freeweed (12.0").

First thing's first: DOOOOOOD, this fin rocks.
I was thinking it would be draggy and slow to plane up, but it planes just as fast as the pointer I USED to have for that board before it broke. Super powerful, and almost "unspinnable"....and it definitely likes smoooooooooth carves. Perfect for Lake Michigan conditions. I did manage to get er' to spin a bit, but that was a direct result of my poor tuning.

The T-shirt: Daaaaaaaaamnnnn dawg, my style rating is through the roooof!
The Hat: Just adds to my blingage. Dooood, I even match! I'm a walking promo, and that's great with me.

Kyle (Michigan)


Warren, thank you for your wonderful service.
I received the Starboard GO, 180 Friday, June 17; and the mast base the day before.
Everything is A-Okay.
Sailed at Lake Pleasant Saturday afternoon in a 10-15mph breeze and was planing nicely.
Thank you

Richard M...... (Phoenix, AZ)


SUBJECT: : great fin!

Hey Warren,
Hope all is well with you and yours.
We are back in the Gorge, now. Windfest this last week-end turned into a "Wall-fest" as that was where it was blowing (raining in town).
I stuck that new 7.5" WDWave in my small glass board, over-powered 3.0; some of the best swell we've seen in a long time, and it was love at first ride!
Great fin, did everything exceptionally, the last thing I had to even think about....
thank-you once again for making such sweet fins!
I can't wait to ride it more.

All well wishes,

Margaret Nold and Olaf Podehl
The Avon Sailhouse (Avon , NC)


Thanks for making it happen and getting me the 5.5m2 Super Freak so damn fast.
I was there during the inception of I think before you even had the site and you have never let me down.
You have always been honest and supportive of my habit with great prices and customer service.
I don't know where I would go if I did not have Surfing Sports. Keep up the great work.

Your customer for life,
Brandon von Guenthner (Huntington Beach, Cali)


Hi warren
Just can't tell you enough how I like the SEVERNE S1 comp waves.
They act just like I wanted them to act. Light rigidish and so responsive. Yesterday was perfect (for the cape anyway) 4.7 head to logo. My sailing has improved immensely all of a sudden. Not sure it's the sails but they are definitely not in the way. Just like I like it. It took me 3 or four sessions to get the tuning dialed but now it's automatic. Maybe not the best for low end grunt but that doesn't seem to be much of a factor. I really like the rdm sleeve for it's backwinding ability on upwind hits. Instant recovery.

I'm stoked.
Jeff (Oregon Coast)


Got to test the low end of the Cross 117 (w 6.8) yesterday. AWESOME!!!!
M****** was reading 10-14 on the beach, but I think it was maybe 12-15 on the water (soundside Hatteras). The board stayed planning through the holes which was nice! I did have to "ooooch" the board board onto a plane as it was so light. I was very impressed.
Fin was GREAT, those little strands of sea grass never stood a chance of trying to hitch a ride!
The Cross is fully baptised and I'm LOVING life with it!
Man, I was missing the lighter side of life!

Brian (North Carolina)


Hey guys just wanted to tell you that I had an awesome session on the Cross 117 recently.

Just wanted to give some feedback on the Cross 117. I was out in small B&J conditions yesterday. I had rigged up a 5.3 and my Evo 80, hoping there was enough wind. All my buddies were on 6.0s with 90 liter wave-ish board and having a so-so time. I came back in and went to get my "Wardog setup" (the Cross 117 and a 6.8 Aerotech Phantom). I decided to try out the stock fin and put the straps in slalom mode. Being lazy, I ended up keeping the 5.3. What happened next blew me away.

I weigh 165lbs for what it's worth. Before I could get my back foot in the strap I had rocketed onto a plane and was airborne over a nice piece of swell. Next, I went into a dedicated slalom stance, locked down the sail and loaded up the fin. The board raced into another gear and just blew past everything! Having spent most of my time on wave boards, I couldn’t believe how well this went upwind. Then I turned off the wind and the thing screamed away. I was always in 100% control in the chop and just keep on busting the biggest grin! I was truly impressed with the speed despite some board reviews saying that the Cross boards are not that fast. For my tastes, this thing is plenty fast.

On the way back in I wanted to test out how maneuverable this was on a swell face. I thought the stock fin would have made turning hard. Once again, I just kept busting the biggest smile as I carved up and down on the swell. It just kept getting better and better. Oh yea, did I mention that jumping this is a hoot!

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this board! It rocks! I was able to use a smaller sail than everyone else and ended up going faster and having more fun. Who would have thought that a 5.3 would have worked on this? What a blast.

Thanks Wardog. This board totally rocks!!

What was a marginal b&j day turned into a super fun day.

Brook C.... (New York)


Hey Wardog
I just got my exocet 117 cross this afternoon. It looks like a fun board and I hope to sail tomorrow after I set up the footstraps tonight. I'm stoked to get the board and can't wait to sail it so fin or no fin I'll try to put it in the water tomorrow.

I can't believe how light the board feels. I'm suspecting my old board has taken on water over the last year. Thanks for taking care of everything I'm sure I'll be ordering more gear from you. I like to support people who sail in the local area and have real knowledge of the equipment they sell.

Thanks Andy!!!! (California)


Hey WarDog -
I just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY got a chance to try out the 2003 Speed Slider 67 that I got from you over the winter, and I am VERY happy with it. Used a 6.5 Retro and the stock fin in gusty conditions.
It was my first time on the board, and within an hour I had set a new personal speed record - 29.1 mph on the GPS! The board felt great and is way comfortable at speed; I am sure I'll be able to break 30 soon.
Thanks for a GREAT recommendation and a great deal--can't wait to get more time on that Exocet!!



I got the board (Starboard GO 180) yesterday and all was present and in good shape.
Took it out for a test run and AM LOVIN IT!
It handles effortlessly, is so stable and looks great on the water. I put the starblizers on because it was kind of calm, and had no trouble heading upwind.
Can't wait for some real wind to get that thing planing!

Tim G (Michigan)


Got to try out the 10" freeweed Friday in ENE 22 knots with the 5.75 2004 Rapid Fire on the old Protech 273 convertible.

Started on a 7.5 and the Z-27 but the gusts were real strong. Probably should have just rigged the 2005 6.5 Rapid Fire but after loosening the outhaul, to neutral/slight negative, the 5.75 once on plane was great.

Nice feel and stable draft.
The 10" freeweed was extremely loose like a wave fin and pointed well and could take some good pressure. The fin was considerable harder to recover when it let loose than the 12.5" True Ames Blade Weed but more fun to ride. Nice fin and fit perfect in the Tuttle Box.

Thanks Again

Islamorada, FL


SUBJECT: Impression of Starboard S-type 104

Board bag came, fits nice. Thanks.
Got the board out this weekend. Not much wind, and gusty (2-17mph). So, I rigged for the lulls and to head upwind: 7.5 Ezzy and your 12" weed-wave. I installed the straps outboard to do the speed freak thing. I do have to get used to the rounded front: a mini barge?

Without any wind, the board felt corky, probably because of the thick deck. Standing on the centerline is the call here. But it planed up quicker than anything that I've sailed in the 100 liter size. The release was very crisp and simply astounding. One minute, you're bobbing, then you see a windline/gust, you set the sail, head down a tiny bit and pump twice; and you're off blasting away! At that time, the wind was 12-13 mph. I weighed 165 lb (had steak the night before).

This board was really smooth, and seemed to get smoother the faster you go. The cross chop didn't seem to bother it. I didn't have the big swells to play with, so no comment on its behavior there. But the short length is definitely a plus in that situation. Except for a couple of lite-no wind tacks, the nose never went under water.

I finally read some of the reviews, and I'm perplexed by the comments (6.5 max sail and not so easy jibing?). This board easily took my 7.5 size sail. I could've used the 10" weed-wave too, but was too lazy to head back to shore. A caveat is that although floaty, there isn't much real estate on board. So light feet is definitely required. Now, onto jibing. If you are carrying speed, this board jibes really well. It seemed like the harder I cranked, the more it'd carve. The trick is to apply what all us married guys are supposed to have: COMMITMENT. So, I can only guess that none of the reviewers are married? The rails set firmly and the board carried enough momentum to keep planing out. BTW, this is the only board that I've sailed outside of the FW/Hypersonics that maintains tremendous momentum through the lulls.

So what's not to like? Well the board side profile is a bit chunky, and the red paint is garish to some. But then it's not meant to be a display on the car rack. Once on the water, all ugliness disappears and only the guys in front of you would see red, as you gain and pass them.

This is a keeper.



Warren I received the T-shirt and extra washers and my Madd 165 package is complete. Thanks again for the prompt service. The board arrived in perfect condition as did both sets of fins. Can't ask for more. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future, specifically an additional set of fins in a couple of months.

I finally got my act together and got a chance to test the new board. The Madd 165 goes a lot better than my old Xantos 300. It goes faster, turns very easily and I can't spin out the stock fins, despite my weight, no matter how hard I push with the back foot. The wide width of the board makes it very easy to sail. Now if I can get the rest of my equipment through the spring shakeout and performing well, I'll be good to go.

I ran into Andy Brandt of ABK when they were doing their clinic this past weekend at Dewey Beach, DE. Even though he uses BIC boards he had seen and liked the Madd boards. Several of his instructors spoke highly of them as well. As is always the case Andy took the time to give me several tips on getting the most from the board.

Hope all is well at Surfing Sports. Look forward to talking to you soon about more fins.

Pat (Maryland)


W. Dog:
Returned from New Orleans to your upsized fins.
Thank you very much, appreciate your service.

Big Air Jer (Portland, OR)


Hey! Thanks for the prompt delivery of my 2004 Phantom 4.6. and the follow-up tee shirt and cool stickers and stuff!
The sail is beautiful and can't wait to get it wet.
It was nice speaking with you the other day and I hope the "Sara McLachlan" concert was dynamite!

Les H.... (NYC)


Hi Warren,
I have some customers drooling over your 10" Freeweeds. Do you have any available in US Box? Same for 12".
Thanks, Margaret

Margaret Nold and Olaf Podehl
The Avon Sailhouse (Hatteras)


Hi Warren,
Wow, my boom got here yesterday morning - that was fast!
Thank you very much for the great price, harness lines, T-Shirt and hat. It was like Christmas!
I owe Debbie a call tonight - I've just been swamped.
Thanks and take care,
Lori (San Francisco)


Hi Wardog;
The 7.5 Freeweed is a winner for sure. I'm not sure how or why it sails calmer than a 7.75 Enduro, but my wife was absolutely stoked to keep her 3.7 and 3.3 under control on the 66l board with NO board problems at all. First time she has actually had some fun high wind sailing instead of just surviving.
The 10 and 12 worked as hoped as well. The 12 is not too big for me at 210# to use on the lightwind end of a 6.9 on 120l board instead of rigging bigger. Keep this in mind if big guys ask about it for the Carve 121.
Thanks again for the great service(the Priority Mail made it East in 2 days) and the T-shirts also.

Paul (New England)


SUBJECT: 4-Stroke: WooHoo.

Hey Warren-

For the last 3 days I've finally gotten the Drops 4-Stroke you sold me last year out on the water ( I've been using my bigger board till I got my legs back ). It's awesome. Dropping down from my Carve 111 to the Drops is like night and day, absolutely insane ( something like a 25-30 liter diff...I've been told the advertised 87L is more like 82L ). I thought I'd have trouble moving down, but it was actually a huge release. Jumping the thing is just fantastic and although it's doesn't have the rails/rocker of the 2 stroke, compared to the C 111, it turns on dime. Very cool. There was even another 4-Stroke tooling around at Davenport yesterday along with Alex's 2-stroke. I can't wait to try something even looser like an Evo or Acid.

Anyway, thanks for the help picking it out last year.

Looks like it's going to be another rocking afternoon, so I better go get all my crap done, I just wanted to let you know how much I digged the board....Thanks again.



Hey Brah,
Over the past 5 years or so that we've been sailing together, you have had access to just about all types of windsurf gear out there - and tried out all of them as well - giving me the chance to try out lots of gear too!

Well, once again you nailed it with EXOCET's CROSS 117 as my light/med. air wave/B&J board! I have sailed it now with a 7.4 and 6.8 Aerotech Phantoms, 6.1 Simmer X-Flex, 5.7 and 5.3 SEVERNE BLADES - all of them work very, very well on this board!

As you know, at my 250lbs weight, it's hard at times to find a combo that will let me "go off" to the best of my abilities - and this gear really allows me to "air it out" and "go down the line" whenever conditions present themselves - I am totally stoked!

We knew that SIMMER made awesome sails, but I gotta tell you that the SEVERNE BLADES are a significant notch better - they just feel so light and responsive - never felt "heavy" or "draggy" - and they give me so much confidence to bust big airs - they really "feather" in the air so well - and never "yank" at you - wow. I can't wait to get some real wave-time on them.

Lastly, can't say enough about your fin designs - I am so stoked with your 10" Freeweed/wave fin - fast, turny, jumpable, goes upwind as hard as you can push it, and flys off the wind....really a "perfect" fin for that board - if there is such a thing.... Great job Wardog!!!! Thanks for all the advice and great gear, which clearly is making me a better sailor, in a shorter period of time - which equates to BIG smiles :))

Santa Barbara, CA


I took part in a speed competition Saturday at Bird Island Basin in Corpus Christi, TX. Used a ST-104 (Starboard S-Type 104) with a 5.2 Ezzy wave sail, and your 10" Freeweed fin. Placed 4th with a GPS best of 34.0 mph. Your fin may look big but definitely isn't slow. Even more impressive was the turns. Going for max speed, I was pushing very far into the North end of the island, which required a very hard turn at the end. Miss it and you hit a sandbar. Your fin held in through the fastest, tightest, laydown jibes I've ever done. Jamming into a hard turn at 30+ is a surefire recipe for spinout. The fin never bobbled.


Tom S*****r
Portland, TX


Hey Warren-
I'm loving my new rdms (Powerex)....just fantastic.
Again, the masts are working great...rdms were definitely the way to go. I don't know if it's psychosomatic or what, but they just feel so nimble. Great stuff.

UCSC (Santa Cruz)


Dude, got out today on a 5.5 on the Kombat 105. Heck of a board - too much sail for it, but it kicked ass. Handled great, turned nice and handle freestyle moves with easy .... almost slided like the Freesex, but faster. Had some bad forwards, but it's tail width and short length saved the day and she came around easily.

The wind died off a bit and I sailed a 6.5 on it and it was nice with that as well. I was still on the small fin, and it didn't really care. I think the bigger fin would only be needed if you tried a 7.0 or bigger on the Kombat. Rail to rail turns were nice, but not as snappy as an EVO or Acid, but that's to be expected.

She jumped nice, and the only negative was that it didn't seem as fast as it could be, but I didn't have anyone else to judge my speed by, and I was concentrating more on freestyle moves.

I would be interested to see how the 85 handles...

David (Great Lakes)


Finally got out on the new gear.
(Aerotech Phantom 6.8m2/Exocet Cross 117/ Epic 460 RDM /WARDOG 10" Freeweed)
Was too light to get going but managed to get out through some shoulder to head high sets in 10-13 knots. So far so good. Great gear!
I thought there was a misprint on the 6.8 as it felt much lighter than my Gaastra 6.2 Poison! Couldn't believe it was a 6.8!
Yea, this combo rocks. Even Mustang who's says he'll never sail on anything bigger than a 5.8 and 90 liter board was looking interested. Maybe we can get you some more customers here!" ___________________________
B**** C****
New York, NY



Hey Dawg,
Been out twice this past week and to put it briefly, I am STOKED.
The Aerotech gear you sold me is just outstanding. I'd say anyone who just wants to blast and maneuver and is tired of that spongy X-ply feeling, the Phantom is a great option. The Epic masts are absolutely stunning!! Light, great reflex, nice finish. I was on the 5.7 yesterday in 4.7 conditions in big swell at 3rd Ave. No problem holding it down.

The S type 115 was actually better than I thought maybe because it's so compact for 115 ltrs...
People who complain this board can't jibe don't know how to jibe. It's not a wave board for crissake. Went with the stock fin, which wasn't too bad. I'll try your weedfin when I get the right screws.

Tony S.
San Francisco, CA


New sails arrived

The Severne Blade 6.2. arrived today. An absolutely gorgeous looking sail. Can't wait to try it. Same goes for the Aerotech, which arrived Friday.

Thanks again for your help.

H. (Vermont)


Hi wardog,
Sofia loves her new Blair board.
Again, I wanted to say thank you for getting it done in a rush at the end. It was nice to be able to come home with it. Meanwhile, we are just waiting for the surf to pick up. I haven't been here for a full on winter since I started surfing, from what I have heard it is going to be crazy.
Thank you again for your patience. And if I like her board as much as I think I will, I will be in contact soon again.
yours, peter (Bahamas).


hi wardog,
got to try out the drops last 2 days in small surf. it's got great potential! hoping to give it a real test this weekend if the wind holds up. i've also tried putting on a crappy fin to see how well the board turns, no problems there either other than easier to spin out. that problem went away after i adjust the amount of pressure.
pretty stoked.

Skinny and extension work like a charm

Got to use the new Powerex skinny and the gulftech extension on Sat - out for about 1.5 hours at Treasure Island. Only windy spot on the Bay. Stuck the mast into the 5.4 (this was the one I wasn't too sure it would work for), and it worked very well. Smooth. I can't believe I haven't been using a skinny for so long. It is so much more user friendly.
Another great day on the bay. Always nice to have some good new gear.

The O-Wave II Rocks Crissy!

So I got to use the 85 liter board today. Typical Crissy day - underpowered on the beach and super powered out near the north tower.
I laced up the 5.4. Should have picked a 4.7, but it was right when I got on the water. The O-wave was impressive right from the get go. Sloggablity - awesome. No more worries about not making it out and sinking to my neck on the JP 78 litter board. Okay, so I am happy already. Get to the wind line and bam! I am on a plane in about two seconds. Ramps were not so good today, but the bumps were there and the O-wave sliced right through them like you would not believe. And, more impressive - the board rips the chop like you are surfing! And the rails really hold in the water - so, if you are making a turn, like you really want it, there is no slippage what so ever. AWESOME. Now I am really grinning. I don't think I will need any other board at all.
I can already tell that she handles well over powered becuase I had that 5.4 just completely powered up and nearly ripping out of my hands on the way outside.
In the light wind, A+.
So, I am really loving this board and am still getting used to it. Blew a couple of jibes, but didn't really make aggressive turns. Over all, she comes around on a jibe planing like a champ. Step up just ahead of the front straps and she turns like magic. Oh, which by the way, these pads are like the cadilac of the water. No pounding at all.
well, this is getting to be gushing. Hopefully, we will get the same or better day tomorrow. Two hours on the water later, with no break, and I was whooped, and grinning ear to ear.

Thanks for the board!
Aaron (San Francisco)

One happy customer

Hi Warren
Just wanted to let you know that the two Aerotech Rapid Fire sails arrived at the house Friday, just four days after our conversation. And best of all, I got to use the 7.0 Sunday and was I ever pleased. Easy to rig, hardly any adjustments needed, powerful and light compared to my old 7.0 (Ezzy Duo). And with my Drops board being yellow with red trim, the Aerotech sails were the perfect complement aesthetically. Thanks for hooking me up with the right equipment.
A sailing compatriot

I'm 220lbs (100Kg.) I have owned and sailed the Carve 123 and FreeSex 116 and Fish 90 from Starboard.
I thought the stock fin on the 123 was perty good but wanted somthing a bit smaller so I got a Wardog ATX 11.5 It rocked. I'm not sure how you can make a fin feel "looser" and also less prone to spin-out but he did it.
I put the ATX on my 116L and had similar results. The stock fin is a short stubby for freestyle. The ATX turns the board into a nice all-a-rounder. It holds lots of sail and jibes so easy. Here's a pic of the 116 loaded up with a 6.3 on our lake:

I learned to jibe riding my SB C111 and a 5.8m sail at my local lake so I am proof that it can be done and I am not particularly athletic! I can highly recommend the Wardog 10" weedwave fin (freeweed) for the C111. I use the fin for lake sailing even though we don't have a weed problem in the lake. I also use it for open ocean sailing where we do have kelp and eel grass and I can rip through the thickest kelp patches without worry.
Mike C

My new custom Blair Rocketfish surfboard came today, it's sick, worth the wait. I'm going to Costa Rica in Dec. Thanks for everything!
Mike L


I took the board out for the first time and it was awesome. It's incredibly fast which i'll need to get used too. Check out the attached picture of South Beach looking like "Pipeline" before Hurricane Frances. This is the biggest it's ever been down here.
Mike L

8.5" WD High Wind is a SWEET lookin fin Warren. Arrived with plenty of time to spare. Thanks. Now maybe I can really push that OW 75. Just need some really good wind!


Sweeet fin!
Took that High Wind Wave, the OW75 and a 4.0 into OP'ed Celilo voodoo chop. In 4 hours of sailing, the fin broke loose only once - for about 2 seconds. I was driving it hard too. Made that board much better. I never realized fins made THAT much diff.
Good call.

Hey Wardog, Just wanted to let you know that I have had that Drops board out in a pretty wide range of conditions and was pretty impressed at how versatile it was. 5.3 chop busting conditions at Crissy to wound up 3.7 conditions in the Delta this past Saturday. No problems at all. Oh and thanks for the t-shirt. Regards,
Chris A

Everything arrived just fine, I tried it Friday night and it is amazing how fast the board goes with a minimal amount of wind, just what I needed for those afternoon runs. Thank for your service.
Gary D

Wardog, I took delivery of the board today. The board is in perfect condition and it's an awesome product! Thank you very much for all your efforts to get the board to me. Also appreciate the $50 last minute discount off the price. regards,
Mike J

Hello Warren, Thanks for getting the fin to me quickly and for the goodies. I tried the fin yesterday at the Delta during flood and mostly powered 6.2 conditions. Wow! The upwind-ability is better than the 8 1/2" but what impressed me the most was the increase in speed and excellent control when I headed off the wind a little. It was so incredibly fun to rip into the jibes when going full speed on this gear combination. I believe your recommendation was right on. Thanks again,
Alan M

Hi, Warren I sailed the board this weekend and the board is great. I hope I learn to sail it as the guy in the freestyle video clip. Thanks
Jose (Puerto Rico)

Good morning Warren, That was really a fast order and receipt of board bags, harness lines and fin! I received them yesterday morning here at work and could not believe how fast they arrived---truly not expected! The board bags do fit like a glove....and the used bag is fine. I really like the shape of the new fin and will try it out the next time I use the board. Thanks again for the quick and great service!

Warren bro...sailed the Hypersonic 133 today....f*cking hot! 9.0 and around 15-18 knots of breeze....the thing is a f*cking hydo-plane without the hydro plane! It gets up on top of the water and floats over the top of chop! Really lively ride! Points real well with a SB 18' weed fin. And fast! I mean L*** looked like he had an anchor out! I sailed faster and higher! It gybes well, but loses speed and comes of a plane at the end of your gybe...After about an hour, I had the knack for it. Sailed from 2:30 till 5pm! Killer day! Happy 4th!

Wardog, Got my board! It's in amazing shape, almost brand new, will try it out today! Thanks a bunch.


WARDOG Quality Assurance Mantra

Hi Wardog, Took delivery of a beautiful 12" freeweed/ weedwave fin yesterday. Can't wait to test it out. Thanks for the speedy delivery and your advice. It's a big fin, but I think it will work. I'll let you know how it goes. Now, please, send some wind our way. So long,


Hey Warren, Just wanted to report back on the great fin you sent me. I've had a chance to try it out in a variety of conditions now and have to say I'm a convert. I've sailed it with an F2 Ride 282 in 6.2 and 5.4 conditions (lake) and have yet to spin out in heavy weed action. The board is stable and points well, and though the fin is large, it doesn't seem too 'draggy' as you warned. Most of all, I love the way the board has 'loosened' up and now allows me to slash a bit and sharpen the radius of my jibes. I would still love to try a 10" on this board and test the difference. Also, I have a Carve 99 which I would like to try with the 10" fin some day. Lots of curious people up here ogling my fin, and I'm pumpin' you up baby, so start crankin' out some more of these great foils. So long and keep up the excellent work.

Hi Wardog, Just got back from San Carlos. Great waves and wind. I sailed 18 out the 21 days, mostly 4.7 sail. Had good waves on about 10 days. The Drops 200 cc was awesome. Absolutely the best wave board I have ever sailed. It's hard to imagine a wave board could be any better. The board was ultra quick and loose. Now I'm spoiled, it's the only board that I want to sail. Thanks for turning me on to great board!

Warren, First, thanks a bunch for Fed-Exing the mast to me. My dogs found the package in the backyard. No blood or torn clothing pieces. So they were nice to the delivery person. The mast is LIGHT! I actually wondered if you just sent one half of it. It rigged very well on the Ezzy 7.5 Infinity. The slightly stiffer (to my experience) mast requires a more sensitive downhaul adjustment: the sail went from full to flat in less than 1/2 inch difference in downhaul. I'll be trying out DT's Ezzy/Powerex 490 next for comparison. Yet, even fully downhauled, the rig was very responsive. I was glad to have the 490 at Isabella. Friday was a lightwind day. So most of the hardcore folks stayed on shore and bitched. I was fairly well lit up on my 7.5 and 104 liters JP. Losing 5 personal pounds from last year really helped also: something good did happen in that hike up to Mount Whitney. Had relaxing planing sessions before and after dinner, until it got too dark to see. Saturday was totally different. Since I am an early riser, and C likes her beauty sleep, I was out alone ripping on the 7.5 again around 0730. Most people were still in their last REM session. Of course, by 0900, it was getting down to 6.0 weather. But the rig was extremely stable, and I actually put it on the 84 liter JP for shit 'n grins. It worked pretty well. I did fool some folks in coming out with big gear. That was cruel. Anyway, I was impressed with how the mast held the sail shape at the upper limits. Note that I skipped the 6.0 and 5.1 and went down to 4.5 for the rest of the day. Thanks again for a great product.

Dear Warren, The Greenough fin is awesome, an amber gem. Am just finishing the glass job on the board it's for, and can't wait to get it in the water. Thanks again
--Tom McC

Dude!! I had to email you...I f*cking just had the f*cking sickest session almost ever. Between that AB+ wave board, and watching wyatts fottage over and over and over and over....I landed like 40 forward loops on port in the waterstart position, which I am god dam amped about!!!!!!!!!!!! All controlled, watching the world spin around me. Knowing each time where i was in the aor and how i was going to land. For a couple of years i have just been gatting slammed around, but today something clicked, i think that board was the necessary quotient, the more i sail it , the more it feels like an extension of my legs! Thanks bro, if the board snapped tromorrow, i got my $600 out of it, and then some! your attitude inspires me, and gives me the amp that i dont get from the sailors around here, keep the pictures and video clips coming, they help more than you know!!!!

WarDog Rules!
I want to thank you for all your efforts in working with my slack oversight in providing me with a superior product and shipping it to me at the last second at a very reasonable rate. Thank you for taking some of the stress I brought on myself and responding like a close friend! Basically, your awesome dude! I hope you enjoy your well deserved Firestone cervesas! Let me know what your address is so I can send you some well deserved boiled crabs, fresh shrimp and some crawfish for a bayou luau when I return. Again, thanks for taking some of the hectic out of my pre-trip stress. Respectfully,
Lars McA

Wardog, Just a quick note to say thanks for the excellent service! I received my new 13.5 ATX fin and a spiffy rec.windsurfing t-shirt yesterday (3/29). If you sail as fast as you ship, Yellow Pages Endeavor's record may fall from a surf-sailor! Thanks again for the service! You're 2 - 3 days faster than the shop that is a 3 hour drive from here. Best of winds & waves to you!

"Hey Warren,
Don't want to take up your valuable time chatting. But I gotta drop a note or two on the 12" Weed-wave that you sent me.

It planes up incredibly early. What came as more of a surprise is the upwind performance. This fin can plane up wind very well. The performance may be on par with your ATX 13.5.

It'll handle 7.2-6.0 without any sideslip or spinout. In 20 mph winds, overpowered on my 6.0 (didn't bother to down haul enough, ya know, rig for the lulls, etc.) and an 84 liter board, this fin fully retained its composure, and gave some of the folks on race equipment a run for their money. BTW, why are these folks on Mike's Labs, RX2s and Tectonics so uptight?!

Jibing was a real bonus, as it seems to maintain a real smooth set. I'm afraid that at least one of the guys down here at Cabrillo will be calling you for it. Maybe I can sell it for $180...;-) BTW, please put my name on the pre-order for the 10" weed fin!"

Peter C.
Los Angeles, CA

Subject: Weed fin

Received the weed fin and harness lines today.
Fin looks great and can't wait to try it and the new lines.
Special thanks for the T-shirt.
Great service at a reasonable price, will call you again before my next purchase.

Vince June
Marco Island, FL

Warren, Pretty amazing. I sent you my order a little after 2pm EDT on Wednesday. My wife noticed the mast at our front door at 9:30am this morning (Thursday). Not sure when it actually arrived, but it got here to the East Coast in less than 20 hours from placing the order!!! Thanks,

Warren, Thanks for taking care of me in a prompt and professional manner. I try and run my business the same way. I'll spread the word here in Nebraska and look forward to doing business with you guys again. Thanks,

Warren: Took the board out for a test drive tonight at Leo. Thanks to it (and, and my 5.2m2, I was able to grab a few choice waves. Sets were shoulder to head high with an occasional double overhead wave. All in all a great session. Thanks again.

Hey I got to take my new Carve I bought out last Sunday..........It rocks! thanks a bunch. I'll be ordering a new sail soon I hope. Thanks again.
Brian (Holland, Mi)

Subject: Velzy fin

Wardog , I recieved the Velzy yesterday in great time and condition.
Thanks again, it is wonderful doing business with you.

Jerry Talton (Cedar Point, NC)

Hi guys -- got desperate yesterday and went to Lopez. It was really fun. The Exocet was just jammin with that 5.7 -- unbelievable. I was able to stay upwind of just about everyone and still be planing all over the place. The only guy consistently burning me off was CC. Of course, he had a big ol board with about a 3 foot fin. I took him at the turns every time, though. That Exocet jibes like a dream. Can't wait to get it in some waves...
Kenny Hughes (Santa Barbara, CA)

Subject: Ultrasol polarized sunglasses

Dear "Wardog",
I LOVE my glasses! Thank you so very much for all your time and help. You picked out a GREAT pair for me....hubby and daughters all approve! Whew!

I don't know if my other pair was truly polarized or if that was a line they were selling, because I can really see a difference with these glasses. Wore them on the bike yesterday, and I could tell that they were keeping the glare from my eyes.....and since the glare gives me migraines, that is very important to me. Can't wait to test them out at work!

Thanks again, I'm glad I found your site.

Venus Spalding (Clarksville, TN)

Subject: Mysterioso

Hi there,

I am very impressed with your service. My leggings were waiting for me last night when I got home, that was really fast.

I am looking forward to getting in the water and testing them out.

Michelle Reid (Encino, CA)

Subject: Board bag

I'm really impressed with your level of customer service! You were very nice to talk to and thank you for helping me out with the quick delivery.
I will definitely sugqest your company to our friends.

Mahaho nui loa !

Linda McCoy-Schriever (Austin, TX)

Subject: HPL carbon boom


Got the booms on Friday. I picked them up from the Hoku quys after work on my way home.
Used the race boom that night with my 7.0 Naish these booms are qreat...super stiff.
The flex that I was used when I pumped or sheeted in hard is gone. I will have to rig slightly differently...I think before I was setting the outhaul to compensate for the boom flex when I had the sail under load.

Mucho mahalos for the help,

Sean Brosseau (Kailua, HI)

Subject: Starboard Carve

Hi Wardog,

I got my board yesterday. Great and very fast service.

Thanks a lot. I can't wait getting on the water. And thank you for the Tshirt. ;-) Now I just have to ride the board.

Next time I will buy my board at your place again.

Till then,

Dirk Ahlgrim (Boston, MA)

Subject: Just Got them!

Hey buddy, it's Jesse in Florida.
I just wanted to tell you I received the videos and shirt on Monday. Boy was I stoked to see them there, so fast!

I ripped them open and started into them immediately. They are just as good as you said. Thank you for the excellent customer service!

You have a customer for life.

I hope we can do busines together in the future and possibly meet up with our ladies at some remote and exotic break. A little "Shaka" to your crew and all of my best regards to the wife and family.

Keep in touch and take care' friend.

Jesse Vencebi (Cocoa Beach, FL)

Subject: Best windsurfing mail order

I just ordered some windsurfing stuff from Wardog. I have bought tons of stuff online and was very impressed with Wardog's system.
I got a confirmation email with a tracking number and a nice "thank you."
Very professional and complete.

Jerry M***** (Nashville, TN)
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